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Veracode Mind Hacks

Hacking the Mind: Why Social Engineering Works [Infographic]

Everyone has experienced a computer virus at some point.  It’s so easy for hackers to plant malicious infections and take our sensitive information.  Why?  …Because we let them! Computer hacking may have every bit, if […]

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The New Thing: Social Gifting

Gifts can get very expensive. One way to get your loved one the gift they really want is to collaborate by using social gifting. Social gifting is where people share wish lists through social media […]

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2012: The Year of Social Media

2012 has certainly been a busy year for social media. Facebook went public, bought Instagram, and made quite a few of their customers made with their updated privacy policies. Facebook wasn’t the only thing big […]

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Going Social: The Use of Social Media to Provide Customer Service

Social networking is all the rage, and it’s just continuing to grow. Businesses are catching on and are turning to Facebook and Twitter to help engage with their customers. Got a problem but aren’t sure […]

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Following the White Rabbit [Infographic]

Following the White Rabbit

Who are Android App Developers? Where are they from and what do they like?

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Social Economics: How is Social Data Valued?

How much do we as users and social media consumers mean to popular sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp?

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The Power of Mobile

Find out how the mobile revolution has connected us and where it will take us.

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