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Snoop Dogg Just Made a Fantastic House Mixtape for You, for Free

Sometime in the last couple weeks or so, someone apparently gave Snoop Dogg the password to his SoundCloud account, and the universe is better for it. There are outtakes from his studio (filed under “UNCUT […]

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19 Bands That Have Seen Better Days

Sometimes it’s just better to get out while the getting is good. These old bands didn’t and are still together producing music and touring, although they are all well past their sell-by date. Here are […]

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2011 in Pop in 5 Minutes

With a musical landscape as fragmented as ours has become in 2011, it’s easy to miss even some of the most ubiquitous hits. That’s why every year now I look forward to DJ Earworm’s all-embracing […]

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