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Men in Pink Collar

Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers and Dental Hygienists are positions most often dominated by women.  With the gradual erosion of stereotypes, retiring baby boomers and the recession, more and more men are moving into pink collar jobs; […]

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Healthcare Jobs are Booming

There are 71 million baby boomers who are retiring or will be soon. This means that their jobs, especially in the healthcare industry will open up. Not to mention all of them will need more […]

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Salary Guide for the 10 Hottest Digital Creative Jobs

The need for digital creative professionals has continuously grown in recent years. We have seen this through the continuous advances of the internet and technology. Do you ever wonder what those jobs are and where […]

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SEO Could Equal Lots Of Money

If you love SEO and know how to do it – there will be a job somewhere for you. Search engine optimization is a growing field with a lot of potential in the U.S.

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