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I Saw Mommy Googling Santa Claus

The Holidays can be stressfull, especially shopping for gifts. With the long lines and big crowds, many people are turning to the internet to get their Holiday shopping done. This infographic presented by Retail Customer […]

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6 Epic Holiday Parade Balloon Fails

Holiday parade balloons fail on occasion, and when they do, they fail hard. Whether they’re striking light posts and injuring spectators or simply getting snagged on objects and deflating slowly in front of hundreds of […]

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Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Health experts have long known that drinking red wine can have such positive benefits as reducing blood vessel damage, lowering the risk of heart attack, and preventing harmful LDL cholesterol from forming. But researchers at […]

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday: Hacks And Scams

If you love good holiday deals you love Black Friday, and those of you who know of Cyber Monday, probably love that too. Unfortunately, with these great deals and large number of searches, scammers have […]

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