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10 Most Incredible Vehicle Yarn Bombs

Image source If you’ve yet to hear of yarn bombing – also known as graffiti, guerrilla or urban knitting – it’s high time for a closer look at this soft and fuzzy form of street […]

10 Most Degrading Reality TV Shows

There really isn’t much that’s not degrading about appearing on a reality TV show, but the worst of the worst is what people really want to see. This list excludes shows in which contestants must […]

A Review of 8 Hard Drugs (By Taking Them)

Drugs are the blanket that covers everything. Feeling sad or angry? Take some drugs; it’ll make you feel better. Feeling happy and adventurous? Take some drugs — it’ll make you feel better! Most of us […]

10 Nursery Rhymes with Dark Origins

Share Nursery rhymes familiar to us all probably bring back good memories of a time when life was simple; all you had to do was look cute and you were doted over. A time in […]

10 Historical Figures Who Masqueraded as Members of the Opposite Sex

Across time and culture, humanity has divided roles and responsibilities by gender. While today — in the Western world at least — these roles are not so rigid, in times past they were unassailable. Even […]

15 Cute Dogs Dressed in Awesome Superhero Outfits

People love dressing up. And why not? It’s a great chance to let loose and behave like kid again for a few hours. What’s especially fun, however, is dressing up as your favorite superhero! From […]

10 Writers Who Killed Their Nearest and Dearest in Cold Blood

It is difficult for most of us to understand the motivations that lead to murder, especially the willful killing of a close family member or spouse. Yet the enduring appeal of crime novels demonstrates our […]

10 Bloopers Newsreaders Didn’t Want You to Catch

These days, news programs are on the air literally 24/7. Our local and national news presenters are household names and faces. But what do these anchors and weather people — so often unflappable — get […]