Responsible Use of Polybags


Posted in Smart by on October 5th, 2012

Environmental consciousness is very important. We should do all we can to help protect the earth and make sure that we do not contribute to the further pollution of the planet. There is a conflict of sorts when we talk about environmental responsibility and the use of polybags. On the surface, these two things can never go together. But one reality is that the use of plastics and polybags is not going to be completely eliminated because there is still no true plastic solution that is being offered. The next best thing to do is to learn how to responsibly use polybags. This is actually not very hard to do.

One of the first things you need to do is to learn to reuse the plastics and polybags that you have lying around in your home. Collect all empty polybags and place them in one area where you can easily access them. This way, you know where to go when you need polybags. Having them ready will compel you to really use them for other purposes.

You can be very creative when using polybags. There are hundreds of ways you can use polybags for different purposes. Here are some ideas:

– Use polybags to segregate different kinds of stuff. For example, if you collect magazines, you can keep the magazine issues by year by inserting them in a polybag. You can then label each polybag by the year.

– Use polybags to keep clothes you only use for a particular season. You can mark the bags for easy identification. The bags will also keep the dust out.

– You can put various manuals and instruction booklets you acquire when buying new equipment or hardware in polybags. You can also group them by their use – computer manuals, home theater manuals, etc. It makes finding the related materials easier since they’re all in the same polybag.

These ideas are just some of the many things you can do to reuse polybags. But finding new uses for the bags is just one aspect of a more responsible way of using plastic.

When you reuse polybags, do so again and again. In fact, one good tip that is often mentioned about reusing plastic bags is to use it and use it until it disintegrates. It’s your way of making sure that it serves a purpose and you maximize its use.

Of course, responsibility also means doing the right thing, which means recycling polybags. Collect bags that you can’t use anymore and instead of just throwing it away, look for facilities that will accept these plastic products and recycle them. If you can, try to bring the plastic products you want to discard to the recycling facility yourself so you can also obtain more knowledge about the recycling process.

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