Prettier At Closing Time: How Beer Goggles Really Work


Posted in Smart by on November 7th, 2011

Alcohol, the journal, published a report in 2011 regarding the precise science behind the “beer goggle phenomenon” or why some people look better when we’re drunk versus when we’re sober. Last year, a team of researchers from Roehampton University in London surveyed groups of drinking and non-drinking students within local pubs and found that alcohol reduced participants’ “ability to perceive asymmetry,” a key evolutionary factor of attraction, beauty, and mating. This led to the conclusion that beer doesn’t make people better looking, it just fogs up the goggles enough to “increase the frequency of mate choice.” Think that one through the next time the barkeep yells “last call!” (wink…wink.) Read more with Prettier At Closing Time: How Beer Goggles Really Work.

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