ADHD: A Primer

If your child exhibits the signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), chances are you have concerns about how to give him or her the skills he or she needs to thrive. Learn everything you […]

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shutdown gov

Factbox: What Happens In A U.S. Government Shutdown?

Republicans and Democrats have a longstanding history of disagreeing. But when their debates land all Americans in a sort of “time out,” the sh*t hits the fan. Since Affordable Care seems to be the subject […]

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Krokodil Drug

Krokodil, Flesh-Eating Drug, Reported In Arizona (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

We all know drugs rot the soul but they officially can now rot your flesh too. The lethal combination of painkillers, booze, and petrol found in the Russian born cheap version of heroin known as […]

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10 Mistakes That Guarantee You’ll Get Screwed In Your Divorce Settlement

If you’re running the harrowing gauntlet of a marriage ending, you need to read the following article. Here are 10 Mistakes That Guarantee You’ll Get Screwed In Your Divorce Settlement.

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The Notorious MSG’s Unlikely Formula For Success

A group of food researchers have experimented with the heavier ingredients of modern man’s diet. And they found that MSG is tasty even if people recoil from it’s supposed unhealthy effect. Read about this story […]

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5 Surprising Things That Have Cow Parts In Them

Did you know that animal biproducts are more commonly found in everyday objects? Mooooo. Now you do. Here are 5 Surprising Things That Have Cow Parts In Them.

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7 Breathtakingly Sexist Quotes By Famous And Respected Male Authors

If you believe everything you read, you won’t argue that some men know women better than others. And some just don’t know them at all. Either way, you’ll learn much about the true nature of […]

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20 Covers That Rival The Originals

When a well known tune is plucked out of the past and reworked to fit the present, the results can be phenomenal. Here’s the proof with 20 Covers That Rival The Originals

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patient protection

Timeline: Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

In just four days, American’s can participate in insurance exchange programs to secure medical insurance through the government. Here’s a look back at the steps involved in getting this far with Timeline: Patient Protection and […]

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The One Guy Who Could Ruin Your Relationship

Relationships aren’t always butterflies, rainbows, and floatsy cutesy heartsies. The University of Toronto delved deep into the men you need to worry most about when you and your girlfriend/wife/significant other are having trouble. Science has […]

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