The Addiction of Karmic Relationships

I don’t know much about romantic relationships. In fact, I’ve failed quite miserably in them. Perhaps this is why…check out The Addiction of Karmic Relationships.

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The Difference Between A Mature Relationship and an Immature Relationship

Good relationships are ok usually. Bad relationships drain the life out of us. And great relationships are just…great. It seems there’s a marked line of distinction when it comes to the best relationships though. See […]

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Election Polling

Who better to turn to when it comes to asking questions than the Pew Research Center? I mean, other than their religious bend, they still have a moral ground to get a leg up on […]

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How Much is Your Soul Worth?

Here’s an interesting glimpse into the value of human life: what do you think you’re worth? What about your soul? How much is your soul worth?

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Glory Days Loser

Remember the True Stories magazine from years and years ago? Well, now it’s a website. And it has a great collection of tales for your reading entertainment, starting with this one: Glory Days Loser.

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Best Beach Weekend Getaways

It’s summer! Make a spash in the sea with your family by taking a trip to any of these destinations. Here are the Best Beach Weekend Getaways.

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18 Most Sanctimonious Mommy Memes On The Internet

It’s time for big words on a big issue: motherhood. More specifically, single motherhood. Check out this collection of the 18 Most Sanctimonious Mommy Memes On The Internet. You’ll either laugh until you cry or […]

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UK Votes To Leave EU and Cameron Quits

If you’ve kept your eye on the UK there are HUGE changes going on affecting its ties to the European Union. See what’s happening with the UK Votes To Leave EU and Cameron Quits.

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Why Did An Amish Family Sell Their 14 Year Old Daughter?

In “I just don’t have the words” news. the astonishing story of the Amish family who traded their teenaged daughter in exchange for money is making major headlines this week. Read more here with Why […]

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Everything You Need To Know About How Light Affects Your Sleep

I love light but not when I’m trying to catch my beauty sleep. I’m the type that can’t even look at a smartphone in bed else I don’t get the rest I need. I ponder […]

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