123 Things Donald Trump Actually Said

American mogul and Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump has said many things, not all of which good, and most of which pretty entertaining. See a list of some of the best here with 123 Things Donald […]

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7 Surprising Cavity Fighters

Did you know that regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits are not your only weapon against cavities? See more here with 7 Surprising Cavity Fighters.

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The 40 Funniest Entries on

If you’ve ever looked anything up at Urban Dictionary, you know how hilarious, how raunchy, how funny, or how true defining certain words in our crazy language can be. See The 40 Funniest Entries On […]

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Helping Kids Beat The Summertime Bulge

Warmer temperatures and freedom from the school rush may make it harder for some kids to stay active and healthy. Especially if they are indoors soaking up air conditioning and eating not so healthy foods. […]

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“Are You Done Yet?” In Defense Of Our 5th Child

If you’re one of the rare people brave enough to have not only one child, but four or five or more, chances are you’re used to THE LOOK. You know the one…when you’re in the […]

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Meatless Monday Recipe Contest

Don’t let your Monday become a manic hungry one. Feast your eyes and culinary skills on any of these great choices with Meatless Monday Recipe Contest. Delicioso!

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I spent last month on hiatus from Fun Links so that I could tour the country and sadly missed Seehere’s Farewell. Best of luck!

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Gnomesville – The Magical Place Where Gnomes Live

If you’re a fan of fairies, trolls, and most especially, gnomes, this one is for you. Find out where these blessed little spritely creatures come from with Gnomesville – The Magical Place Where Gnomes Live.

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Free Kitchens

It’s Monday! Time for a fun break. Check out and chuckle at these Free Kitchens.

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The Most Ridiculous Fireworks Brands Ever (PHOTOS)

When it comes to fireworks, some people know what they are doing. And some don’t. When it comes to brands of these magnificent powderkegs of brilliance, the same goes. See The Most Ridiculous Fireworks Brands […]

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