Dog Lover’s Digest

From the sadness of puppy mills and shelter dogs to the irresistible bond between man and his canine best friend upon rescue and everything in between, the Dog Lover’s Digest is a great place to […]

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Bento Showcases The Best Websites For Learning To Code

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about HTML, Java, and a number of other scripts/programming languages, here’s your chance! Learn more here with Bento Showcases The Best Websites For Learning To Code.

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Invasive Stink Bugs Swarm The U.S.

The are little but mighty, often lurk in plain sight, are eating our crops, sneaking into our homes, and can startle the bravest of souls. And if you squash or kill ‘em, you’ll regret it […]

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The Interactive Period Table of Swearing

Scientists and people who curse like sailors can now delight in the wonders of the Interactive Period Table Of Swearing. It’s likely the funniest thing you’ll see today. Laugh. Enjoy!

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What Happens To Coins Tossed In Fountains?

Kids and kids at heart take heed: the wishes you toss with a penny into fountains are collected by evil wish takers and scrubbers. Kidding…kind of. See for yourself where all of that loot goes […]

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10 Healthy Fish Recipes

Craving salmon but don’t have a secret recipe to follow? Here’s your chance to feed your belly good food with 10 Healthy Fish Recipes.

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8 Things You Can Do Now That The Shutdown Is Over

YEAH! So glad the boys in Washington pulled it together and made an agreement! Here’s 8 Things You Can Do Now That The Shutdown Is Over.

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31 Facts Of Life That Are All Too True

Life: it ain’t easy. It’s also not so pretty at times. But it does have it’s truly redeeming moments. Accepting that things aren’t always rainbows and unicorns is good. And accepting this will help you […]

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Teen Orphan Tugs At Churchgoers’ Heartstrings To Find A Family

It’s Friday! To celebrate, take 10 minutes, pour a cup of whatever your favorite drink is, and just read this story. If it doesn’t give you goosebumps or bring tears to your eyes, shame on […]

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Famous People Born on October 18

Ever wonder who was born when? Thanks to the hard work of the folks at you can now know! Check out Famous People Born on October 18 (and any other day too!)

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