Mastering The Anniversary Reaction: Putting Memory To Rest

It seems when we lose a loved one, they live on in our memories. Which is a great legacy. But what if those memories break rather than heal on the anniversary of the day you […]

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National Memorial Day Parade

Check out the American Veteran’s Center’s annual National Memorial Day Parade this year and enjoy remembering those who served for the US!

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Poppies Connaught Cemetery

The Story Behind The Remembrance Poppy

One of the Memorial Day customs within the US is the beautiful display of the paper poppy. If you don’t know the why behind this custom, here’s your chance to learn The Story Behind The […]

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#50+ Great Happy Memorial Day 2016 Quotes

I’m not a #hashtag type but I am very thankful for the men and women who sacrified their lives to preserve our freedom. So to honor them, I present: #50+ Great Happy Memorial Day 2016 […]

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What Phrase Or Sentence Can Someone Say To Make You Completely Lose Your Respect For That Person?

Respect is most often one of those things that is earned with great difficulty but easily lost. So we listened when Reddit posed this question: What Phrase Or Sentence Can Someone Say To Make You […]

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Star Wars Dating Profiles

Is The Force with you in terms of attracting a partner? Who cares! This is funny. Check out Star Wars Dating Profiles.

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Puppy Training

This sounds like something my kids (and I’m sure your) would do with our beloved little pup/s! Check out Puppy Training. Too cute!

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I Lost My Innocence

Human beings encounter some lousy experiences in their lifetimes. It seems we’re all born completely innocent but each lousy moment lessens the degree of which we are innocent. Read others’ stories here with I Lost […]

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20 Music Festivals That Will Change ALL Your Plans For Summer 2016

The clock is ticking and school may already be out for some…or at least a vacation is on the horizon. Check out these 20 Music Festivals That Will Change ALL Your Plans For Summer 2016. […]

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Learn To Love Unconditionally

The first (and one of the greatest) person(s) who taught me about unconditional love sadly passed four years ago but the life lesson she taught me while she was living was one I will never, […]

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