Buy Eminem’s Childhood Home

Famed MC and rapper Eminem’s Detroit residence where he lived as a kid is on the chopping block and is now up for auction. You can Buy Eminem’s Childhood Home here if you want!

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Medical Trends of the Future, Happening Today

Boston’s Children’s Hospital can reconstruct a baby’s heart defect starting in utero. A DNA, nanapore sequencing device the size of a cellphone created by Oxford University. Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Foundation Medicine which genetically matches a patient’s […]

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thingsboys love

Things Girls Love

Girls are finicky when it comes to the treatment they prefer from boys. And boys are just boys at times – especially when it comes to girls. See the hilarious proof here with Things Girls […]

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Tumblr Gets Deep

When the people of Tumblr apply their brain power and mull over heavy thoughts, the results are truly incredible. Check out Tumblr Gets Deep.

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Quotes On Wisdom And Wit

Settle down and celebrate the fact that today is today with the following Quotes on Wisdom and Wit. There’s something good in everything, right?

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Should You Marry Her?

Is She A Keeper? And perhaps the better question is: can she be kept? Read what the pros at Men’s Health have to say about whether to reel ‘er in tight or to let ‘er […]

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9 Telling Signs You Don’t Want To Be With Him Anymore

So you’ve landed a good guy, have a job and place to live, and wonder if this is all there is while feeling primarily indifferent toward the relationship, you may need to ask yourself a […]

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New Bigfoot Evidence Screened As Experts Claim Proof Of Existence

The ever elusive Sasquatch and giant, furry man-beast is REAL! Well, according to some involved in the Bigfoot Genome project. See and read more about this bizarre yet uber-fascinating claim with New Bigfoot Evidence Screened […]

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The Sound of Going To Pieces

The Wall Street Journal has a great piece on punk. In the Anatomy of a Song: The Clash’s ‘London Calling,’ fans can learn the grits and guts behind the blend of punk, soul, reggae and […]

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13 Geek Characters Reimagined As Classic Pinups

What happens when the best in technology pairs with the best superheroes and celebrities? This: the 13 Geek Characters Reimagined As Classic Pinups.

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