The 25 Pictures Girls Need To Stop Posting In Social Media

Are you fed up with Facebook because of the mundane crap you find on it? Lets start a revolt by banning The 25 Pictures Girls NEed To Stop Posting In Social Media. Enough already.

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Readers Report On What They Believe Are Genuine Sightings Of The Real Santa Claus

Christmas comes but once a year and if you’ve had a little too much (or too little) holiday cheer, perhaps you’ve seen things others haven’t. Like Santa for instance. Check out what the folks who […]

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Ask Two Irrational Questions To Persuade People To Do What You Want

Mind control, this is Major Mom and it’s time to suit up and consider the many ways we can get people to do stuff for us. Then read how to let people push themselves to […]

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How Much Do You Really Know About Santa?

You’ve heard about him your entire life. And you see him all over the place. But despite his familiarity, How Much Do You Really Know About Santa? And on a bigger level, how much do […]

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There Are Now Just 5 Northern White Rhinos Left In The World

When asking my six year old for his Christmas wish list, he insisted he wanted a rhino. And that it could sleep in his bed. And that he’d feed and clean up after it. After […]

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13 Wonderful Christmas Cards

If you need a little Christmas, this link is for you! Laugh, chuckle, and warm yourself with the following 13 Wonderful Homemade Christmas Cards.

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Merry Christmas Quotes

‘Tis the season to open your heart and celebrate the season! To help you with that, here is a wonderful collection of Merry Christmas Quotes! Enjoy!

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Many have their stockings hung by the chimney with care and others wait until the last minute. If you procrastinated with your holiday shopping, we have instant help. See these great Last-Minute Gift Ideas.

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You Don’t See That Everyday

After a certain age, it’s kind of nice to know that we’ve seen just about there is to see. And sometimes it’s refreshing to be surprised. Laugh, smile, and enjoy You Don’t See That Everyday.

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Gamma-Ray Bursts ‘Common In Storms

Did you know that when a gamma ray blows up, the power involved in such an energy explosion is the greatest in the ENTIRE universe? Now you do. And now you can read more here […]

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