Would You Tell Your Partner You Cheated?

Are you the type that would rather be bitch slapped by a cold, hard, painful truth? Or are you the type that prefers to maintain an warm, elaborate, illusory fabrication? It seems that in the […]

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I Met A Convicted Serial Killer, And He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else In My Life

In holy sh*t news, here’s an in-depth look at the absolutely manipulative and mesmerizing powers of sociopaths. It seems that proximity to a sociopath does not render one a sociopath especially if one lives to […]

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The Surprising Passions of 11 Brilliant People

A man (or woman) without passion is a complete and utter bore. And despite the knocks that the supersmart take, many of the more famous folks in history had a brilliant, blazing spark that few […]

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It’s a sad, sad world when intimidation and force are applied to both digital and real life social networks in an attempt to push somebody around. Here’s the grim reality behind Cyberbullying and it’s dangerous […]

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Interactive: How People Have Died In The 21st Century

A study conducted by a team of health care professionals revealed an interesting glimpse into how more people have sadly kicked it over cancer than any other issue over the past decade. See it here […]

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that's whatshe said

Check Out This Hilarious “That’s What She Said” News Blooper Montage

A Freudian slip on local or national television is nothing new since it’s happened often during the history of broadcasting. But sometimes it’s something funny. Check Out This Hilarious “That’s What She Said” News Blooper […]

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6 Horrifying Things That Happen Before You Leave The Womb

Newsflash: while your mother was carrying you, you whizzed and gulped your own urine. And you haven’t lived ’til you’re lucky enough to see such a blessed occasion via ultrasound. We won’t even mention meconium […]

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Range Rover Unveils Most Expensive Model Ever

In terms of luxury, efficiency, and supercharged 4X4’s British auto manufacturers Jaguar Range Rover have rolled out one of the most expensive models ever. As in of all time. See the beauty here with Range […]

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How Money Makes You Lie And Cheat

The journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes published a highly revealing study between George Washingtons and one’s abilities to deceive. Read it here with How Money Makes You Lie And Cheat. People are really […]

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Mission Mars One

Do you want to be the actual people who live Life On Mars? It’s wild but you can! Just get in touch with Bas Lansdorp and his Dutch non-for-profit group busy readying a human colony […]

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