How To Stop Being Too Tired For Sex

Some may disagree but there’s truly little to nothing better than a good sexual romp. And when you find your energy reserves absolutely depleted and desire levels at a minimum, it’s time to evaluate why. […]

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10 Things You Don’t Need For A Baby

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! And you’re about to sink a minimum of $100k into your child for the next 20 or so years. Start saving now by not placing any of the following 10 Things You […]

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The Sleep condition That Could Blind You

A recent report found a link between sleep apnea and glaucoma. Who knew that a good night’s rest could save your eyesight? Read more here with The Sleep Condition That Could Blind You.

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swining styles

How Swinging Has Spiced Up My 30 Year Marriage…And Why My Husband And I NEVER Feel Jealous of Each Other’s Lovers

Enter the foray of alternative lifestyles with a personal account of a 30 years married couple and how they keep their sex life exciting. It’s not for the weak of heart but here’s a real […]

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There Are Dangers In Drinking Diet Soda

We all know that soda is bad but like all things which are bad for us, most of us crave it. The truth is that anything which could eat the paint off of your car […]

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Microscopic Life In A Single Drop Of Pond Water

Ponds are great for swimming, fishing, contemplating, and other activities. They’re also brimming with life that you can and can’t see. Check out Microscopic Life In A Single Drop Of Pond Water.

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Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe

The number one way to prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence. Here’s your proof with Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe. Coffee cheers to prophylactics!

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Of Montreal Fret On ‘She Ain’t Speakin’ Now’ – Song Premiere

There’s a soft reassurance smooth lyrics, screaming guitars, and a surprisingly upbeat sound in freshly discovered music. Especially when they resemble the likeness of epic musical great Bob Dylan. Enjoy a new tune with Of […]

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The Last Days of America? 25 Signs of Extreme Social Decay

Republicans blame democrats (and vice versa). Feminists blame men (and vice versa). Minorities blame whites (and vice versa). Marrieds blame the singles (and vice versa). The wealthy blame the poor (and vice versa). Yet in […]

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Autism Linked With Induced Labor

Expecting parents may need to rethink their birth plans: new research from Duke University has found that of the 625,000 babies born from 1990 through 1998, 27% of the babies born to mothers who were […]

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