Funny Pic Dump

It’s been a long day. Laugh. I dare you. Enjoy this link with Funny Pic Dump.

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Stinging Insects: Giant Hornets

Living in the country has its advantages but according to nature’s rule it has disadvantages too. Like when you discover you’ve got a colony of giant hornets living in your house. Read about these monsters […]

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Is Every Civillization Destined To Collapse?

Looking back at history is often a great way to see the future (or so they say). This makes us wonder: Is Every Civilization Destined To Collapse?

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10 Natural Headache Remedies For Fast Relief

Whether you’ve got the mother of all migraines or just a little tender head, chances are you would like to feel better as soon as you can. Try these 10 Natural Headache Remedies For Fast […]

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Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam In The Senate

Bernie Sanders doesn’t get enough press as Hilary and The Donald sling arrows. So send Bernie some love by reading how Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam in Senate.

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Found The Handgun

It’s been a stressful week but we’re halfway there. Take a second to laugh with Found The Handgun.

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Women See Male Leadership As Love

I’m not sure if this is an allegorical tale or just reassurance in a vapid place but whatever it is, I’m glad to know that it’s a feminine trait to look to men for leadership. […]

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Finger, Hand, And Wrist Injuries

Funny thing happened while I was in the dentist chair: not only did they drill my face but in process, I drilled my hands into the chair armrests and proceeded to sprain my ring finger. […]

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25 Summer Chicken Recipes

Summer is here and I’m so thankful that I want to do lots of (easy and yummy) cooking. So I’ll start with these 25 Summer Chicken Recipes and see how far we get!

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Biologically Speaking, Why Is There Such A Varience In Breast Sizes?

Breasts, buns, and penii are all in a day’s work ’round here. So when contemplating the issue of size, it makes absolute sense to defer to Reddit. Does size matter? Why aren’t all of our […]

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