Brain Training May Help Calm The Storms Of Schizophrenia

They say that where thoughts go, energy flows…and it seems that those who live with schizophrenia may be able to harness their thoughts to better reign in the effects of their mental illness. Read more […]

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How To Divorce As Peacefully As Possible

If resentment, anger, and perhaps even hatred live in your heart and your marriage where compassion, happiness, and love once did, you know it’s time to make some changes. Here’s How To Divorce As Peacefully […]

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Best New Music Of The Week

The folks at the Barstool have questionable humor and tend to do their reporting on some tastelessly interesting things but when it comes to music, they may be on to something. Lend your ear and […]

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15+ Pets That Are Masters Of Camouflage

Time for an INSANE amount of CUTENESS! See just how cute cute can be with any or all of the following 15+ Pets That Are Masters Of Camouflage.

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8 Weird And Wonderful November Festivals

Winter’s wicked weather and the busy days before Christmas often leave people with little time to celebrate much. Though some people do manage to as these following 8 Weird And Wonderful November Festivals show!

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The Wife-Carrying Championship In Finland

Carrying your new bride over the threshold is one thing. Carrying her through an obstacle course is quite another. Read more here with The Wife-Carrying Championship In Finland.

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Plight Of The Bumblebee

Did you know that your yard may be a feast for the struggling bumblebee population? All you have to do is leave a portion of your lawn uncut! Read more here with Plight Of The […]

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Vivien Leigh - by Laszlo Willinger

Famous People Born November 5

What do Vivien Leigh, Benjamin Butler, Sam Shepard, and my son have in common? They share a birthday! Check out Famous People Born November 5 (and expect my son’s name to be added once he […]

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Implanted cuff around the aorta could be breakthrough in heart failure therapy

Heart Failure Patients Benefit From Implanted ‘Aortic Sleeve’

If you or someoneyou know is living with dysfunctional heart, we found some good news. Read Heart Failure Ptients Benefit From Implanted ‘Aortic Sleeve.’

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In Conversation Jon Stewart

Veteran Daily Show host, comedian, writer, and political satirist has added movie producer to his credits. Check out his upcoming film and the direction of his show with In Conversation Jon Stewart.

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