The 6 Best Yoga Video Parodies You’ll Ever Watch

If you don’t do yoga, you really must. It’s great for your mind, body, and soul. And it is often hilarious, too. Take The 6 Best Yoga Video Parodies You’ll Ever Watch as proof!

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13 Weird Reasons Your Face Looks Puffy

As an allergy sufferer, there are days that I awake and can’t believe how my eyes and the surrounding tissue resemble Jet Puffed marshmallows. I’m not sure what triggers it but I’d do darn near […]

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The Vitamin You Need So Your Penis Can Perform

If “the man in your pants is not standing to a full salute,” you don’t need to run off and get wound up about it. Just try more time outside in sunshine or a dietary […]

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UFO Sightings At An All Time High

Call me crazy but I think there is more to the universe than just us humans. More so now that ever…keep your eyes on the sky and read: UFO Sightings At An All Time High.

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An Honest Trailer For The Oscars

The Oscars are upon us. As Hollywood and all of us regular mortals prepare for the biggest awards night of the year, it’s time to take a peek at An Honest Trailer For The Oscars.

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Some Proper Literature

Need a laugh? This will work! Here’s Some Proper Literature.

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Record-Challenging Warmth To Hold In Northeastern US Through Friday

It’s been a February to remember this year. One of the more remarkable mentions is this AMAZING WEATHER! Check out Record-Challenging Warmth To Hold in Northeastern US Through Friday.

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Introverts, Unite!

There’s something to be said about people who prefer their own company over that of those more loud and social. So lets lend a round of applause to the former with Introverts, Unite!

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Story Behind The Song: Cam, ‘Burning House’

If you’re looking for a heart wrenching earwig, learn the Story Behind The Song: Cam, ‘Burning House’ and give it a listen. It’ll change your life.

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17 People Share Their Brutally Honest Dating Profiles

Dating is hard and online dating is harder. Especially when everything is veiled behind words and photo filters. Rather than be inauthentic, these folks did quite the opposite with 17 People Share Their Brutally Honest […]

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