Homeless Hero Awarded Free Rent For Saving Children Following Manchester Attack

Wasn’t it Mister Rogers who told us all to look for the heroes during tragedies? Well it seems one man did just that recently in a major Isis attack. Check out Homeless Hero Awarded Free […]

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Those Blasted Black Flies!

If you’ve ever been chewed up by the ever present gnat aka black fly and/or “no-see-ums,” you know how pesky these vicious winged beasts are in spite of their size. Read how to repel them […]

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Ariana Grande Concert Attack Eyewitnesses Describe The Chaos: “We Just Saw People Dropping”

ISIS struck again in Manchester, England causing unfathomable suffering to concertgoers at an Ariana Grande show. The suspect behind the bomb is apparently dead but that brings no relief to those who lived to tell […]

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100 Best Albums of the 2000s

Hop into Eminem’s time machine and relive the 1990s with the 100 Best Albums of the 2000s. Trust me. It will make your heart sing. My GOD the memories…

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Scattered Squirrel

If you feel like you’re as organized as a bushy tailed rodent, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s an entire website devoted to helping you sort yourself and your stuff out. Check it out here […]

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Moving Is Tough For Kids

To move or not move, that seems to be the question. How does moving affect a child? Is it in their best interest to deal with such a major upheaval? Find out the answers to […]

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25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See

Confession time: I felt I failed my children when they were dumbfounded by a E.T. reference one day. So I decided to do something about their movie education by sharing the films I grew up […]

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10 Hairstyles Men Love

Men tend to stay far out of the domain of women’s beauty until or unless a chick chops her hair off. Or his hands get tangled in her dried spaghetti, over product-ed tresses. So we […]

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How To Make A Natural Children’s Sand Pit

If you have children, you know how vital and important sand boxes are. But you also know how today’s plastic and even wooden sandboxes don’t provide enough play space. We found a solution that’s CHEAP! […]

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Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny And Unusual Trail Cam Photos

Trail cams are great for hunting both game and humor it seems. See the best here with Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny and Unusual Trail Cam Photos.

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