Shell Plans To Spend $1 Billion A Year On Clean Energy By 2020

In “It’s too f**king late” news, petro giant Shell has decided to turn over a new leaf. Read how Shell Plans To Spend $1 Billion A Year On Clean Energy By 2020.

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It’s been a tearful week around here for reasons I won’t explain. So when I stumbled upon Footprints, my frown turned upside down. Hope it does the same for you. Happy Monday!

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Sex, Death, And Pollination: How The Moon Changes Life On Earth

The world as we know it depends on a variety of celestial events not limited to the sun and the moon. We all couldn’t exist without both but how much do you know about the […]

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Odd Teeth: A Mother’s Internet Sleuthing Led To Her Daughter’s Troubling Diagnosis

Hypodontia (aka missing permanent teeth) is genetic mutation with a relatively low prevalence but possibly high health stakes. Read about one family’s plight here with Odd Teeth: A Mother’s Internet Sleuthing Led To Her Daughter’s […]

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22 Amazing Feats of Bad Design

Time to take a break from the grind, kick back, and have a laugh at these 22 Amazing Feats of Bad Design. This is so genius!

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Finding The Perfect Partner

It’s Friday and there’s no better way to celebrate than by being NOT CELIBATE. So here’s some help for you in your quest of Finding The Perfect Partner.

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if i were you

Pick Up Lines For Girls

We’ve all heard the cheesy lines men run on women but what about us ladies? What can we say to pick you up? Check out these Pick Up Lines For Girls…I’m off to try them […]

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Keep Your Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Free of Smudges With Screen Protector

As the new owner, I mean renter (who the hell can afford to buy a Galaxy?) of a the S8 Plus, I don’t know what to do to protect the screen. So I reached for […]

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You Asked: Why Do Summer Colds Feel So Much Worse?

Summer colds are the worst (especially when three of your four children have them at exactly the same time!) I’m not sure why but their impact is much deeper than a winter illness (perhaps because […]

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Spotify Accused of Manufacturing Fake Artists

We’ve all been a bit suspicious of Spotify since anything which seems too good to be true probably is. And now it seems our suspicions have been confirmed. Check out Spotify Accused Of Manufacturing Fake […]

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