The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll

It seems the man responsible for penning the most famous children’s books ever was one of the least known authors ever. Check out The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll to learn what we can about Alice […]

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How One Line of Text Nearly Killed ‘Toy Story 2′

Anyone who uses computers and/or code knows all too well the dangers of one wrong key. The makers of the epic Toy Story films learned the hard way. Here is How One Line Of Text […]

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12 Taco Recipes To Upgrade Taco Tuesday

If you’re like me, you kind of look forward to the easy prep of making tacos for dinner. They’re quick. They’re yummy. And kids just love them. If you are sick of the same old […]

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New Genetic Form Of Obesity, Diabetes Discovered

Researchers at London’s Imperial College have found a genetic defect which triggers the tendency to over eat which sheds some light on obesity and type 2 diabetes. New Genetic Form Of Obesity, Diabetes Discovered.

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Shark Sighting Means Cautious Beach Goers In Virginia Beach

The start of summer generally draws people on coastal vacations. This year the waters off of the Virginia coast are a little more dangerous than normal because of aquatic predators. Here’s Shark Sighting Means Cautious […]

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Don’t Fear The Male Babysitter

Four boys, a dog, a home, a career, a husband, and some serious exasperation later, I opted to do what many don’t: I hired help with the kids. But not just any help. I defied […]

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floss brush

5 Experts Answer: Is Flossing Really Necessary?

How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you floss? If you answered seldom or rarely, chances are that you’re risking not only your teeth but also your health in major ways. Read […]

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How Do Elephants And Other Animals Sneeze?

We do it, dolphins and whales do it, elephants do it, and even fish do it but bugs don’t: what is it? That’s right SNEEZE! But you may want to know how? Find out here […]

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June 30th Gets A Leap Second Because Earth’s Rotation Is Slowing Down

The Moon and the Earth have long since had a tug of war over gravitational pull since probably the beginning of time. And this tug of war added a little more time and slowed the […]

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The Oddest Baseball Injuries Ever

“Take me out to the ball game” turns into something entirely else when one thinks about the bumps, nicks, scrapes, and other injuries involved in America’s all time favorite sport. See the collection of The […]

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