Torn Between Two Women

When people we love leave this world and “go on to the big unknown,” their loss is as memorable as their presence. Read how oe man chose to honor the loves of his life upon […]

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What To Do When Your Life Takes An Unexpected Turn

Whether you find out you’re losing your job or your spouse is no longer in love with you, life is really good at throwing tough punches. Read how to punch back with What To Do […]

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Imagine What It’d Be Like If People Left Parties The Way They Leave Facebook

The world’s largest social networking site is everywhere and everyone seems to be on it. Unless (to borrow the words of the Great Lorax)… people decide to get off of it. Then we all just […]

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Hillary Clinton Officially Announces 2016 Presidential Run

After years of speculation, former First Lady and now Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton has announced she’s in. Time for the big race to the White House. See it here with Hillary Clinton Officially Announces 2016 […]

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The Mommy Wars Are Not About Kids

Most women are fickle. And they like to fight for and against each other. Especially when their kids are involved. Many mothers perceive parenting as some great competition. Read about this interesting phenomenon with The […]

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The Friendly Crocodiles Of Paga

Imagine being able to swim, play, ride, and perhaps even cuddle a crocodile! Guess what: there’s a place on earth where you can. Check out The Friendly Crocodiles Of Paga.

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Stephen Hawking Wants To Join The Trademark Club

Renown physicist, author, cosmologist, and ALS warrior Stephen Hawking is embarking on a new venture: patenting his name into a trademark. The reasons behind this move are seemingly protective of the Hawking legacy. Read about […]

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New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The Procedure

Forget Iran and all of those nuclear talks: it’s the end of the world as we know it. Here’s the f***ing proof with New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The […]

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Swimming Lions

Did you know that the Kings and Queens of the wild don’t mind taking a dip to cool off? Now you do. Watch Swimming Lions. It’ll lighten your day.

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The Narcissistic Parent

As the product of narcissistic parents, it only makes sense that I went on to marry and have children with not one but two narcissists as an adult, right? AGH! Time to untangle with some […]

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