Allergy To Mold – Animal Dander – Dust

If you are like many people, you may be sneezing well past the end of Spring and Autumn when allergies usually peak. Chances are you’re dealing with the effects of an Allergy To Mold – […]

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What Happened To Summer?

The weather and temperature extremes throughout the U.S. are nothing new. But they have been especially prominent this year particularly from May to present. See What Happened To Summer?

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FDA Defines “Gluten Free” For Food Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration defined new regulations on August 2, 2013 for voluntary food labeling of products which are gluten free. This may be good news for the millions of people who are gluten […]

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An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards

Someecards are notorious for satire. And when it comes to relationships, their truth is hilarious. Check out An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards.

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Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

The public school system has never been bigger yet it’s hard to believe that just 150 years ago everything children learned was at home. Check out the history of homeschooling and the reasons why an […]

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When Kids Need To Know Bad Things About A Parent – Part 3

We all know words hurt. Their affect is long lasting and lingering. As parents we train our children to “choose their words” when they are feeling a gamut of emotions. And it’s up to us […]

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The History of CTRL + ALT + DELETE

Where would we all be without our favorite computer shortcuts, especially the one which restarts our jammed laptops? The answer: stuck back in 1981. Read all about it with The History of CTRL + ALT […]

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Reasons Why The Octopus Is The Biggest Badass In The Ocean

Sharks are not the kings of the ocean. In fact, an octopus can snap a shark’s back like a twig. That’s kind of all the proof we need to best understand the Reasons Why The […]

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Chinese Swimming Pools, The Most Crowded In The World

If you’re visiting China or Japan, chances are no matter how high the temperature is, you just need to steer clear of public pools unless, as the Chinese say, you want to be one of […]

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Man pointing gun directly at camera.

The Black and White of Stand Your Ground

If a lawyer said to you that it was ok to shoot an intruder as long as the body fell into your home, how would you react? And what laws govern such atrocities? How does […]

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