Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic

You may find it crazy but some people literally lose their minds after years and years of smoking weed. And researchers have found out why. Check out Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic.

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100 Ways Of Saying F**k You

The only way to say “Fu*k you” better than just saying it, is to say it 100 different ways. Here’s how with 100 Ways Of Saying F**k You.

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What’s The Difference Between Milk Allergies And Lactose Intolerance?

If you thought that a milk allergy and lactose intolerance were one in the same, you were wrong. Learn about both here with What’s The Difference Between Milk Allergies And Lactose Intolerance?

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20 Inspirational Destinations To Travel This Summer

As the temperature rises and your vacation time piles up, you may want to consider any (or all) of the great places you can escape work and other responsibilities during your time off. Here’s 20 […]

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How Google Makes Its Money

A whopping 83.18% of online searches begin with Google per the latest research from Best Accounting Schools. If you ever wanted to know How Google Makes Its Money, thank them for this awesome infographic!

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10 Lessons From Einstein

You may not know that bestselling author Paulo Coehlo has a great blog dedicated to wisdom, experience, and enlightenment. If you’re a fan or interested in gaining a better perspective on your life, check out […]

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We Do Photoshop

Time for a humor break: there’s a Korean company who takes pictures clients submit, interprets requests to add a bit of this or remove a bit of that, and turns them into sheer comedy. Raise […]

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b i g p h

Which Drugs Actually Kill Americans [Infographic]

Wake up world: Big Pharma may be more lethal than any street drug you, your family, your children, your friends, and your loved ones consume. In fact, we’ve got the proof in the latest infographic […]

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The Forbidden Island

In August 1981, the crew of the Primrose, a Hong Kong freighter, happened to get tangled up in a submerged coral reef. Rather than fret, they stayed put for the night only to awaken and […]

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Dildo Canada

Where The Streets Have Sexual Names

Did you know there’s a Canadian town called Dildo? And a street in Pennsylvania called Virginville Road? Plus lets not forget the UK’s Sandy Balls resort! If you go there, go there with U2 to […]

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