Should You Marry Her?

Is She A Keeper? And perhaps the better question is: can she be kept? Read what the pros at Men’s Health have to say about whether to reel ‘er in tight or to let ‘er […]

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9 Telling Signs You Don’t Want To Be With Him Anymore

So you’ve landed a good guy, have a job and place to live, and wonder if this is all there is while feeling primarily indifferent toward the relationship, you may need to ask yourself a […]

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New Bigfoot Evidence Screened As Experts Claim Proof Of Existence

The ever elusive Sasquatch and giant, furry man-beast is REAL! Well, according to some involved in the Bigfoot Genome project. See and read more about this bizarre yet uber-fascinating claim with New Bigfoot Evidence Screened […]

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The Sound of Going To Pieces

The Wall Street Journal has a great piece on punk. In the Anatomy of a Song: The Clash’s ‘London Calling,’ fans can learn the grits and guts behind the blend of punk, soul, reggae and […]

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13 Geek Characters Reimagined As Classic Pinups

What happens when the best in technology pairs with the best superheroes and celebrities? This: the 13 Geek Characters Reimagined As Classic Pinups.

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Eating Bacon Will Make You Live Longer

Good news for baconnoisseurs! Your favorite food can improve your longevity. Read how Eating Bacon Will Make You Live Longer.

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Contingency Plans For Operations in the Absence of Appropriations

The U.S. government shutdown has everybody wondering what agencies, parks, preservations, and other organizations are affected. See the list from the Department of Interior offering Contingency Plans For Operations in the Absence of Appropriations.

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Gray Wolves May Lose Endangered Status, But Not Without A Fight

In the U.S. the slow reintroduction to the gray wolf population by teams of dedicated biologists has been no stranger to significant debate and massive controversy. And now that the gray wolf has thrived, some […]

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Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable

Fighting with your printer to coax it into producing a return label? You’re not alone. We’ve all experienced supreme levels of frustration while sifting through error messages on our computers. Like we need more proof […]

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8 Great Pioneers of Evolutionary Psychology

The mostly new branch of psychology which studies why and how people think and act the way they do roots all the way back to Charles Darwin. But didn’t truly emerge in prominence until the […]

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