Free Kitchens

It’s Monday! Time for a fun break. Check out and chuckle at these Free Kitchens.

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The Most Ridiculous Fireworks Brands Ever (PHOTOS)

When it comes to fireworks, some people know what they are doing. And some don’t. When it comes to brands of these magnificent powderkegs of brilliance, the same goes. See The Most Ridiculous Fireworks Brands […]

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4th Of July Quotes 2015: 20 Inspiring Freedom Sayings For Independence Day

It’s nearly America’s birthday! To celebrate, we offer this link! Here’s 4th of July Quotes 2015: 20 Inspiring Freedom Sayings For Independence Day. Be happy, be safe, and have FUN!!

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9 Private Islands Owned By Rich And Famous Celebrities

They say that “no man is an island” but sometimes the wealthy and fabulous take advantage and buy their own. And right now is one of those times I wish I’d ended up wealthy and […]

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You Will Break Your Own Heart

The thing about loving someone entirely, unconditionally, and extremely is we often forget about loving ourselves first. And it hurts when the love wears away. See how to understand and cope here with You Will […]

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The Positive And Negative Effects Of Videogames

Growing up today isn’t easy. Parenting perhaps might be just as hard. Especially when it comes to choosing what’s best for kids when it comes to the fun of videogames. Go here for help with […]

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How To Stay Abreast of 2016 Campaign Coverage Without Becoming An Idiot

If you’re a busy person like I am, chances are slim you have the time to scour the ‘net and other media sources to keep an eye on Hilary Clinton and her Presidential competition. If […]

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The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll

It seems the man responsible for penning the most famous children’s books ever was one of the least known authors ever. Check out The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll to learn what we can about Alice […]

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How One Line of Text Nearly Killed ‘Toy Story 2′

Anyone who uses computers and/or code knows all too well the dangers of one wrong key. The makers of the epic Toy Story films learned the hard way. Here is How One Line Of Text […]

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12 Taco Recipes To Upgrade Taco Tuesday

If you’re like me, you kind of look forward to the easy prep of making tacos for dinner. They’re quick. They’re yummy. And kids just love them. If you are sick of the same old […]

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