This Is The Best Grocery Store In America, And It’s Cheaper Than Trader Joes

Looking to save money on your food and toiletry purchases for 2015? Look no further than your nearest Aldi. See how This Is The Best Grocery Store In America, And It’s Cheaper Than Trader Joe’s.

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Why Poor People Stay Poor

You don’t know broke until you’ve reached deep into your pockets and realized that despite its absence, all the money in the world will give you nothing that you need. The truth is our modern […]

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25 Tutorials That Will Teach You To Fold Like A Pro

If getting organized and keeping your shelves, closets, and drawers neat is your goal for the year, have we got a link for you! Check out these awesome 25 Tutorials That Will Teach You To […]

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2014: A Wonderful Year For Marijuana Smokers

As we kick off 2015, there’s no better way to celebrate the new year and look forward to all of its excitement than by lighting up our festivities with a little wacky tabacky. Since, after […]

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Giada Laurentiis Split With Husband Over Affair With John Mayer?

In cooking news, it seems that the world’s favorite Italian chef was cooking up a side dish to her eleven year marriage to Todd Thompson. At least, according to rumors. Read Giada Laurentiis Split With […]

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Mom Turns To Facebook To Find Family For 6 Embryos

Science and social media have significantly intermingled and riddles something similar to Dr Suess’ “a life is a life no matter how small.” It seems Jeff and Angel Watts are hawking their unborn yet fertilized […]

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How Arousal Overrides Disgust During Sex: Study

Do you smell bad enough that no deodorant can tackle your au de natural musk? We have really good news for you. This will not affect the ladies if you treat her right. Read How […]

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14 Signs That Aren’t Holding Back The Truth

The crazy kids at College Humor know a thing or two hundred about making us laugh our asses off. So when they scoured the universe in search of some seriously funny signs, this is what […]

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Evil On Wheels: Top 10 Villain Cars of All Time

Ever notice how for every hero there’s an epic roadster he (or rarely she) sits behind? Guess what? Even the bad guys have cool wheels too. See them here with Evil On Wheels: Top 10 […]

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Cancer And Cannabis: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Medical Marijuana

Whether you have taken a toke or are absolutely against it, chances are you have strong feelings regarding the issue of medical marijuana. Gain insight with one journalist’s take on the matter with Cancer And […]

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