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10 Home Design Trends for 2016

If you’re looking to spruce up the only place there’s no place like, read this. Here’s 10 Home Design Trends For 2016. May the decorating force be with you.

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DRB Feel-Good Issue #36

Grab a cup off coffee, kick up your feet, and take a beauty break. Click here for a taste of some beauty with the DRB Feel_Good Issue #36.

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Computer-Simulated Image Of A Super Massive Black Hole

Now here’s a picture you have to see of one of the universe’s greatest space mysteries: the black hole. Except this on is a Computer-Simulated Image Of A Super Massive Black Hole since a real […]

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April 13 Birthdays

Today is my grandmother’s 77th birthday! Help us celebrate by checking out the other famous people who share a birthday with her. Here’s April 13 Birthdays.

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Differential DNA Repair Underlies Mutation Hotspots At Active Promotors In Cancer Genomes

Here’s good news for people that hate cancer. A recent study published in the Nature journal revealed a link between increased DNA mutations and cancer growth. Which means we may be a step closer to […]

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54 Beautiful And Amazing “Sports Cars Illustrated” Covers Of The 1950s

There are great places to find classic cars but non so which may be as awesome as this link. Take a drive down memory lane with the following 54 Beautiful And Amazing “Sports Cars Illustrated” […]

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19 Cats In Exactly The Wrong Place

Cat lovers generally agree about how fantastic their furry companions are while the rest of us look at them like they’re nuts. These photos are the proof. Here’s 19 Cats In Exactly The Wrong Place.

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ThredUp, Seller of Secondhand Clothes, Bags $81 Million From Goldman Sachs

If you’re a woman or kid looking to save a little while still looking nice, chances are you may have found the way to stay within budget at the online clothes-sellers ThredUp. And you may […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Homemade Cleaners

If you don’t like the chemicals involved in commercial household cleaners, you’re in luck (and not alone.) To find the best of the best, we went here to My Top 10 Favorite Homemade Cleaners. Now […]

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Stick To The Booth Boo: Singers Who Are Terrible Live Performers

The truest test of the talent of a band or singer is how they sing and play live. And there’s no good way to avoid bad music. Here’s Stick To The BVooth Boo: Singers Who […]

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