Climate Study Predicts A Watery Future For New York, Boston, And Miami

Climate scientist Anders Levermann has great news for people who hate New York, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida. And horrible news for people who love it. Leveermann lead an atmospheric study that […]

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ror ice cream

The Food Rorschach Test

Photographer Ester Lobo’s parents should have been a little more disciplined when they were teaching her to not play with her food because she’s made it her life’s work. See the cool pics here with […]

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Why Do Stars Twinkle?

“Twinkle, twinkle little star” is an age old song and an event as old as the night sky but do you know what makes the night sky shine? Here’s the answer to Why Do Stars […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chameleons

Reptiles are creepy at times. But those which can look in two directions at the same time and change color to match their surroundings are pretty freaking neat. Check out more interesting stuff with 10 […]

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6 Places To Find The Best Adventure Trips For Kids

It’s a well known fact that from birth and beyond, kids love to explore. And they love when their parents are their guides. To help expand their exploration territories, here are 6 Places To Find […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong – 15 Photos Of Utter Failure

Some folks are geniuses and some are so low in the IQ pool that they can’t even swim. Here’s the visual proof with You’re Doing It Wrong – 15 Photos Of Utter Failure.

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35 Things That Are Better Than Sex: Cosmo’s Hardly-Comprehensive List

What’s better than sex? According to some Cosmo readers, the answer is alot. Though most respondents to a survey posing exactly that question likely live alone with their cats. Needless, here’s what they said and […]

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The White Buffalo Biography

Though the band The White Buffalo has been playing for over a decade, chances are unless you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you haven’t had a proper introduction. Here’s your chance with The White […]

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Knowledge Nuts

Trust me and just check out Knowledge Nuts. This is a wonderful website designed specifically to minimize the amount of time you spend pouring over its content while maximizing the amount of information and learning […]

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Walter Koessler Project

Have you ever wanted to gain a more personal view into World War I? Thanks to the efforts of an independent photographer Walter Koessler and his great grandson, now you can. Take a peek at […]

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