The National Gallery

The Trafalgar Square in London, England is home to over 2,300 paintings stretching as far back as the 13th Century. As the fifth most visited museum of art, this gallery boasts free admittance and tons […]

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Who Is Likely To Be Unfaithful and Why?

Researchers have devoted tons of time studying attachment style and its influence on primary relationships. They found that those with an insecure or avoidant bond to their partner tend to stray. Read more here with […]

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Paul Walker: A Life Over Too Soon

Forty year old actor Paul Walker died November 30, 2013 doing what he loved most: racing cars, helping others, and living an authentic life. As the world mourns his passing, take a look at his […]

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The Lake Monsters of America

Living in a small, rural northern town in proximity to a supposed “bottomless” lake or pond complete with a “monster” is nothing new. And it seems all too familiar after perusing the following stories of […]

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How To Get Out Of Handcuffs

If you’re ever apprehended and cuffed – whether by the police, a lover, or perhaps both – there’s no need to panic. You can find a way out if you know how to do it. […]

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Can Red Wine Really Heal Cancer And Prolong Your Life?

Red wine is great for your heart and contains all kinds of good for you properties. But Can Red Wine Really Heal Cancer And Prolong Your Life? Some claim yes in proper doses!

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Groom and Doom: Cold Feet On The Wedding Day

Great news for men ready to take the big plunge: research indicates that the big move from boyfriend status to fiance status is much more difficult than the move from fiance to husband. Check out […]

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Microsoft’s and Google’s Problem Is That They Can’t Leave Well-Enough Alone

When it comes to operating systems and software, the industry’s giants – Microsoft and Google – like to shake things up. But what do we lose with the regular often problematic updates? Here’s Microsoft’s And […]

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The Stunning Beauty Of Siamese Fighting Fish

Visarute Angkatavanich, a Bankok area photographer, has captured some of the most remarkable images of The Stunning Beauty of Siamese Fighting Fish.

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worldclass arch

We Asked Three World-Class Architects To Go Crazy With Legos

When the building blocks of the best of childhood fall into the hands of the world’s best architects, the results are absolutely incredible. See for yourself here with We Asked Three World-Class Architects To Go […]

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