The Fed Is Getting Ready For Its ‘Biggest Meeting Of The Year’

It’s that time again! When tensions world wide collide with economies and wreak havoc on earth. Will Trump start a war to soften the imminently falling economic bomb? What’s going to happen next? Tune in […]

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Reality Daydream

If you’re sick of Chip and Joanna’s Fixer Upper, it’s time to take a peek at Reality Daydream. It’s a treasure trove of great DIY projects that are as awesome as the Gaines’!

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How To Make A Huge Blister Heal

Over the weekend I took my children on a beautiful but steep hike to waterfalls. And in that process, I lugged a toddler who is 1/3 of my size down and up a small gorge […]

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15+ Tips For Getting Inside A Car Or House When Locked Out

So I locked myself out again last night…and rather than risk hiding a key, I used my genius to get in this time. Then I looked up these 15+ Tips For Getting Inside A Car […]

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Puerto Rico Imposes Rationing As Hurricane Maria Approaches

This year’s hurricane season is blasting away at the folks living by the Atlantic Ocean. And now it seems a country already struggling too much is going to get hit. Read how Puerto Rico Imposes […]

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Mark Hamill’s Tweet To A Fan

Twitter’s a great place to get some p.r. And it’s always funny to witness especially when involving a war of the stars… Check out Mark Hamill’s Tweet To A Fan.

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The Gym

How good are you at maintaining your workout schedule? If you’re like me, you probably need to get up and move it straight to The Gym right now…and don’t forget the milkshake!

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Advice For Mothers Of Teenage Boys

My children have grown faster than I had ever expected they would. And as they grow, my challenges as their mother increase exponentially. So I reach for the wise folks at the Good Men Project […]

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Pros And Cons Of Home Ownership

I’m nearly 40 and never owned a house (yet). For reasons that make rational sense, I’ve always held back on purchasing a home but lately I’ve been considering it. Here are the Pros and Cons […]

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The Long Happy Life

Enlightened ones know that true happiness and good health come from within. So when the geniuses at Psychology Today created The Long Happy Life, I tuned in my attention. Namaste!

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