The Dangerous Health Consequences of Pessimism

There’s some good and bad news for hypercritical, overly judgmental, insanely negative, grumpy as hell old b*stards. The good news is, this type dies first so the rest of us can have a little peace […]

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World-Class Walks

To me, there’s nothing like a long walk to improve the mind-body-soul connection so when I found this list of World-Class Walks, I reached for my keys and sneakers. Enjoy!

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A Gorilla Walks Into A Bar

Who doesn’t love a good gorilla joke on a bitterly cold Tuesday morning? Here’s a good one: A Gorilla Walks Into A Bar…

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10 Tips To Beat The Holiday Blues

If Christmas leaves you in a less than spirited mood, you’re not alone. Here’s ways to fight back with 10 Tips To Beat The Holiday Blues.

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When Do You Begin Dating Again After A Long-Term Relationship or Marriage?

How soon is too soon to jump back into the proverbial dating ocean following getting bitten by a shark? My answer is: when you’re ready becaue life is too short to not be surrounded by […]

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Celebrity Christmas Trees

Tis the season to take a peek into the homes of our stars and see just how festive they are. Here are Celebrity Christmas Trees. Fa la la la la…

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10 Best Rock/Alternative Albums of 2016: Critics Picks

Attention music lovers! Here’s a look at the 10 Best Rock/Alternative Albums of 2016: Critics Picks. We know it’s not the long lost days of 1994, flannel, Nirvana, and Eddie Vedder but it’s a pretty […]

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51 Things To Do On Christmas – Alone

I have no idea who this person is that wrote this list of 51 Things To Do On Christmas – Alone but it might be helpful if you find yourself in this situation on the […]

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How To Appease Household Spirits Worldwide

So I’ve never been one to believe much in ghosts and such things until I realized that there are forces within homes that may be conspiring against us all (hello missing socks!) Here’s How To […]

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Parenting Fail

The recent failure of a marriage illuminated all of my mistakes. And sometimes I flop when it comes to parenting. Embracing my imperfections is easier without the constant criticism of some. So lets celebrate with […]

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