Is Roundup The Cause of ‘Gluten Intolerance’?

Those of us who have Celiac Disease. gluten sensitivities, and other gluten issues know just how difficult it is to navigate life on this gluten filled planet. And luckily for us, tremendous research has been […]

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Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow With Nothing But Water

Ever dream of having a hydroponic garden full of fresh plants? That is relatively easy to do using just leftover bits of fruits, veggies, and seeds thanks to the genius at Lifehacker. Check it out […]

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10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon

If we were to “boil down” life in the increasingly complex modern day living to that which matters most, what do you get? That’s what Live, Learn, Evolve set out to answer when they published […]

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Snowman Murder

Lighten up, laugh at winter, and give this a chuckle! Check out Snowman Murder.

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5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette

What are the rules of engagement when communicating via email? How do we know if we are being polite and courteous? Check out these 5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette to know for certain!!!

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The Lost Cow Tunnels of New York City

Anyone who has visited the Big Apple knows just how great of a place it is. Perhaps what’s more fascinating is an entire underground system lurks beneath all the concrete, culture and noise. Here’s some […]

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The Echo Friendly – F*ck It And Whatever” (Stereogum Premiere)

The ever mysterious, largely obscure, yet highly talented Jake and Shannon of the group The Echo Friendly are back. And they have new music following the same mixed up relationship themes that most all of […]

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Eminem’s Art Beats Gaga’s Pop

Rap kicks pop’s butt (in case you didn’t know) even in the art arena. Detroit’s finest MC proves it here with Eminem’s Art Beats Gaga’s Pop.

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Babies On A Plane: How The Parent Wars Have Spread To The Skies

If you have ever traveled with a very young child, you know all too well the stress that it takes. Especially when mid-air. Here’s Babies On A Plane: How The Parent Wars Have Spread To […]

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Brave Enough To Be Humble

Knowing yourself well enough to know your strengths and limitations is enough to empower even the world’s best leaders. Read all about it here with Brave Enough To Be Humble.

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