10 Ways For Preteens To Make Money This Summer

Kids have little buying power in the world without the help of their parents or hardwork and/or the combination of both. So if you’re a kid (or parent of one) too young to get a […]

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Why Would A Mother Do That?

During our school run today we witnessed a doe and a fawn crossing before us only to have the doe disappear into brush along the road and the fawn to motionlessly lay flat half in […]

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Exit Of The Final 9/11 Search And Rescue Dog (Cy Fair, TX Fire Department)

The heroes of 9/11 were remarkable and dedicated to helping others during one of the worst tragedies on American soil. And none were so great as the four legged canines who took part. Offer a […]

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How A Wine And Cocaine Cocktail Became Coca Cola

I thought it was just a rumor that one of the world’s leading sodas derived from one of the most illicit drugs…until now. Read the history of How A Wine And Cocaine Cocktail Became Coca […]

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The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

After you march down the aisle and exchange vows there’s only one thing left to do: PARTY! And the only way to party well is to have the perfect soundtrack. Since wedding season is in […]

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Bernie Sanders’ Los Angeles Rally: The Pictures You Need To See

The Presidential Campaign heat is a blazin’ and those of you who can’t stand the heat (eh uhm…Hilary) best be stayin’ out of the kitchen. And California. Needless, give Bernie some attention with this one! […]

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Seismic Monitor

The Northeastern US felt the earth rumble recently with a series of 2.5 magnitude earthquakes shaking things up. If you missed it or want to see a real time view of seismic activities, check out […]

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A Major Native American Site Is Being Looted. Will Obama Risk Armed Conflict To Save It?

The Native Americans in the western US have had their share of trouble since we mongrels of other nationalities invaded their lands. And it seems the trouble just won’t quit and the lame duck leader […]

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Beck Talks His Wild New Single ‘Wow’ And How The New Record Finds Him In A Happy Place

Coffee cheers to new Music Monday! This time we have a blast from the past with a new twist. It seems Beck’s catchy Odelay is going to be 20 soon so we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO […]

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Facial Recognition Will Soon End your Anonymity

A new app called FindFace has quickly eliminated the barrier between privacy and anonymity. Here’s Facial Recognition Will Soon End Your Anonymity.

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