A Brief History of the Domain Name

The web is celebrating a big anniversary. After a humble beginning with just six domains plus twenty five years of existence, there are over 265 million names registered to people world wide. Here’s a look […]

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Rob Booth story.

Inside ‘Billionaires Row': London’s Rotting, Derelict Mansions Worth £350m

Nearly twenty five years ago, a group of seriously loaded folks and real estate tycoons dumped some serious dough into lining a North London street with massive mansions. And then just left them. Here’s Inside […]

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Happy Bday Barbie! You’re Over.

Stop. The. Presses. Barbie’s fifty five year hold as the IT DOLL is OVER! [Insert gasp of horror here.] Then read why with Happy Bday Barbie! You’re Over.

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Ukraine Crisis: Obama Urges Putin To Pursue Diplomacy

The political heat in Russia is rising faster than the thermometer when your kid has a high fever. And as all eyes look to tensions in the Ukraine, U.S. president Barack Obama has offered his […]

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The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Chronicles

We all have our horrific dating tales and a crazy ex or twenty lurking in the shadows. Some guys have it much worse than others though. Read their stories here with The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Chronicles.

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Story Of The Biggest Experiment In History Caught On Film

Unless you’ve lived under a rock or are just uninterested in science, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland have made history with their landmark research. Check […]

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How Fair Is Your Relationship

A wise women once told me that she or he who cares the least in a relationship has the most control. Whether her words were true or not is for you to judge but here’s […]

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Spotify Just Bought Huge Music Data Company The Echo Nest

Music giant Spotify’s world domination may be in full swing thanks in part to its latest business deal. Check out the details here with Spotify Just Bought Huge Music Data Company The Echo Nest. This […]

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The Rent-A-Womb-Boom

How far would you go to have a baby if you couldn’t? That’s what a $400 million dollar surrogacy industry in India is trying to help with. But is it hindering the hundreds of women […]

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5 Owl Facts That Will Amaze You

Silent nocturnal night fliers are not something of a good UFO story. They’re alive, they’re real, and they live all around us “woo-hoo-ing” through the air. Check out the following 5 Owl Facts That Will […]

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