5 Signs You Completely Bore Her In Bed

It’s “Get Your Freak On” Friday (for some of us anyway) so it’s time to be thinking about your bedroom powers (or lack thereof). Here’s a point to ponder with 5 Signs You Completely Bore […]

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With Every Passing Phase Of Life, Remember ‘This Too Shall Pass’

I don’t know about you but the past 7 weeks have been across the board the absolute hardest of my life. Some days you only get by with deep breaths, tears, and the wisdom that […]

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At Least Someone’s Enjoying First Day Of School

Fall is here and many kids are already hearing the ring of the school bell. But most aren’t at all enjoying it. Except At Least Someone’s Enjoying First Day Of School…

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Life today is “busy” and it’s more than just an excuse. It seems to be the way many choose to live. So pick at the truth like a dentist attacking a cavity with this funny […]

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We Are Now Living In A New Geological Area

The Working Group, under the management of a team of dedicated British scientists, has confirmed that the Anthropocene age is upon us (even if it’s been that way since the 1940s.) Here’s We Are Now […]

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The One-Week Fix For Bad Behavior

If you’re a parent you know all too well how quickly behavior can plummet when any member of the family is overtired, hungry, angry, or just going through emotional stuff. There’s no easy way to […]

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Stranger Things 2 Is Coming To Netflix 2017

Those of us who enjoyed Netflix’s 1980s flashback blend of Goonies meets ET meets Poltergeist meets awesome will love this news: Stranger Things 2 Is Coming To Netflix 2017.

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10 Mind-Bending Facts About Crop Circles

Crop circles are a fascinating blend of mystery and supposed “prank-ery”. I think they’re pretty cool and definitely spark my curiosity. See these 10 Mind-Bending Facts About Crop Circles.

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Since we’re halfway through the work week and wrapping up the end of the month tasks, it’s time to lighten up. Sink your smile into these Nachos….


Ginger Memes

As the only woman in a house of four men with two being redheads, my life is chaos. An ordinary person probably couldn’t handle it. Thankfully I was a red head when I was born […]

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