‘Worse Than Hell’ In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

Massive destruction, climbing death tolls, and devastating pleas for help are the marks left behind throughout Southeast Asia following one of the worst ever super typhoon’s in history so far. What’s worse is there are […]

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We Know What You’re Doing

In “HOLY SHIT, MAN” news, there’s an entire website devoted to the “much too much TMI” information collected straight from the Facebook pages. See the best of the worst posts here with We Know What […]

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Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species In Africa

Zero natural predators have entirely taken out several species of animals in Africa. There’s no bringing some animals back but we may be able to help save some species from the threat of poachers, habitat […]

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Sorry, Boyfriends: 1 in 10 Women Love THIS More Than Their Partner

If you had to choose between your dog and your partner, which would you pick? According to a recent survey, some women would pick the dog! Here’s Sorry, Boyfriends: 1 in 10 Women Love THIS […]

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Veterans Day: Events And Ceremonies Around Nation

It’s that time of the year again! Take a few moments to celebrate, honor, and offer your gratitude to the millions of men and women whose service and dedication have protected our country. Here’s Veterans […]

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Vaccines Are A Pain: What To Do About It

“I got shot twice yesterday” isn’t something you hear everyday. But teaching your kids to turn the ouch into something funny will help them laugh off the residual and sometimes long lingering after effects. Read […]

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Solved: The Mystery Of King Tutankhamun’s Death

After thousands of years of wondering, scientists have finally determined that the world’s most famous pharaoh, King Tut, died due to injuries sustained during a chariot accident. Read about it here with Solved: The Mystery […]

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Facebook Hasn’t Even Begun To Exploit Everything It Knows About You

Facebook’s powers of good keep people connected and interacting in a digital format. Its powers of bad can now allow users to easily ask any question and have Facebook answer it. The ramifications of founder […]

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Should Shoes Be Worn In The House?

If you are the parent of small children, you know very well how important it is they leave their shoes by the door instead of tracking the residuals from their treks all over inside. But […]

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Designing Women

Women are among some of the world’s best gamers! The once male dominated technology industry is now full of dedicated women who have helped transform the many changes in the world of gaming. Check out […]

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