How Kids Grow: Defining Normal Behavior

Ever want an easy go to guide for your child’s behavior as he ages? Well, here’s it is! Check out How Kids Grow: Defining Normal Behavior.

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November’s Supermoon

I’m considering one this a belated 2016 birthday gift: check out November’s Supermoon.

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Veteran’s Day Quotes

Celebrate the military members who dedicate their lives to serving our country with these Veteran’s Day Quotes.

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How Americans Aiming To Escape Donald Trump Can Move To Canada

Hillary supporters have threated “to the leave the country” if Donald wins. Guess what! He WON! Now go and here’s How Americans Aiming To Escape Donald Trump Can Move To Canada.

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How Will Donald Trump Govern?

No one really knows the agenda of the 45th POTUS but some have a sense of what’s to come. Just How Will Donald Trump Govern? That is the question…

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Many Women Are Furious And Sad Because Clinton Just Lost To Trump

I don’t know about you but I’m rather glad there won’t be a woman leading the U.S. I have seen what they are capable of. So I can’t truly understand what the big teary fuss […]

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Trump Wins

The election for 45th President of the United States was surreal, surprising, and left many just shocked. In case you missed it, here’s Trump Wins.

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Slow Down

All of this commotion about Trump’s comments about “felines” made me laugh when I saw Slow Down. Hope y’all do too…since it’s best to laugh off what we can’t change.

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Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update

Sniffles, coughs, sore throats, body aches, and all sorts of GI upsets are sweeping parts of the U.S. Chances are it’s a flu outbreak. Tis the season for the Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update.

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Why The Heck Do Animals Live In Our Houses?

I have a cat and a dog in addition to the four wild…children… in my home. Sometimes I wonder why (about the pets). My puppy tunnels in to my bed and sleeps under my sheets […]

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