After Harvey Weinstein Allegations, Psychologists Explain Why Men Protect Abusive Men

The bro code of honor is one which women, and sometimes other men, don’t fully understand when certain issues are at hand. Especially in the instances abuse. So decode (or debrief) here with After Harvey […]

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ACL Fest: On The Ground At First Major Festival Since Las Vegas Shooting

The lineup and attendees at the Austin City Limits Festival were anxiously hopeful to pull off a great show in light of the Las Vegas concert tragedy. Read about it here with ACL Fest: On […]

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The Defining Challenge Of The 21st Century

Our world’s gone mad but there’s at least one journalist reporting from the front lines. Check out Dan Rather’s take on The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century.

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1960s Updated Ranch Style Home Tour

Remodeling projects are not an easy undertaking but they’re definitely worthy. See a 1960s Updated Ranch Style Home Tour here! Warning: this one is really fussy looking…

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One Day At A Time

Life is best handled with inspiration, optimism and hard work. As humans, all we can do it take it One Day At A Time.

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10 Clever Halloween Pun Costumes

Halloween is a great time to let your spririt free and get some laughter into the universe while collecting candy and partying in costume. See some of the best here with these 10 Clever Halloween […]

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Angelina Jolie ‘Involved In Bizarre Special Forces Plot To Arrest Warlord Joseph Kony By Acting As Bait In A Honeytrap’ And Brad Pitt Was Going To Be Her ‘Co-Star’

In a weird real life versus the silver screen event, a recent information leak revealed major Hollywood stars were expected to operate as undercover spies. Read more about this one with Angelina Jolie ‘Invovled In […]

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Watch: How Long Is A Year?

Time is enormous even if it’s just an illusion. So when parsing out the distance of a day or many of them, I found out Popular Science has a great video on the subject. Watch: […]

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Bar Room Magic

My friends, coworkers, and I used to frequent bars regularly. And we met all kinds of people but none so interesting as the ones in this clip. Check out Bar Room Magic.

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20 Halloween Costumes That’ll Make You Low-Key Jealous You Aren’t Pregnant

If you’re into the spookiest tricks and treats of Halloween but knocked up, don’t fret. We have a list of great ideas to help you get dressed for the night. Check them out here with […]

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