Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

After a certain age, you feel like a puppy who hasn’t grown into his or her skin but outgrew your youthful vigor. Some people elect to have surgery to reverse that ever present toll time […]

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Current World Population

Have you ever curiously wondered exactly what the world population was? Or how quickly it expanded? Now you can find out. Here’s a realtime view of the Current World Population.

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Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer

Well, like children, it seems computers have transcended an important developmental stage and learned how to talk back. Here’s Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer.

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What We Can Learn From A Massive Meteor Crater

Some 50,000 years ago a big huge space rock impacted the Earth in ways that we can could surprisingly piece together significant understanding from. Check out What We Can Learn From A Massive Meteor Crater.

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Hope This Is A Mistake

If you read the classifieds, chances are you’re quite familiar with typos and errors. Maybe you even laugh at them. Especially when they are as bad as this one! Here’s Hope This Is A Mistake.

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Bees Are Dying Year-Round Now

Here’s some terrible news for the world’s best pollinators: bees are dying off for reasons scientists believe are tied to pesticide use. And colonies are collapsing in summer months (something previously unheard of). See Bees […]

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Study Proves Moms Spend Too Much Time With Their Kids, Liberates Working Moms Everywhere

The University of Maryland recently completed a study on a mother’s relationships with their child/children. It seems that sometimes the quality of time is more important than the quantity of it (or so they say). […]

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NASA Working With National Nuclear Security Administration On Plan To Use Nukes On Doomsday Asteroid

If the end of the world was due to a massive asteroid destined to wipe out life on earth, who would you trust to try to save us all? It seems NASA and the National […]

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The Smart Future Of Clean

Are you tired of chasing your tail in terms of keeping your home sparkling and tidy? Guess what. Now you don’t have to pay a cleaning woman because there’s a gadget for nearly every chore. […]

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Things You Must Vow To Do To Your Wife Before You Say “I Do”

Marriages are built upon promises and the health of a marriage is generally related to upkeeping those promises. See one person’s take on the things that must come before the rings with Things You Must […]

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