The Evolution of the Computer

Times they are changing. And the transformation of technology over the years is no exception. Check out The Evolution of the Computer to see just how different they have become since their early days in […]

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A Brief History of Rock Stars Destroying Guitars

We all know there’s nothing like a good concert. But sometimes performers, artists, and the like take their passion for their craft a bit too far into destruction. See them here with A Brief History […]

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New Mars Gravity Map

If you’re into “life” on Mars, you’ll love to know that the geniuses at NASA have just released a New Mars Gravity Map. How awesome is this to see?!?!?

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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Expecting Second Child

It may be old news but that doesn’t make it any less good news for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. They are adding a new addition to their family! Read about it here with John […]

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Summer 2016 Outlook: Warm Temperatures For Much Of The U.S.

If you’re anything like me, despite the milder winter we’ve experienced, I’m quite ready for spring and summer. Here’s a little something to look forward to with the Summer 2016 Outlook: Warm Temperatures For Much […]

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Drake Announces Tour Plans At Surprise SXSW Show

Happy Music Monday! We have good news! Soooo we may have fallen in love with him a few years back when Rhianna and he collaborated for the fabulous break/make up song “Take Care” and we […]

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fucking gross

Choosing An Antibiotic For Skin Infections – What’s Best?

Whether you’re plagued by a rash or have redness around a wound, knowing how to best treat a variety of your body’s largest organ’s problems is a must know. See Choosing AN Antibiotic For Skin […]

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He Has Come

Time for a fun break to celebrate Happy Friday! Here’s He Has Come.

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10 Things School Didn’t Tell You About Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

The fascinating career and disappearance of Amerlia Earhart has intrigued me since my much earlier years as a young girl. Here’s some new light on the case with the following 10 Things School Didn’t Tell […]

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A7GE8Y  Three Pregnant Women

Sperm Discovery Could Mean New Fertility Treatments

You heard it here; “Fertilization is a team sport.” Now get out there. Go get some. And make lots of babies since scientists have new insight into the reproductive process. Here’s Sperm Discovery Could Mean […]

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