10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Have you ever wondered how you could earn a little extra cash while doing something you enjoy? Look no further than here with 10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off.

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26 Snow Day Activities And Ideas For Your Kids

Cabin fever and the approaching full moon render my children snarly werewolves. Oh and it’s a snow day while I have tons of work and chores to do. Maybe these 26 Snow Day Activities and […]

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Farmer Spends 16 Years Studying Law By Himself So He Could Sue A Powerful Chemical Firm For ‘Polluting His Land’ – And He Wins The First Round

I tend to root for the underdog…I mean, somebody has to. And life has taught me that in our greatest struggles we find the strength to rise to the top. So when I heard of […]

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Glass Beach On Ussuri Bay

My inner gypsy is SCREAMING for wandering adventures but is completely landlocked. So I settle for writing articles about the places I’d like to go. Like here: the Glass Beach on Ussuri Bay.

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I Work From Home

Those of us blessed enough to have jobs that allow us to never leave the house will get a chuckle out of I Work From Home.

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Very Superstitious: 13 Sailor Superstitions

You’ve surely heard the phrase: “Rough seas make skilled sailors.” But do you know how important the forces of luck are to those with sea vessels? Read more here with Very Superstitious: 13 Sailor Superstitions.

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30 Pictures of Cairo, Egypt

If I ever make it out of this town, I’m heading overseas to a number of amazing destinations. Including some in this list of 30 Pictures of Cairo, Egypt.

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In Their Own Words: Patriots Describe Julian Edelman’s Unbelievable Catch

If you watched the 51st Superbowl last night, chances are no matter your level of football fandom, you were blown away at a couple of moments. Including THAT history making catch. Here’s In Their Own […]

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Trump Leans on ‘Fake News’ Line To Combat Reports of West Wing Dysfunction

I’m all for the POTUS to do a great job leading the country. But he seems to be a real blame placer – and to me, that’s a sign of a weak man. Which is […]

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The xx: I See You Album

It’s Monday and we think it’s time for some music. Here’s a Pitchfork review of The xx: I See You Album.

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