35 Brilliant Activities For A Rainy Day

If your spring has been as damp and cold and wet as ours, I feel for you. Tremendously. We’re climbing the walls here waitin’ on the sunshine. So rather than go bananas with boredom, we’re […]

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penny saved

Best Investing Ideas For 2016

Today’s financial times are tough at best for almost all of us. So if we have a little extra, a penny saved is far better than a penny spent. But if you’re like me, you […]

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What Our Gut Tells Us About “Hygiene Hypothesis”

Years ago when I was a first-time mom, our pediatrician recommended that one of the best things we can do as parents is nurse our baby, let him teeth on fallen sticks, and let our […]

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Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic

Take a hard look at the political circus that our country has become with this one: Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic. The wisdom of the ancients shines. Remember, we’re not promised tomorrow but […]

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10 Hard Truths About Marriage

The truth is like a giant vitamin. It’s hard to swallow, might hurt a bit going down, and causes discomfort but we know ultimately it’s good. Consider these 10 Hard Truths About Marriage to be […]

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10 Intriguing Mysteries About Sound-Related Phenomena

Have you ever heard something that spooked you beyond words but you couldn’t find the source? I have too. Often, now that I live near a lake. Seems I’m not the only one but that […]

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10l bs

The Fastest Way To Lose 10 Pounds

Summer is nearly here. To celebrate the rise in temperatures and bared skin, we often consider those extra pounds we kick around. If you want to kick them quick, read The Fastest Way To Lose […]

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Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls: The Double Edged Sword

Ah women…the source of perplexing moments for mostly all men. Especially when in the comparison battle of the good girls to the bad. Read the pros and cons with Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls: The […]

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The Petrified Man’s Guide To Home Renovation

If you’re the man of the house (or even just the person who fixes everything that breaks,) this one is for you. Here’s a nice look into the terrifying process with The Petrified Man’s Guide […]

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The Best Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve never gotten around to decorating your porch, deck, or poolside patio, then it’s well past time. This one will help! Check out The Best Outdoor Furniture for ideas!

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