Google Street View Catches Thief

You’ve gotta love Google Street View. Systematically capturing photos of every square inch of the earth’s surface. And sure enough, in the process, catching some crazy real life action. And no, it’s not always perverted […]

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Oldest Trees On The Planet

I knew that trees could live to be hundreds of years. But not thousands. Some of the trees on this list are reported to be several thousands of years old. To someone like me, that […]

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Top 10 Cases of Animals Saving Humans

We all love stories of heroes. And stories of animals. So when the heroes are animals saving human beings, I think it’s safe to say that only the coldest of hearts can ignore stories like […]

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Abandoned Russian Orthodox Churches

When I traveled to Italy and Greece, one of the most vivid, lasting impressions I was left with came from standing inside churches. Everything from big, ornate cathedrals, to the simple, small country Church had […]

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12 Reasons Not To Get Tattoos Of Your Baby’s Portrait

Sticking with the tattoo theme… it’s gotta be sad to get a tattoo of your baby only for it to turn out to look really, really bad. Is there any worse feeling? I feel for […]

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White Death: the Sniper Who Killed 700 Soviets in 100 Days

During the 1939–1940 Winter War, in temperatures as low as –40 °C, a Finnish sniper undertook a killing spree against the Soviets that saw him single-handedly take the lives of at least 700 men in […]

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Funny Car Related Tattoos

I’ve never been a big tattoo fan. Never wanted to change my body in a permanent way. After all, our personalities change over time. But some people are so passionate about certain things in life […]

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The 10 Uncanniest Irish Mythological Creatures

In addition to leprechauns, which we are all somewhat familiar with, there are dozens of other mythological creatures from classical Irish folk literature. For example, there is the “gancanagh which is a male fairy known […]

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World’s Most Amazing Trees

Trees seem to have a special place deep within our primitive consciousness. There’s something about a forest of old trees that gives many of us the feeling of enchantment. Like we’re somewhere very special, with […]

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19 Eye Popping Pics of Cyborg Animals

Some very talented Photoshop artists participated in a contest to create some really amazing cyborg animal images. If you appreciate talent and creativity like we do, you’ll be sure to enjoy these 19 photos.

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