Close-Up Pictures of Martian Moon Phobos

Seeing parts of our Universe in details previously unseen can be an awe-inspiring, borderline religious experience. Here are some close-up photos of the moon that orbits Mars called Phobos. Enjoy.

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25 Inventions That Changed The Way We Do Business

We often take the things in modern society for granted. But there really was a time without relentless Texting and Facebook updates. Seriously. There was. No, I’m not joking.

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10 Weird Miniature Versions of Normal Animals

Small is cute. Take babies for example. It’s hard wired into us. And while we have no idea whether these animals are able to live safe, happy existences in their miniature forms, we do concede […]

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Do Fish Really Grow This Big?!?!

When we first saw this picture we thought it had to be fake. But after doing some research, we were able to confirm that some herrings actually do grow to be this big. This particular […]

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50 Best Video Game Weapons of All-Time

For the video game lovers out there, life doesn’t get much better than sitting around reminiscing about the good old days. You know, when we’d sit around for 12 hour gaming marathons that would last […]

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Man Emulates Engine Sounds With Mouth

You’ve got to hear this to believe it. This is not just some generic engine sound. The guy has different sounds for half a dozen different kinds of engines, culminating with the weedwacker at the […]

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Why is this Cuban baseball player chasing another with his bat?

Brushed back by one ninth-inning pitch and then hit by a second, [Correa] took matters into his own hands by charging the mound and attempting to club [Sosa] with his wooden bat.

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10 Vehicles For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the coming Zombie Apocalypse? Do you have your escape plan in hand? Perhaps the most important preparation you can make, as you surely know, is to get the right escape vehicle. […]

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Defying Gravity, One Skill At A Time

Some people have skills that you know it took years and thousands of hours to perfect. And the great ones just make your mouth drop open in awe. This guy defies gravity at every turn, […]

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I’m Here To Open A Hedge Fund

Couldn’t resist this pic. Not only am I sucker for cute spiky animals, but I also love money. Doesn’t everyone?

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