The 6 Most Epic One Man Armies In The History Of War

Some punks think they’re really badass until they find themselves in a desperate place.  Then they crack like an egg.  Other folks are so bad they go down giving it everything they’ve got and then […]

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20 Most Disturbing Twitter Pics

Twitter is inspiring.  It’s really a great place to Tweet all of the juicy bits of your daily lift.  Problem is, some folks go a little bird shit with their Tweets.   We’re not sure why […]

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10 Scariest Ghostly Images And Recordings

Folks have argued for centuries over what happens after death.  Skeptics and cynics believe folks just die.  Believers think that our souls continue on to the next life.   Compliments of technology, even skeptics may changed […]

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12 Hilarious Sales Fails

Luring customers with creative marketing and clever advertising generally draws a good crowd.  Though every shopper likes a sale, some places should reconsider their “deals.”  Here are 12 Hilarious Sales Fails!

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11 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

No one ever said parenting would be easy.  No one ever said it would be so hard either.  Keeping your little ones safe is not nearly as simple as one may think but sometimes experiences […]

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Embezzled Ring

If anyone needs a great price on a diamond, here’s the place to go to.  This gem is not only a size 6 but it’s also embezzled!   What a deal, man!!      

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What Home Looked Like For Seven Million Years

We are all the product of where we lived.  To better understand how humans evolved from our ape ancestors, we have to know where we evolved.  Since natural selection has its favorites just as humans […]

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9 Largest Fish Ever Caught

Every great fisherman has that tale about that BIG fish that spat the hook and swam away.  These guys managed to make history by not only hooking, but catching that BIG fish.  Here are 9 […]

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11 Bizarre Or Shocking TV Deaths

Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized parting of ways from CBS’ Two and A Half Men leaves his character dead per the latest gossip…it’s just a question of how.   Though writers for the hit show have yet […]

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10 Nostalgic Electronic Toys

Great electronic toys from days past paved the way for modern day Leapfrog, Wii, and the Xbox fanatics.  For over 30 years, electronics have entertained kids and adults.  From the retro Atari video game system […]

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