new jersey

Man Sues His Company for Making Him Work in New Jersey

A man is claiming that his daily commute to New Jersey caused him to have a mental breakdown and is suing his company for $2 million. I know Snooki and the gang can be annoying, […]

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The 10 Coolest and Most Creative Resumes

In today’s job market, a simple Monster or Career Builder job listing can produce thousands of submitted resumes. So how can you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Perhaps you can try one […]

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The Craziest Condoms of All-Time

The use of condoms can help prevent the transmission of STD’s and are used a a form of birth control by millions. Even though condoms have a very important job to do, is there a […]

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9 Guys Who Really Love Their Sex Dolls

Who says only little girls like to play with dolls? Unfortunately for these guys, they seem to have too much time on their hands to play with their dolls. But who are we to judge!

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The 10 Funniest Movie Scenes in the Past Ten Years

These ten scenes from hit movies are so good you might decide to go streaking through the quads to the gymnasium. If you are lucky there will be a KFC open on the way.

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Bully Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

Bullying and Cyberbullying have certainly been hot topics these days. Watch this video of a bully getting what he deserves from his victim.

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rebecca black

The Worst Music Video of All Time

You might have heard someone reference Rebecca Black’s “Friday” over the past couple of days. The reason: the video really is terrible. Seriously, this video is so bad, I am going to send it to […]

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Modern Day Prom Date Solicitation

Instead of passing notes in class in which your prospective prom date has to circle yes or no, the modern high school student has stepped up his game. Using all the technological tools at his […]

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eat me

The 7 Worst Parade Float Accidents

A parade is supposed to be a happy time with floats, balloons, and bands. Unfortunately, sometimes not everything goes to plan and the parade goes wrong, even tragic. Certainly all was not well in these […]

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33 Things You Didn’t Know About the Toy Story Trilogy

Even though Toy Story 3 got robbed out of Best Picture at this year’s Oscars, there are still Lotso reasons why we should honor this great trilogy. Here are some fun facts about Toy Story […]

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