Why Doesn’t My Big Mac Look Like the One in the Ad?

Where’s the beef? Have you ever watched a fast food commercial in which the burger looks so tasty that you just have to get one? Then, when you get to the fast food establishment, the […]

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The Proudest Day in the History of Detroit

The city of Detroit has certainly seen better days. However, things are starting to turn around thanks to a grassroots campaign to bring a Robocop statue to the city. Over $50,000 in donations have already […]

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Top 20 Paying Health Jobs Where You Don’t Need to Be a Doctor

You do not need to be a medical doctor to have a high-paying career in the health care field. So what are your options? Check out this list of the best paying health related jobs […]

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25 Body Hacks to Supercharge Yourself

A body hack is a technique that can make an improvement to improve a person’s life, health or mental state. These techniques are generally learned through real-life experience and are not necessarily medically recognized. Body […]

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The Facebook Hall of Shame

Facebook has allowed millions of people to connect with old friends, share pictures with each other, and over-share every mundane moment of their lives. This post captures some of the most shameful moments in the […]

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25 Awesomely Defaced Dollar Bills

Even though defacing government property is illegal, in the name of art i will share this post. I would pay to see the look on a teller’s face when someone tries to deposit one of […]

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Cosmo Magazine Summarized in one Picture

Every time I am at the supermarket, I look at the covers of the magazines at the checkout stand. One magazine that usually catches my eye (because of the attractive model/actress on the cover) is […]

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Time to Get Busy If You Want a 11/11/11 Baby

Do you want your child to have a memorable birthday? Well, it turns out that now is the time to have sex if you want to have a baby on 11/11/11. And let me be […]

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15 Horrifying Couples Who Should be Sterilized

They say that love is blind. But when two not so pretty people fall in love, everyone else actually wishes they were blind. This might be a little mean, but let’s hope for mankind sake […]

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15 Unfortunately Placed Ads

Location. Location. Location. Unfortunately, these advertising executives must have skipped class the day that lesson was taught and failed to check out where their ads would actually run. Obviously, these mistakes would never happen at […]

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