10 Odd Celebrity Lawsuits

Seems the bizarre lawsuit from Lindsay Lohan against E-Trade isn’t rare in the world of celebrity. I guess that’s not surprising given how stuck on themselves so many celebrities tend to be. If only there […]

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World Record House of Cards

Now this is a hobby that requires some patience! American architect Bryan Berg recently re-set the world record of largest house of cards ever built. This time he did so by building a model of […]

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World’s Seven Strangest Food Delicacies

People not only believe the strangest things… we eat the strangest things. And we don’t just eat the strangest things, we create food delicacies out of the most exotic things. Even if they seem repulsive. […]

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The World’s Richest Man Is…

Not Bill Gates. Not even someone from the United States. Instead, according to Forbes, the world’s richest man (and the world’s richest person) is telecom billionaire Carlos Slim Helu. This is the third time in […]

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A Single Groove On A Vinyl Record, Magnified By 1000x

This is just one of those things that satisfies our curious instinct. As someone who loves the sound of a vinyl record, I’ve just always taken the mechanisms for granted and not really explored it […]

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119 Ways To Store Your Cats

This one falls into the funny/cute category. And close to 3000 facebook users surely can’t be wrong. Plus it’s got over 119 pictures of cats. From the site: Some cats can be stored in a […]

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20 Interesting Facts About Beer

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. It’s often the life of the party. And perhaps the most interesting fact about beer is that the Vikings believed that in heaven there […]

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