6 Tiny Things that Have Mind-Blowing Global Impacts

The butterfly effect is an actual scientific principle beyond the mixed up Ashton Kutcher film.   Everyday tiny things which seem insignificant add up quickly and hugely impact the global scale.  Here are 6 teeny […]

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100 Striking Examples Of Grunge Photography

Grunge photography goes far beyond what the naked eye perceives and brings with it a dimension of frightening and powerful emotions.   Here are 100 striking examples of grunge photography that are sure to make […]

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10 Dinner Topics That Are Bound To End In Arguments

With more than 70,000 respondents, The Great Male/Female Surveys have revealed that men and women have very different perceptions on just about everything. Here are 10 of the most heated topics that we found. Moral […]

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10 Bizarrely Inappropriate Children’s Products that Somehow Hit the Shelves

Despite the fact that most parents put an awful lot of time and effort into selecting only the most suitable and age-appropriate toys for their children, companies seem hell-bent on putting out products whose inappropriateness […]

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Where America Spent All of Its Money In The Last Decade

The White House posted the following infographic on its website explaining how America accumulated its national debt over the past decade, shifting fiscal forecasts from projected surpluses to elephantine deficits. Despite the fact that it […]

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10 Awesome Automotive Easter Eggs

Believe it or not, but the Easter Bunny isn’t the only one that leaves Easter Eggs behind. You see automotive manufacturers have been doing this for years as well. Generally designers will incorporate a little […]

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PHOTOS: Incredible Flower and Sand Carpets of La Otorava

In the Spanish town of La Otorava, Tenerife, the festival of Corpus Christi Festival is celebrated by lining the streets with beautiful themed carpets made from flower petals and colored volcanic sand. Featuring some of […]

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45 Amazing World War II Photos

In the summer and autumn of 1940, Germany’s Luftwaffe conducted thousands of bombing runs, attacking military and civilian targets across the United Kingdom. Hitler’s forces, in an attempt to achieve air superiority, were preparing for […]

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12 Things Inspired By Darth Vader

For all the Star Wars fans out there, especially you Darth Vader sympathizers… Here are twelve things ranging from hot air balloons to disco balls and alarm clocks that were all inspired by Darth Vader. […]

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7 of the World’s Craziest Roads

Pack the jerky, a few friends, and maybe a few extra hundreds for those hefty gas prices. ‘Tis the season for summer road trips! In the spirit of all things cruise control, here are just […]

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