More People Choose Money Over Sleep

It’s no surprise that in today’s economic times people are working more and hitting their pillow less.  A recent study conducted by Cornell University proves that happiness and well being far outlast the balances of  […]

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9 Wal-Mart Weirdos

Wal-Mart is a great place to “save money and live better” but it’s also a wonderful way to drive out small business, spend cash you don’t have, and encounter all kinds of certifiable freaks.  Here […]

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Extreme Off Roading

Off roading is one of those exciting past times that true adventurers could never live without.  Some offroaders go too far near the edge in their quest for thrills.  Here’s Extreme Off Roading.

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Old Ad: Anguished Housewife Needs To Be Drugged

From the vintage files comes an advertisement geared at calming overworked and underpaid housewives from the makers of Serpasil.  The tranquilizing drug worked wonders for the likes of even Mahatma Ghandi.    Here’s Old Ad: […]

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14 Words We Need In English

Anyone who speaks English fluently may be hard pressed to spit out the right words in certain scenarios, like when you consume way too hot food that burns all of the way down your esophagus.  […]

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10 Of The Best Business Cards

Anyone who’s anyone has a business card.  Most are ordinary, bland, rather nondescript.  Some, however, are simply extraordinary.   Here are 10 Of The Best Business Cards.

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107 Best Websites On The Web

The Internet is as full as junk as our real lives are.  Surfing through the muck is tough when looking online for the best music, video, news, and information.  Thankfully, this list of 107 Best […]

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The Unfortunate Truth About Women

Rumor has it the good guys always finish last.  However, in the company of nearly any hot-blooded woman, they usually end up in the friend zone.  Even if they didn’t, the chances any sort of […]

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7 Awesome Skateboarding Animals

Skateboarding is generally reserved for gnarly dudes and chicks who defy gravity with a wheeled, conglomerate material deck.  Seeing a human on a skateboard is often spectacular but seeing an animal on one is definitely […]

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Kids Are Nihilists

Being a kid and having them is a great thing for most people.  Kids are wonderful little people with minds of their owns.  But with great power, comes great responsibility…or something like that.   Sometimes they’re […]

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