10 Of The Best Parents In Fiction

There are very few books in which children (and adults) read and wish that their folks were more like the characters in the stories.   Most kids want their parents to improve and many little ones […]

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9 Most Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes

Facebook is like Santa: it knows when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows when you’ve been bad or good, etc.   Unfortunately, some people just can’t be good for goodness’ sake and use […]

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Rick Perry Dubbed

Rick Perry, the 47th (and current) Governor of Texas and the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate, says some funny stuff from time to time.  Whether Perry’s intentionally funny or just one of those guys, some ingenious […]

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The 90s Vs. Today (13 Pics)

Life has changed a lot since the 1990s.  Here’s look at how our daily lives have changed within the past 15-20 years.

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10 Surefire Signs Your Girlfriend Used To Be A Stripper/Porn Star

You’ve done it: landed one of the hottest hotties on the planet.  Sex with this woman is super volcano fantastic, she dresses in itty bitty skin revealing clothes, AND best of all she has a […]

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Coffee Drinking Linked To Less Depression In Women

A new study completed by the Harvard School Of Health determined that coffee has mood elevating properties for women.  The team found that women have a 20% lower risk of depression if they regularly consumed […]

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The Top 10 Books Lost To Time

Some of the greatest literary figures, from Shakespeare to Homer and even Melville to Austen, completed books that no one will ever have the chance to read.   Here are The Top 10 Books Lost […]

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Are You Drunk Enough?

A genius at Cajun Mike’s created a flow chart to determine your level of sobriety and if that next round is worth a shot.  Which brings us to the Friday night question: Are You Drunk […]

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Now, That’s A Headline

On Thursday, September 22, 2011, the Detroit Free Press ran the headline of a lifetime with perhaps one of the best print blunders ever with: “UAW Talks Shit To Ford.”  Now, That’s A Headline.

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The Origins Of 7 Common Superstitions

For a rare yet truly fascinating look into human psychology, religion, and other customs.  Chances are if you dread Friday the 13th, throw spilled salt over your shoulder, knock wood, avoid black cats, or refuse […]

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