Turtle Sparks Fast Moving Fire

Sure, blame it on the turtle. Fire officials are actually pinning an apartment fire in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The alleged turtle arsonist named Giovani was rescued although his turtle roommate did perish in the flames.

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6 Famous Frivoulous Lawsuits That are Totally BS

Some of these lawsuits have inspired other lawsuits and even Seinfeld episodes. I’ll sue your a** if you don’t read this post!

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Finally, A Guaranteed Way to Get a Date

There have literally been thousands of books written on the subject of attracting the opposite sex. But finally, we have a 100% guaranteed way for a man to secure a date with the woman of […]

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10 Crazy Stories of People Getting Stuck

Whether it be stuck in traffic or stuck in between a stair banister, it is a condition that nobody wants to experience. But when it does not happen to you, it can be enjoyable to […]

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Real Life Anchorman Moment

On Fox 69 in San Diego (no, I am not making this up), the news crew decided to play a little prank on morning anchor Shally Zomorodi. Here is a television moment that would make […]

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Justice Prevails Again

Did you know that you had a long, lost relative in Nigeria and that they have left you millions? Okay, we all know recognize that story as a scam. Still, read about these dumb prisoners […]

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Top 10 Creepy Children’s TV Shows

All of us have those shows from our past that we loved unconditionally as kids and still carry with us into adulthood nostalgia. On the flipside, we also all have those shows that made us […]

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Have You Tried the New Facebook Poll Option?

This past week my Facebook time line has become littered with friends discovering that they can now create a poll. Here is an example of someone who put this new option to good use.

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The Ultimate FML

Have you heard about this guy in New York who decided not to participate in his office lottery pool because he just didn’t feel lucky? Although he was usually a regular in the pool, he […]

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Modern Day Geography

Unfortunately, when it comes to the subject of Geography, the United States ranks extremely low. But I would bet that our students would do a lot better if they were taught these maps.

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