1980s Cartoon Heroes As Persons Of Leisure

A “memetic counterrevolution” is on commpliments of illustrations by Fab Ciraolo. The artist’s work, titled “Oldschool Heroes” combines some of the best cartoon characters from the 1980s with fashion. Here’s some 1980s Cartoon Heroes As […]

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8 Bands Named After People Not In The Band

Naming a band is as difficult, if not more difficult, than naming a child. With competing interests and varied opinions, finding a band name is particularly tough. Some bands choose names of famous people who […]

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Signs She’s Getting Bored Of Sex With You

Keeping the fire hot when you’re in a long term relationship is no easy task. Sometimes it’s hard to keep that spark alive after you’ve been together for ages. Sometimes it’s harder still to know […]

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12 Hilarious Couples Fails

Coupledom is a unique place where people experience the trials and errors of trying to unite differing biological drives and other important aspects of life. Some people just don’t have any luck getting it right. […]

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Why Are Some People Afraid Of Clowns?

Some people are afraid of nearly everything and to some, clowns are no exception. People who suffer from Coulrophobia are horrifically afraid of what many consider happy, go lucky circus, birthday party, and fair clowns […]

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America’s “Shameful” Child Abuse Problem

Michael Petit, president of the nonprofit organization Child Matters, and BBC News combined forces to raise awareness regarding growing child abuse rates within the U.S. Petit reports that over 20,000 children during the last decade […]

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Does The Media Hate Women?

A new documentary by filmmaker Jennifer Seibel Newsom is addressing the way women are portrayed in the media and its effects on self image, confidence, and leadership abilities. The film, entitled Miss Representation, will air […]

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Couple Says They Conceived During Sleep Sex

A friendly reminder to be careful of who you sleep with was delivered to a couple who are now the parents of a 16 month old child conceived during a case of “sexomnia.” Reports from […]

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Gaddafi Killed In Hometown, Libya Eyes Future

On Thursday, October 20, 2011, Muammar Gaddafi was killed within his hometown of Sirte after being captured by Libyan rebels. Eyewitness footage revealed Gaddafi was shot in the head and abdomen and then later stripped […]

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8 Grossest Things Bear Grylls Has Consumed

Bear Grylls, survivalist and host of the Discovery Channel’s Man Vs. Wild program has done some pretty outrageous things in his time. As a former U.K. Special Forces agent and the youngest Brit to ever […]

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