Seismic Monitor

The Northeastern US felt the earth rumble recently with a series of 2.5 magnitude earthquakes shaking things up. If you missed it or want to see a real time view of seismic activities, check out […]

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A Major Native American Site Is Being Looted. Will Obama Risk Armed Conflict To Save It?

The Native Americans in the western US have had their share of trouble since we mongrels of other nationalities invaded their lands. And it seems the trouble just won’t quit and the lame duck leader […]

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Beck Talks His Wild New Single ‘Wow’ And How The New Record Finds Him In A Happy Place

Coffee cheers to new Music Monday! This time we have a blast from the past with a new twist. It seems Beck’s catchy Odelay is going to be 20 soon so we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO […]

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Facial Recognition Will Soon End your Anonymity

A new app called FindFace has quickly eliminated the barrier between privacy and anonymity. Here’s Facial Recognition Will Soon End Your Anonymity.

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BP To Pay $175 Million To Settle Claims It Hid Spill Costs

If you remember the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil disaster the way I do, you’ll clearly note the millions of lies which went with the millions of gallons of oil leaked into the […]

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more sleep

Why Night Light Is Messing Up Your Sleep

There’s few things as good for you as a good night’s rest. But there are many things that get in the way of that. One of which is this: Why Night Light Is Messing Up […]

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11 Memories of Not-So-Modern Medicine

It’s not often we think back over the years and consider the ways medical professionals used to “help” each other with various inventions. Some were good. Some weren’t so much. Here’s 11 Memories Of Not-So-Modern […]

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Lets Get Real About Fruit Snacks

One of the biggest marketing ploys any parent knows is the dreaded but beloved fruit snack. Its sweetness is NOT goodness. Here’s some truth with Lets Get Real About Fruit Snacks.

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Rebuilding Trust In A Romantic Relationship

Trust is like respect. Hard to earn and even harder to restore if it’s been bent, damaged, or broken (and at worst, entirely destroyed.) Yet, all things are more possible with time. So give it […]

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I See What You Did There (20 Pics)

Things are getting as heavy as the air before a good thunderstorm. So lets make some sunshine. Cheers to laughter with I See What You Did there (20 Pics).

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