11 Amazing Geek Home Theaters

Technogeeks, technogods, and technogadgeteers gather here! Check out the best of the following 11 Amazing Geek Home Theaters for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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10 Easy Crock-Pot Freezer Meals

So slow cooking in the winter (and spring, summer, and fall!) is a great way to infuse flavor and shorten the time you spend slaving away in the kitchen. But finding tried and recipes is […]

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20 Ways To Build A Whole-Food Kitchen On A Budget

You are what you it. And, if you believe everything you read, it seems that farm harvested Tilapia eats human sewage so you may want to hook your own catch. Plus feeding your body not […]


Parenting You Need To Know: Car Seat Law Changes In 2014

In an effort to keep little ones safer, the laws governing transporting them are ever changing. Stay abreast of the latest with Parenting You Need To Know: Car Seat Law Changes In 2014.

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Bad Behavior Isn’t An Illness

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals often fault a mental disorder and/or illness for the behavior when often it’s just the person doing what they do and getting away with it. Read more with […]

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The 40 Best Beer Bars In America

Home, home on the range where many men watch sports and take a swill at their local (and not so local) bar. Find out where the best brews are hiding in the terrain of the […]

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Marriage Advice From Those Married A Long, Long Time

It seems building a long lasting relationships is like following a recipe. Both require the perfect blend of essential components, proper timing, and careful measurement. Check out what the old timers have to offer with […]

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15 Adorable Snapshots of Animals Getting Amorous

We all got here the same way (pretty much) thanks to a hot coupling of our folks. And the furry (and not so furry) creatures we share the earth with are no exception (mostly). Check […]

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It’s almost 4:20 on a Friday. It might not matter to you. But it apparently mattered to this guy. Check out Forgot. Chances are you’ll snortle a little.

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Caffeine Compared: From Coke And Coffee To Aspirin And Chocolate

As a former caffeine junkie, you can take my word that it’s one of the hardest addictions to break in part because of it’s omnipresence. Check out how caffeine has infiltrated many beverages, candies, gums, […]

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