Match Booze To Your Music

It’s not a party until you have the radio cranked and the guests are loaded, right? The folks at Drinkify have created the ultimate mix: a pairing of party tunes with recipes for great cocktails. […]

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8 First Date Ideas To Avoid At All Costs

First dates are a great icebreaker and a wonderful way to get to know people provided you choose a great spot to get acquainted. Otherwise, the fragility of a first date (and all of the […]

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Meditation Helps Women Enjoy Sex

A recent study has revealed that many women will experience better sex as a result of meditation. According to the research, women are naturally prone to fast-paced mental chatter (often in the form of self-doubt) […]

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10 Writers Who Killed Their Nearest and Dearest in Cold Blood

It is difficult for most of us to understand the motivations that lead to murder, especially the willful killing of a close family member or spouse. Yet the enduring appeal of crime novels demonstrates our […]

Why Athletes Can’t Have Regular Jobs

Athletes have special talents which work well for them on the field or in competitions, but usually work against them in normal everyday experiences, like work. Here’s the proof as to Why Athletes Can’t Have […]

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When You See It…(18 Pics)

Photographs are a great way to capture moments in time you don’t want to forget. Sometimes, however, the timing is a little bit off and has a lasting, mindblowing, and hilariously funny effect. Here is […]

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Hip Hop Horse

At the World Equestrian Games during 2006, Andreas Helgstrand blew the crowd, other competitors, and judges away with a performance labelled “unconventional” at best. Here’s the Hip Hop Horse.

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10 Ridiculous Reasons To Call 911

Operators within 911 call centers have heard just about everything. They are the ones who thankfully answer the calls when things go wrong and emergencies arise. They also unfortunately handle a lot of unnecessary complaints […]

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8 Things Your Tattoo (And Where It Is) Says About You

Lots of people embellish their bodies with ink. Little do they know that what they choose and where they decide to place the designs of a tattoo artist are very, very revealing of their personality. […]

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10 Bloopers Newsreaders Didn’t Want You to Catch

These days, news programs are on the air literally 24/7. Our local and national news presenters are household names and faces. But what do these anchors and weather people — so often unflappable — get […]