Is Obama Toast? Handicapping the 2012 Election

The 2012 Presidential election is drawing closer and many political analysts are placing their votes on Obama losing his seat in the White House. Most blame the huge mess Obama inherited from Former President George […]

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12 Hilarious Moving Fails

Moving is one of the least pleasant chores known to man. Sifting through your belongings and hauling them to your next home is gruesome work. Luckily, some people managed to make moving funny. Here are […]

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Celebrities Sober, Celebrities Drunk

Everyone likes to tie one on at times. Most of us are fortunate to not have pictures where our memories draw blanks after one too many beers. Celebrities are no exception. They like to have […]

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30 Terrifying Pictures Of Kids That Will Give You Nightmares

Most kids are cute and harmless though there are some exceptions to every rule. Some kids are just evil. Or appear to be. And scare the living hell out of us. Here are 30 Terrifying […]

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We Are In The Midst Of A Painkiller Epidemic

A recent report by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention released November 1, 2011 indicates that more Americans die from prescription pill overdoses than illegal drugs. The number of prescription drug related deaths, from […]

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50 Cute Baby Animals That Make You Smile

There is something very endearing about baby animals. Maybe it’s their size. Maybe it’s their adorableness. Whatever the cause, here are 50 Cute Baby Animals That Make You Smile.

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Bad Vibes: Studying Emotional Residue

Researchers and scientists have conducted studies regarding energy fields and how physical environments are affected by emotions. The results of the study concluded that at an instinctual level, many people believe the entire energy of […]

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10 Feral Human Children Raised By Animals

A child who is considered feral is one which has lived without human contact, love, or care, for much of its life. The following horrific stories are of children who were mistreated by or abandoned […]

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Dangers Of Licorice

We all know that life in itself is dangerous as our safety is risked in thousands of ways on a daily basis. What we didn’t know was that just 2 ounces licorice containing glycyrrhetinic acid […]

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The 15 Worst Excuses For Missing Work

Employers have heard nearly every and any possible excuse as to why their employees were unable to work. Some days, you just have better things to do and work isn’t one of them. CareerBuilder recently […]

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