25 Most Awkward Wedding Photos Ever

Weddings are a great way to celebrate a couple’s blissful marital union.  The wedding day photographs are often among the most treasured mementos from that fateful day though sometimes the cameras captures some wacky stuff.  […]

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15 Unfortunately Placed Ads

Advertisements are created to capture the attention of viewers.  They can be creative and intentionally hilarious though sometimes, bad placement can have hilarious results.  Here’s 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads.

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healhty food

16 Ways To Eat Healthy While Keeping It Cheap

Economic fluctuations are hitting not only our pockets hard but also our tummies.  If you’re having a hard time fueling your body with wholesome foods due to budget restraints, here’s 16 Ways To Eat Healthy […]

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Giving Rural Kids Computers To See What Happens

Indian education scientist Sugata Mitra attended the TED Talkstarts and presented the results of his experiments placing computers with internet access in the hands of children.  The results were astounding, powerful, and inspiring.  It seems […]

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Pickup Lines Used By Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fanatics are generally not considered great at picking up women.   Perhaps their light sabers and movie obsession get in the way of attraction.  Whatever the cause, the effects were generally the same until […]

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50 Funniest Street Names

Naming streets is almost as fun as naming your children…perhaps more so.   Since no two streets are the same, the person responsible extended complete creativity when naming the following 50 Funniest Street Names.

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black widow

Top 10 Misunderstood Creatures

What do rats, cockroaches, snakes, maggots, sharks, and black widows have in common?  They’re all among the creepy crawliest list of things that make us squirm.  Before you trap, squash or run screaming during your […]

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Past And Future Plate Tectonics

The general public has never been more aware of the pace at which tectonic plates within the earth’s crust are moving.  From New York to California and Japan to Liberia, recent earthquakes have really shaken […]

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The Woman With Over 100 Personalities

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a very real personality disorder with horrifying affects.  DID is usually caused by severely traumatic childhood experiences which cause suffers to create multiple personalities as a coping mechanism.  Here’s the […]

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A Magic Flying Carpet

Flying carpets are the stuff that timeless childhood tales, like Aladdin, are made of.  For Noah Jafferis, a graduate student at Princeton, the idea came to life when he built a prototype of a Magic […]

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