Real Life Mowgli? Girl Found Living With Monkeys In UP Forest

Big news from India that sounds like a page out of the Jungle Book: in the Montipur range the Katarniaghat, a wildlife sanctuary, a little girl was round living among monkeys. Read more with Real […]

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Trump and His Ties. I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Notice This Before.

I don’t always bash Donald Trump. In fact, this site does not remotely represent anything going on in politics (or my life). But it does do one thing. And that’s (fingers crossed) make people laugh. […]

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Men Not Acting Their Age

We all know not every boy grows up to be a man. Here’s the hilarious photographic evidence with Men Not Acting Their Age.

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April 6 Birthdays

To celebrate a special someone’s birthday, we’re reaching for the stars with April 6 Birthdays. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

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Why Mortgages, Other Interest Rates Could Go Up Faster Than You Think

It’s a buyer’s market when it comes to real estate these days. But like everything else, this too is subject to change. See Why Mortgages, Other Itnerest Rates Could Go Up Faster Than You Think.

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Boston Red Sox Schedule

Take me (and my children) out to the ballgame and let me have a ballpark hotdog and beer! If you’re a Red Sox Fan, raise your glass to the Boston Red Sox Schedule.

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19 People Try To Explain If “Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater,” Is A Correct Statement

I know people. I watch them with an observant, discerning eye. I recognize patterns. I judge them harshly if they wrong me (I’m human afterall!). And it’s both a blessing and curse that I can […]

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The Psychology of Neurotic Romantic Attraction

I’m reaching for Freudian theories on Repetition Compulsion as to why there’s this hopeless hope in my heart when it comes to a certain romantic partner. I mean, the heart wants what the heart wants […]

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St. Petersburg Bombing Carried Out By ‘Suicide’ Attacker

The bomber behind the metro blast that killed a dozen and injured 50 people as well as rattled Russia and the rest of the world on Monday has been found. It’s uncertain if he’s still […]

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Bad Idea T Shirts

Spring’s springing so it’s time to get a leg up on our summer wardrobes. If you’re like me and love tshirts, check out Bad Idea T Shirts. They’re freaking genius!

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