Which Of Taylor Swift’s Jilted Lovers Are You?

Nobody breaks hearts and gets musical revenge like Taylor Swift, right? Find out which of her former flames you’re most like with this silly little quiz and have a laugh. It’s Monday. When Buzzfeed asks […]

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Stop Making Excuses In 10 Steps

So there’s this guy I know that has an answer for everything. And when he commits to something and doesn’t follow through, he’s got a ready excuse too. It’s deplorable. And just weak. But he […]

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Contents Of Boston Time Capsule Buried By Samuel Adams And Paul Revere Unveiled

History was made early this year by workers at the Massachusetts State House in Boston worked furiously and carefully for over seven hours to unearth an over 220 year old time capsule from the famous […]

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5 Famous People You Didn’t Know Have Real Mutant Powers

Are you superhuman? Do you have secret strengths or weaknesses? Guess what?! You aren’t alone. In fact, many famous people have them too. See the following 5 Famous People You Didn’t Know Have Real Mutant […]

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19 People Caught Having Fun At Work

If you love your job, it’s not work. If you don’t love your job, you can still make it enjoyable. Follow the lead of these 19 People Caught Having Fun At Work and laugh. God, […]

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The Skulls In This Wall Are All From People Consumed By Vultures

What is the coolest thing to do with your body after you croak? Why not let vultures decide?? Check out your options here with The Skulls In This Wall Are All From People Consumed By […]

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The Art Of Making People Go Away

If you’re like me, chances are great that you don’t contemplate the wonderful and diverse “Do Not Disturb” signs hanging from hotel doors. It’s also a safe bet that you haven’t considered the artistry involved. […]

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Playing With My Son An Experiment In Forced Nostalgia And Questionable Parenting

If you have reservations about letting your son play today’s video games or your daughter get Monster High Dolls, you may want to let him or her play Atari, Nintendo, Or Sega. Relive your childhood […]

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6 Ways Women’s Prison Is More Horrifying Than It Looks On TV

If a third generation correctional officer tells you the last place he’d ever want to set foot is a female prison, you have no choice to trust him. But if you still doubt his wisdom, […]

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quit i

When’s The Right Time To Quit? 8 Things To Consider

We all have heard that “quitters never win and winners never quit” and the “best of them bleed it out while the rest of them peter out.” But sometimes…it’s just well past time to stop […]

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