The Real Roots of A Mid-Life Crisis

How do you know if you’re in a slump or if it’s something much deeper when you’re in the Autumn of your life? I don’t have the answer to that but I did find this […]

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Off The Record

Time to jab the President just for laughs. Check out Off The Record. HA!

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After 6 Deadly Islamic Attacks And 130 Deaths in 3 Years – Paris Votes 90% For Macron

It looks like the Presidential Election in France has a winner. And After 6 Deadly Islamic Attacks and 130 Deaths in 3 Years – Paris Votes 90% Macron.

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you're my true love

“Don’t Let My Wife See”

If you’ve ever been shopping and questioned the goodness of people, you’re not alone. Especially if you were out and about with the wife and kids and looking for a good tale to tell for […]

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I Don’t Know How To Climb Out Of This One

I was recently reunited with an old friend who just loves (and knows) me and wondered after the visit if he could recognize the crevasse I am wedged in on this uphill hike through the […]

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The 5 Types of Terrible Apologies

I recently dated someone who never apologized and just faulted his terrible, I mean RIDICULOUSLY T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E, behavior to “I am me.” Read about others like him here with The 5 Types of Terrible Apologies.

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The Good Reasons We Get Involved In Bad Relationships

What makes us completely ignore our rational thoughts when we’re attracted to someone COMPLETELY wrong for us? Why do we lose our wits when we fall in love with the bad boys and bad girls […]

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The Circle Of Life Has Some Overlaps

Do you like to think big thoughts? Guegss what!?!? I do, too. Have a little margarita and laugh to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with The Circle Of Life Has Some Overlaps.

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Ending Your Marriage With Integrity

The end of a marriage isn’t supposed to (how is that for should-ing ourselves!?!) be in a courtroom (in my case before the honorable father of a long time friend). But it happens. Sometimes twice..**wink**sob**breathe**. […]

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Natural Arthritis Treatments

A strong family history of arthritis and a hands busy, always moving life has triggered some major pain in places I didn’t even know could be affected by the dreaded arthritis. If you’re feeling it […]

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