Last Walk Down Memory Lane, A Divorce Poem

A troubled marriage’s ending isn’t easy but often necessary. Find comfort and healing with this one: Last Walk Down Memory Lane, A Divorce Poem.

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Pillow Fight League

So as I type, two of my four children are having a BLAST of a time beating the snot out of each other will my couch pillows. Such is life with boys. Perhaps one day […]

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Bison Boom

There’s good news for the Americans who hold tight to their old time, Western roots will love this one. There’s a Bison Boom going on and it looks promising for many!

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Work-Life Balance During The Holidays

The holidays are a time scrambling, mind boggling mess of difficulty for me. In my already busy life, they just complicate matters beyond words. So I found this: Work-Life Balance During The Holidays. Relax!

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A Flower For Every Occassion

Ever wonder what the perfect bouquet is for weddings, funerals, etc? Now you can find out with A Flower For Every Occassion.

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Tweet of the Day

2016 just needs to end. The world lost more than just Carrie Fisher. But this one makes me cry. Here’s Tweet of the Day…**sob**

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Double Trouble

Well, Santa didn’t bring us the puppy I’d wished for but they gave us this: Double Trouble. Awwwweeeee!

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Lonely Bitch Season

Our favorite folks at Blackgirlsareeasy have allegorical tale for wise men this holiday season: be careful because it’s Lonely Bitch Season. Remember guys: she doesn’t really like you. She’s just trying to stay warm for […]

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Best Christmas Lingerie For 2016: Top Women’s Underwear Sets For Gifts And Party Season

Give her a gift that keeps you both giving this holiday season by picking something from the Best Christmas Lingerie For 2016: Top Women’s Underwear Sets For Gifts and Party Season.

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30 Inappropriate but HILARIOUS Letters To Santa

Kids say the darnedest things as we all know. Even when it comes to making Santa’s list. Have a holiday laugh with 30 Inappropriate But Hilarious Letters To Santa.

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