What’s The Strangest Date You’ve Ever Been On?

Dating it’s for the faint of heart. Especially these days. Offer your experience and read about others’ with What’s The Strangest Date You’ve Ever Been On?

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Inside Russia’s Top-Secret Arctic Base Which Vladimir Putin Has Filled With Nuclear-Armed Warplanes and Reindeer-Riding Special Forces

Russia’s leader is one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever noticed. I fell in love with him all over again when I saw this: Inside Russia’s Top-Secret Arctic Base Which Vladimir Putin Has Filled […]

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40 Books To Read Before Turning 40

In only 18 1/2 months, I’ll be 40. And I feel both much too young and far too wise to be approaching that milestone. Especially since there are so many books in the universe I’ve […]

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Twice Divorced, Double Trouble?

Twice married and soon to be twice divorce doesn’t paint a very alluring romantic picture. But is Twice Divorced, Double Trouble? Perhaps. And perhaps not. Only you can decide.

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The spring thaw generally yields a ton of trash and even more mud. And it’s not the mud that ticks me off as much as the trash in my yard, along the road, and wherever […]

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Can Essential Oils Treat An Ear Infection?

As a mom with children who have had chronic ear infections and illnesses, there’s no pain quite as terrible as watching your child suffer. So when it comes to things like the common ear infection, […]

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27 Parents Share Their Most Epic Fails

As the mother of 4, my failures as a parent are pretty much immeasurable at this point. But at least they aren’t in jail (yet) and I’m not alone. Check out these stories with 27 […]

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4 Plant-Based Ingredients With Crazy Skin-Care Benefits (That You Don’t Already Know About)

When I was younger, I never contemplated the effects of the crimes I committed against my skin. Now that I’m not so young, I reach for only the best. Check out these 4 Plant-Based Ingredients […]

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The 6 Best Bass Fishing Techniques

Fishing season is here! It’s a little early for bass but never too early to arm our arsenal of tricks to ensure a great catch. Check out The 6 best Bass Fishing Techniques.

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7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Want To Fall Apart

Work, family, romantic, and life stress has got me beat this week! I’m ready to fall to pieces. But I won’t SINCE I DON’T HAVE TIME TO! Insteaed I’ll reach for these 7 Ways To […]

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