24 Cats That Forgot How To Cat

Cats are unique little creatures. We may never understand them. And often they don’t understand themselves. Here’s the proof with 24 Cats That Forgot How To Cat.

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Love And Power

The wisest of us know full well that control plays no part of truly loving someone. But we often engage in power struggles in relationships. Read why here with Love And Power.

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Testosterone, The Biggest Men’s Health Craze Since Viagra, May Be Risky

We are all aware of the inherent dangers of guys ramped up on hormones. And new trends toward boosting male hormones could have potentially terrible effects. Read more here with Testosterone, The Biggest Men’s Health […]

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How To Hack Remote Computer Using IP Address

The NSA and jealous spouses have us all under watch. And it’s as simple as following instructions online for the novice cyber stalker. See how it’s done here with How To Hack Remote Computer Using […]

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The Richest, Most Powerful Families In The Food Business

When you think about who’s who in the food industry, names like Schwann’s, Entenmann’s, Goya, Mars, Tyson, Tabasco, and others not only come to mind but may be found in your cupboards. See the denairo […]

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Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite Argument

Gender stereotypes exist for a reason. And, like most generalizations, are really hard to get away from at times. See “some guys’ plight” here with Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite […]

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The Amazing Spider Man Parkour

Every boy’s dream and every mom’s worst nightmare begins with “Hey, I think I can scale/jump/make” and ends in the E.R. for broken bones, stitches, and the like. Unless your kid is a superhero. Check […]

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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re starving for good music. Especially new and good music. Check out Stereogum’s The 5 Best Songs Of The Week to whet your appetite.

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Too Tired To Tell The Truth: Self-Control Resource Depletion And Dishonesty

Toss and turn all night? Overworked? Underpaid? Bad news: your decision making abilities and straight shooting capabilities may be entirely thwarted. Read the science behind this statement in one of the latest studies conducted by […]

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FILE: Eliot Spitzer, Wife Announce They Are Ending Marriage

Silda Scores Millions In Divorce From Eliot Spitzer

The scandalous marriage between former Governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife who stood by him during the hooker incident which cost him his career is over. And the payout is huge. Here’s Silda Scores Millions […]

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