Eminem Becomes Second Best-Selling Male Artist

Marshall Bruce Mathers, the real Slim Shady and white boy from Detroit, has ripped to the top of music charts with Monster-ously popular tunes since the 1990s has made history. And we’re pretty happy for […]

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A Startlingly Simple Theory About The Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Humanity has been puzzled by the disappearance of over 200 people who boarded the Malaysian Jet for over a week. And though many, including Courtney Love, have offered explanations as to where this plane went, […]

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Men are capable of great things. And they are also human. They mess up. And do some really stupid sh*t. See the worst of it here with Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

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99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

Confessional time: one of my failings as a human is I completely lack any sense of decorating style. But luckily, I have the ‘net. And it can help me redo this crummy old dresser I’ve […]

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The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

In our sue happy living, many never hesitate to seek damages for some of the most preposterous reasons. Here is a list of the worst of ‘em with The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits.

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Why Do We Cross Our Fingers For Good Luck?

We do it when we ask the universe for a little extra “oomph” (and we may even do it when we lie but that’s another post). Check out the answer to today’s big question: Why […]

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Before You Buy A Fixer-Upper, Check The Biggest Money Pit Problems

You have your eye on a house and you’re thinking about buying one. If you want a new house, congrats. If you want to remodel an old house, think again. Here’s Before You Buy A […]

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How To Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up

Thinking about sharing a life but not marriage certificate? That’s probably wise. And to help remind you that a penny saved is a penny earned, read How to Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up.

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Abuse Alters Hormones In Kids, Hikes Risk Of Metabolic Disorders

The Endocrinology Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism just published an alarming study regarding how hormones change and the incidence of metabolic disorders rise in abused children. Read more here with Abuse Alters Hormones […]

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First Day of Spring Vernal Equinox

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying what may or may not feel like the first day of spring. But as they say until or unless you can squash a whole bunch of […]

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