We Buried My Mom Today. We Found This In One Of Her Notebooks.

A wise friend of mine once reminded me (when I was at the bottom of despair over losing a woman who loved me like I was her child) that “Life is for living.” I won’t […]

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53 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks And Solutions

Spring’s arrival has me tearing apart the clutter we accumulated during our winter hibernation. And has my interest in minimalizing our belongings maxed. So when I found these 53 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks And […]

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19 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Feminist Mom

I have been hoping for at the very least over ONE DECADE for the wave of feminism I was born into to smash and disappear like an ocean wave. It didn’t happen. So some will […]

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How To Lie About Your Age

Do you ever hear how youthful you appear only to blow people away when you tell them your true age? Guess what. Here’s your chance to pull a fast one with How To Lie About […]

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Four Ways To Fight The Worst Allergy Season Ever

Raw throat, itchy eyes, cough, runny nose, congestion, scratchy rash, difficulty breathing, and the general inflamed feeling are all par for the course this allergy season. I honestly think I’d be better off if someone […]

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50 Best Luxury Vacations

Twice married and nearly twice divorced little old me has NEVER been on a honeymoon. So I’m thinking I will by taking one or all of these 50 Best Luxury Vacations ALONE.

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Bear Joins Bike Ride

Here’s yet another reason to never, ever, ever go mountain biking in the mountains! Watch how Bear Joins Bike Ride and remember that old saying “if it’s black, fight, if it’s brown, lay down, and […]

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A Clear Browsing History Means A Dirty Browsing History

We’ve all heard that “If I die, be sure to wipe out the browsing history on my laptop (or phone or tablet or other device).” And we all know that A Clear Browsing History Means […]

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Confessions of Thought Catalog’s Biggest Troll

The rollercoastering content of the blogger haven known as Thought Catalog has quite the stories to share, just NOT including this magnificent piece Confessions of Thought Catalogs Biggest Troll.

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Mother’s Day Recipes

Honor your mama or your favorite mom-like person by whipping, slicing, stirring, cooking, or baking any of these great Mother’s Day Recipes.

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