Kate Middleton & Prince George Watch Prince William & Prince Harry Play Polo

William And Kate’s Baby Is Due In April

In Happy Monday news, Prince George becomes a big brother in April! William and Kate just made the official announcement! That will make two Royal babies in diapers just in time for the pairs’ anniversary. […]

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34 Babies In Halloween Costumes The Whole World Needs To See

The only thing better than babies is babies all dressed up for the spookiest night of the year. Check out the following 34 Babies In Halloween Costumes The Whole World Needs To See.

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Your Dentist May Be Ripping You Off. Here’s How To Avoid That.

For some, going to the dentist requires more than just a toothache. It requires a really fat wallet. Read Your Dentist May Be Ripping You off. Here’s How To Avoid That.

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A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys: Wage Theft, Billionaires, And The Rest of Us

Big Tech it seems is just as evil (if not more so) as Big Pharma. And the fall out is affecting us all. Read about it here with A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys: Wage […]

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How Birds Weather Turbulence

Birds have abilities that men do not. One is being able to stabilize its body mid-flight in ways that our aircraft can not. Read how scientists are studying our feathered friends with How Birds Weather […]

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Climate Change An ‘Immediate Risk,’ Pentagon Says

Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, extreme weather, oh my! The US Department of Defense just confirmed that climate change is a bigger menace than they previously thought…ugh scientists warned us over 30 years ago… Here’s the latest […]

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I Do Not Want My Daughter To Be ‘Nice’

One of the biggest challenges as a parent (and person) is not only finding yourself but helping others to do the same. When it comes to our children, that task is often tough as it’s […]

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The Uncensored Truth About Living Alone

Just because you may be alone and uncoupled does not at all translate to being lonely. In fact, it has its advantages. Here’s a funny (and entirely accurate) peek at The Uncensored Truth About Living […]

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Truth About Deception

Have you ever been lied to, betrayed, or cheated on? Guess what!? So have we. And then we found the Truth About Deception to help us repair, restore, and even replace all of those negative […]

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Hitch A Ride With Reindeer Herders

If you think Santa’s job is exciting, check out this great clip of the Cowboy of the Arctic in action! Their job is to lasso and wrangle reindeer just in time for Santa’s big night…wink […]

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