The Most Hated Sounds In The World

From the blare of an alarm clock to nails on a chalkboard, the sound of teeth scraping on a fork to screaming bambinos, here’s a list of the worst of The Most Hated Sounds In […]

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Some Monkeys Are (Really) Monogamous

Maren Huck of the University of Derby studied little owl monkey population which may have shed clues as to why a few of their very distant cousins don’t cheat. Read about pair bonding and more […]

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‘Pregnant’ Mila Kunis Obscures Baby Bump In Baggy Sweater As She And Ashton Kutcher Head Out For Burger Date

Actress and fiancee of Ashton Kutcher has a lot to celebrate. So she did it with her future husband and Umami burgers. Here’s ‘Pregnant’ Mila Kunis Obscures Baby Bump in Baggy Sweater As Dhe Snd […]

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Mastery of Your Kitchen Drum Set

You don’t need to spend thousands of bucks to have your own drum kit. Check out the video proof here with Mastery of Your Kitchen Drum Set.

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Simple Sticky Notes

If you’re as forgetful as I am, chances are you find yourself scribbling on post-its all over the place so as to not neglect to do important stuff. And now you can digitally stick them […]

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Map of the United States Distorted By Population

Ever wonder how the US would shape up if all of the people who lived in each state were represented by inflated state size? Me neither but the Map of the United States Distorted By […]

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Is That All You Care About?

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure it’s well past time to laugh. So, here’s Is That All you Care About?

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10 Photography Hacks That Will Dramatically Improve Your Photos

It’s always a great idea to take your best shot. Especially when taking pictures. No matter the subject, youcan make your shot better by trying any or all of the following 10 Photography Hacks That […]

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Biggest Dating Fails

From how you touch your date to how you perceive a date is going, dating (and also mating, relating, and extricating yourself from a relationship) is hard. But hilarious too. See a funny take on […]

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How To Budget When You’re Broke

Here’s good news for those without a penny to their name: when you start from zero you have nothing to lose! And if you learn How To Budget When You’re Broke, you cn maybe get […]

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