25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See

Confession time: I felt I failed my children when they were dumbfounded by a E.T. reference one day. So I decided to do something about their movie education by sharing the films I grew up […]

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10 Hairstyles Men Love

Men tend to stay far out of the domain of women’s beauty until or unless a chick chops her hair off. Or his hands get tangled in her dried spaghetti, over product-ed tresses. So we […]

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How To Make A Natural Children’s Sand Pit

If you have children, you know how vital and important sand boxes are. But you also know how today’s plastic and even wooden sandboxes don’t provide enough play space. We found a solution that’s CHEAP! […]

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Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny And Unusual Trail Cam Photos

Trail cams are great for hunting both game and humor it seems. See the best here with Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny and Unusual Trail Cam Photos.

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How To Become Minimalist With Children

Having children generally means having clutter. But there is no rule saying you must. Check out How To Become Minimalist With Children. It might cut your housework in half!

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30 Awesome Adventures On The Cheap

Everyone’s budgets are tight these days but that doesn’t mean we’d let something like money get in the way of our adventures. So we dug around and found this list of 30 Awesome Adventures On […]

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10 Impressive (But Oh-So Easy) Date Night Recipes

If you’re having a Friday night in stay date after you tuck your little ones in, have we got some menu ideas for you! Check out these 10 Impressive (But Oh-So Easy) Date Night Recipes.

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Six Great Boats Under $20,000

I’ve wanted a boat of my own all of my life. And now that I’m all about making my dreams my realities, I checked out this list of Six Great Boats Under $20,000.

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Mind-Reading Computer Instantly Reads People’s Thoughts

Humans have the ability to perceive each others’ thoughts either by familiarity, pattern, instinct or emotional intelligence. But now it seems machines can do the same. Here’s Mind-Reading Computer Instantly Reads People’s Thoughts.

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19 Dogs Who Are Cat People

There are two kinds of people in the world as we know it: dog people and cat people. And sometimes things get a little mixed up between species. Case in point these 19 Dogs Who […]

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