15 Touching Father’s Day Quotes That Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Dad

My father wasn’t the best but he taught me more in the little time he spent with me than some who spent decades with me. Whether you have a fantastic or terrible relationship with your […]

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23 Dads Who Are Parenting Experts

Dads have something that moms just don’t. And sometimes that results in hilarity. Check out these 23 Dads Who Are Parenting Experts.

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What’s So Special About Dads?

Father’s Day is fast approaching but as a Hallmark holiday, it’s better to honor 1/2 of the reason why you exist every chance you can, right? Do just that here with What’s So Special About […]

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10 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

I know a thing or two about heartbreak because of toxic people. It seems there’s no shortage of pain in this world do to others who do not have our best intentions at heart. The […]

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New Evidence All Stars Are Born In Pairs

Physicists have nailed a new theory regarding the birth of stars. And found New Evidence All Stars Are Born In Pairs. Whoa!

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I Moved My Kids Out Of America. It Was The Best Parenting Decision I’ve Ever Made

I’ve had the thought of kidnapping my own children and running away so often over the past decade that at times it takes everything I have to stay. Apparently there are other people who feel […]

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Republican House Whip Steve Scalis, Congressional Staffer Shot In Virginia Shooting

In “What In The World Is The World Coming To?” news, a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball game and let off at least 50 rounds in Alexandria, Virginia. Read more about the “deliberate […]

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5 Signs Your Child’s Tonsils Are Ready To Come Out

Recurrent ear infections, scratchy throats, runny noses, junky breathing, and snoring like lumberjacks are all signs of chronically swollen tonsils. Read about when to seek medical intervention with 5 Signs Your Child’s Tonsils Are Ready […]

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My Mortifying Beauty Story

Women are like flowers. As they age, their bloom fades. Watching as wrinkles and gray hairs sprout all over my body makes me thankful. Especially since not everyone gets to live as long as I […]

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Wonder Woman: Worth The Price of Admission

When it comes to movies I really, really, REALLY want to see, I gauge the expense of theater tickets versus the comfort of my couch and pjs. Usually the couch and pjs win but they […]

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