Three Sure Signs A Person Is Unhappy

Do you ever wonder is people are as content as they make themselves appear on Facebook? Guess what! Me too. Here’s how to tell with the Three Sure Signs A Person Is Unhappy.

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Most Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings

A recent study of the necessary evil we base our lives upon found that a whopping 62% of American adults have little to no savings. Read more of this astonishing report with Most Americans Have […]

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Incredible Photographs Of Some The World’s Holiest Buildings

Celebrating our spirituality is human. In fact, people build great structures to exemplify their beliefs. Hold your breath and feast your eyes on them here with these Incredible Photographs Of Some Of The World’s Holiest […]

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Playboy

It’s Hugh Heffner’s 90th Birthday! Time to honor his unusual craft and take a look at the 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Playboy. And you thought you were old!

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals’ Call It What It Is: EW Review

Happy New Music Monday! The good news is one of our favorite bands has a new album out. The bad news is it’s Monday again! Needless lets stay positive. Here’s Ben Harper & The Innocent […]

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How To Tell if Someone Is Using Steroids

Having been married to a bi-polar addict, I know a thing or two about mood changing substances that don’t make people better. And men trying to bulk up are no exception. If you suspect someone […]

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‘Help! He’s Chasing Me!’ Nixing Those Nightmares

There’s some crazy energy in the universe of late and if you’re anything like me, chances are it’s even invading your sleep. Say nothing about the bad dreams your little ones are having. If you […]

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Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman to Divorce, Sources Confirm: What Went Wrong

In “Oh sh*t I thought they just had a second baby news,” actress (or is she a legend now??) Drew Barrymore and her family are headed to that awful place called post Divorce land. Here’s […]

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April Snow To Resurge Across The Midwest, Eastern US This Weekend

If April showers bring May flowers, what do April blizzards bring?? More than a Korean drama. Seems we’re in for more cold and snowy weather in portions of the U.S. See more here with April […]

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You Really Don’t Know Who People Are Until You Make A Vicious Snap Judgment About Them

People can be all kinds of things, whether we know them well or not. And it seems that the more opinions we hold of them, the more they surprise or even disappoint us. Read how […]

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