5 Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up In A Broken Home

Divorce is a great way to really f**k up kids. And parents. And really anyone who goes through one. Kids are especially messed up by the process. See just how deeply here with 5 Stupid […]

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Why Sleep Deprivation Is Torture

Anyone who has parented or cared for a newborn knows just how brutal living without sleep can be. Sometimes it’s painful to be alive. So it’s no surprise that governmental forces use this technique to […]

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11 Facts About Volcanoes

A volcanic eruption is presently threatening Hawaiians but how much do we all really know about these fascinating subterranean mountains? Test your knowledge here with 11 Facts About Volcanoes.

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A Case Against The Exersaucer

Baby gear is bulky, expensive, and perhaps detrimental to your baby’s development. Read why here with A Case Against The Exersaucer.

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Getting Out Of Bed

There are only a few things more romantic than a poem. And my love for my bed, like many others’ love for theirs, is one that is fierce. Since parting is such sweet sorrow, here’s […]

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Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much?

Ever want to set a cat trap? Set out a cardboard box or twelve. What is it about our feline friends that draws them to the cardboard confines they love? And Why Do Cats Like […]

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26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence

Have you ever wondered truly who you are and why you are here? You’re not alone. In fact, when put in certain perspectives, it gets really interesting. See the proof with 26 Pictures That Will […]

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New App Directly Connects Single Ventricle Heart Defect Patients To Doctors

The interstage period between the first two surgeries of three stage palliative operations for those with a single ventricle is delicate, arduous, and highly risky. The good news is with proper monitoring and careful medical […]

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Are Views On GMOs Changing?

Foodies and all sorts of folks are pretty obsessive about the negative effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) but what if they were wrong? What if GMOs were not as bad as everyone thinks? Read […]

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Just Some Normal Pictures From Russian Social Networks

Russians are a bit different than the rest of the world. Blame the cold. Blame the country’s political leaders. Blame whoever you want it does no good anyway. Life there is harsh at times…but apparently […]

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