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11 Best Olympic Bloopers

Olympians are great athletes but they’re also human. They make blunders and whoopsies. See the best of ‘em here with 11 Best Olympic Bloopers!

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First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest

The Society For Personality and Social Psychology recently published a report that confirms our snap judgments of people are indeed accurate. See for yourself here with First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest.

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Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids

Do you feel better when your surroundings are tidy? Guess what? Your kids do, too! Read more here with Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids.

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The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity Is Under Attack

We’re all in deep sh*t. Half of the human population – the ones responsible for building, fixing, and moving the very systems which uphold society (among other great things) are being seriously threatened. Read The […]

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Meal Planning 101: 12 Easy Meals To Make When There’s “Nothing” To Eat

Hungry? You’re not alone. And chances are you are uninspired for cooking if your energy reserves are low. No need to fret! The following link can help you whip up somethin’ out of nothin’. Check […]

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50 Highly Anticipated Films At The 2014 Sundance Film Festival

If you’re like me, you’re hungry for quality entertainment. And this year seems pretty darn good for filling your appetite in terms of some great films. Check out some of the best with 50 Highly […]

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Space Junk Is All Around Us

It seems humans haven’t stopped at pollution only the earth! Sadly space is cluttered with our junk (and meteorite leftovers) too! Read more here with Space Junk Is All Around Us.

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11 Amazing Geek Home Theaters

Technogeeks, technogods, and technogadgeteers gather here! Check out the best of the following 11 Amazing Geek Home Theaters for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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10 Easy Crock-Pot Freezer Meals

So slow cooking in the winter (and spring, summer, and fall!) is a great way to infuse flavor and shorten the time you spend slaving away in the kitchen. But finding tried and recipes is […]

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20 Ways To Build A Whole-Food Kitchen On A Budget

You are what you it. And, if you believe everything you read, it seems that farm harvested Tilapia eats human sewage so you may want to hook your own catch. Plus feeding your body not […]