St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

The luck of the Irish will be heading our way in just a few short weeks. Check out these great St. Patrick’s Day Recipes to celebrate!

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Funny Pic Dump (2.24.17)

The mail man brought news that almost reduced me to tears. But rather than cry about life, I’m choosing laughter via Funny Pic Dump (2.24.17).

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cellradiatio n

Judge Orders California To Release Papers Discussing Risk of Cell Phone Use

Those of us who try NOT to tote and use our cell phones may outlive those who are in constant contact with and constantly scrolling/talking/texting. It seems all of the rumors about radiation from cell […]

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Ryan Gosling’s Reaction As The True Winner of Best Picture “Moonlight” Is Announced At The Oscar’s

I have loved him since his Mickey Mouse Club House days and I love him still. So here’s a gratituious shot of Ryan Gosling’s Reaction As The True Winner of Best Picture “Moonlight” Is Announced […]

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Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

The battle of the sexes draws all the way to childhood it seems and it leaves many of us wondering Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

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The War of Independence In Relationships

Ever notice how certain types of people tend to project their self hatred on their most intimate partners? I have. So wave your white flag and always heed the red ones because it seems it […]

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The 6 Best Yoga Video Parodies You’ll Ever Watch

If you don’t do yoga, you really must. It’s great for your mind, body, and soul. And it is often hilarious, too. Take The 6 Best Yoga Video Parodies You’ll Ever Watch as proof!

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13 Weird Reasons Your Face Looks Puffy

As an allergy sufferer, there are days that I awake and can’t believe how my eyes and the surrounding tissue resemble Jet Puffed marshmallows. I’m not sure what triggers it but I’d do darn near […]

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The Vitamin You Need So Your Penis Can Perform

If “the man in your pants is not standing to a full salute,” you don’t need to run off and get wound up about it. Just try more time outside in sunshine or a dietary […]

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UFO Sightings At An All Time High

Call me crazy but I think there is more to the universe than just us humans. More so now that ever…keep your eyes on the sky and read: UFO Sightings At An All Time High.

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