President Trump: Here’s How It Happens

If you never in your widest dreams imagined a toupee wearing, big mouthed, real estate tycoon could rise to lead one of the greatest nations in the world, you might be in for a huge […]

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Prevalence of Healthy Sleep Duration Among Adults – United States, 2014

The CDC has found that people who spend less than 7 hours with their pillow every night are more likely to be overweight, develop coronary artery disease, frequent stress, and perhaps even an early death. […]

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10 Amazing Facts About The New Ninth Planet

Great news, Earthlings! Scientists have discovered a new planet dubbed “Fatty” existing between Pluto and Earth. Read more about it here with 10 Amazing Facts About The New Ninth Planet.

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Quantum Entanglement: Love On A Subatomic Scale

If you’re among the luckiest of folks, chances are you’ve fallen head over heels for someone who whether near or far you feel close to. Read the science behind this with Quantum Entanglement: Love On […]

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New Prevention Research Buoys Field In Fight Against CHD

The good news is every day people, technology, and machines in medicine advance. The better news is that advancement may be able to help prevent heart defects in the not so distant future. See more […]

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How To Be Single Review

While are the men in the universe flock to the movies to see that latest Superhero film, us ladies are keeping an eye on the How To Be Single Review. It looks like the critics […]

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Children That Play Outside In All Weather Grow Up Resilient

Attention parents: if you’re the type who ship the kids outdoors no matter how warm and sunny it is (or isn’t) you’re doing a great job. It seems, according to a recent study, that Children […]

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Top 10 Cutest Cavoodle Puppy Pics Ever!

My family hadn’t heard of the amazing designer breed of dog known in the US as a “cavapoo” and Down Under as the “cavoodle” until last week when we adopted one. Let me just say […]

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This One Factor May Explain Why You’re A Morning Person Or A Night Owl

Some 90,000 people participated in a genetic study to determine the influences of early or late rising. See more here with This One Factor May Explain Why You’re A Morning Person Or A Night Owl.

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The Art of Ancient Love Poems

Love is everywhere this week as people ’round the world gear up to present their Valenties with sweet words and confections! In honor of them, here’s The Art of Ancient Love Poems certain to woo […]

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