Alkaline Diets

Do you have arthritis, cancer, or other health ailments? Some believe Alkaline Diets help cure or prevent a variety of thse things. Read more here with Alkaline Diets.

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20 Physicists Who Revolutionized Our Understanding Of The World

The universe is one of those things that we have slowly unfolded with the help of geniuses. See these fantastic energy and matter discoveries with 290 Physicists Who Revolutionized Our Understanding of the World.

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40+ Fall Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Autumn brings an abundance of fun things to do with your kids. From raking leaves to hot cocoa and everything in between, there’s something to be said about fall. Be sure to take some time […]

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2016-17 Winter Forecast

With much of the U.S. dealing with drought or flood conditions, it’s time to try to look ahead to winter. See what the wise folks at the Farmer’s Almanac have to say about when to […]

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Funny Birthday Quotes And Sayings

Fall is here and some of us are rolling over the hill faster than the leaves are falling off the trees. It’s best to laugh at times. Here’s Funny Birthday Quotes And Sayings.

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The Truth About Probiotics

Everyone seems to be on the “live cultures” bandwagon these days. From yogurt makers to supplemental health products, it’s time to separate good and bad bacteria. Check out The Truth About Probiotics.

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Get Rid of Bugs Organically

Living in the country has its advantages. But one of it’s more pesky disadvantages is the number of bugs that find their way into homes. Here’s a quick study on how to Get Rid of […]

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11 Curious Events That Really Happened

They say there are few surprises after a certain age but sometimes life sends us reeling. Take meat showers. And flattened Siberian forests. Oh plus meowing nuns?? Check out these 11 Curious Events That Really […]

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I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

The Trump – Clinton shitshow known as present day politics has taken quite a gnarly turn with highly publicized, hostile debates. Fortunately for those of us who love to laugh, LuckyTV took the worst and […]

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If I Actually Dressed For The Job I Want

The only thing worse than a case of the Mondays is the case of the Tuesdays after having a long weekend. To celebrate, here’s If I Actually Dressed For The Job I want.

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