10 Best Dropkick Murphys Songs

With over 8 albums, 5 DVDs, several live recordings, and many compilations, the Dropkick Murphy’s message of “all for one, one for all” is as contagious as their rowdy beats, catchy rhythms, and kitschy lyrics. […]

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Not Just Blending Families, But Blending Parenting Styles

If your first marriage didn’t work out the way that you’d expected on that fateful day you exchanged vows, chances are you’re like 50 percent of the population. The good news many people remarry and […]

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Hilarious Awkward Moments In Male Cheerleading

Male cheerleaders are hard to find but usually good at the important stuff. Like making us laugh our asses off. Here’s more with Hilarious Awkward Moments In Male Cheerleading.

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2012 Emmy Winners; Complete List Of Emmy Winners

The 2012 Emmy Awards aired last night. The show was led by host Jimmy Kimmel and included the best stars of television. Here’s more with 2012 Emmy Winners; Complete List Of Emmy Winners.

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Facing Fear – Why You Need To Do Things You Fear

The only thing which constantly remains the same in this life is change. Some people welcome it, others fear it. They say to live fully one must shoot down a fear (or twelve) daily. Here’s […]

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Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind

Fast facts are as exciting as fast cars and fast women. The folks at Geeks Are Sexy have proven (at least the brainy tidbit part) this with Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind.

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The Downward Spiral: Fewer Than Half of American Children Growing Up In Intact Families

62 percent of Asian-American teenagers live with both biological parents. 54 percent of white youth live with both parents. 41 percent of teenagers from multiracial family backgrounds live in intact families. 40 percent of Hispanic […]

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More Americans Now Die of Suicide Than Car Crashes

What a sad state of affairs. So much for the pursuit of happiness. Something’s gone wrong in the home of the brave. More Americans now die of suicide than car crashes. Suicide is a sign […]

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FOXSexpert: 12 Things You Should Never Do When It Comes To Sex

FOX news is well known for its general lack of information so one may question what they know about good, old fashioned porking. Or they may be on to something. Decide for yourself with FOXSexpert: […]

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The Science of Beer Goggles

Ever wonder the science behind beer goggles? Well, wonder no more. This infographic lends a scientific perspective to the dreaded beer goggles. The Science of Beer Goggles by Free Dating.co.uk

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