1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin All Lived In The Same Place

Vienna, Austria, during the turn of the 20th century was an interesting place. Plus it was full of some of the most powerful (and largely devious) minds on earth at the time. Learn more with […]

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sore throat

Home Remedies For Sore Throat

Allergy season is upon us. As we all battle scratchy eyes, drippy noses, and tender throats, many of us may reach for medications to help the fight and wonder “Could this be a cold?” If […]

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Five Weird Energy Sources

Energy sources can come in all shapes and sizes. Check out this infographic to learn about five weird energy sources that we don’t generally use.

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perplex parents

If You Don’t Have Kids, Don’t Tell Me How To Raise Mine

If you have a single, childless friend or family member who constantly offers “constructive criticism” regarding your kids or parenting skills, this link’s for you. The good news is careful control of your reaction during […]

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5 Ways That Our Healthcare System Is Broken

What do you think about healthcare in America? This infographic, presented by, explores five ways that the U.S. healthcare system is failing.

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Exploring The Character of A Bad Word

Assholism may land you some serious popularity with certain crowds but may also land you in hot water with others. Especially if it’s in print. Hold tight, settle in, and check out Exploring The Character […]

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Whither Moral Courage?

What do freedom, bravery, strength, fortitude, and courage mean to you? NY Times writer Salman Rushdie has an interesting look at all of these characteristics by sorting through historical examples. Read more to answer the […]

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Relationship Contracts Growing In Popularity With Married And Unmarried Couples

Have you ever considered settling in with your lawyer to create a document designating the many aspects of your relationship with your beloved, including intimate moments? Some couples have and per the latest scoop, may […]

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Turning Up The Heat

In this infographic, AAA Heating and Air Conditioning explores the alternatives to heating your home with that clunky old furnace.

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The Bookstore That Changed My Life

If you love books (in their paper form), treasure hunting in book shops, and learning a little more about yourself, you’ll love this story. Here’s The Bookstore That Changed My Life.

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