Hilarious Sports Pics!

The 2012 Olympics were INCREDIBLE! And also incredibly funny at times. Here’s some photos of some of the more humorous moments over the years with Hilarious Sports Pics!

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An Honest Guide To Every Facebook Timeline Ever

The brilliant minds at College Humor have used their super-skills for a great synopsis of the newer Facebook feature: the timeline. Funny, apt, and true, here’s An Honest Guide To Every Facebook Timeline Ever.

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The Gluten Free Edge

Wheat and other grains which contain gluten affect the overall performance of every body. Living without gluten is a great way to improve health with surprising benefits. Here’s more with The Gluten Free Edge.

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Surfer Blood’s John Paul Pitts Arrested For Battery

John Paul Pitts, lead singer of the band Surfer Blood, was arrested on March 31, 2012 for domestic battery charges stemming from an altercation with his girlfriend of one year which occurred in Lake Worth, […]

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10 Most Memorable Nurses In Cinema

The depiction of nurses on film has changed greatly over the years: from the heroic candy-stripers of WWII-era flicks, through the bawdy sex comedies of the 1960s and 1970s, to the more heroic characters of […]

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The Business of Obesity

Some crazy facts: Obesity costs the average woman $4,879 per year and the average man $2,646 per year. And Americans consume 938 million extra gallons of gas/year due to the excess fuel requirements to carry […]

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Sleep Your Way To The Top: How Sleep Equals Success

People can die without sleep. Getting serious with your pillow and concentrating on getting proper amounts of rest are beneficial to your system’s overall performance. Here’s more with Sleep Your Way To The Top: How […]

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What’s The Difference Between A Wallaby And A Kangaroo?

Marsupials are fascinating creatures and sometimes difficult to tell apart. Here’s an in-depth look at their similarities and ways to distinguish between to of the more fabulous animals from Down Under with What’s The Difference […]

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How Common Is Your Password?

Creating a password that is not only secure but also something you can easily recall is tough. Since a wave of hack attacks has hit most of the more popular websites (like Linkedin, Yahoo, and […]

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National Weather Service Follows Huge DHS In Ammo Purchase

One of the six scientific agencies which comprise the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration we all know well as the National Weather Service has placed an order for a massive number of bullets and other […]

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