Trust Me Quotes

Life is precious. Preserve and protect your greatest resources – your time, inspiration, and personal happiness – with the following Trust Me Quotes. Trust me, you’ll find something more than worth your time at this […]

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10 Clever And Creative Costumes For Halloween

Harness your imagination or latch on to someone else’s for great ideas this Halloween. From Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally to the Gingerbread Man, Disney/Pixar lamps, and army men, the following 10 Clever And […]

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The Green Fail

The Green Movement is necessary and vital to the environment, economy, and overall health of all of the living organisms on the planet. Unfortunately, as great as the plan is, it has failed in many […]

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Top 10 TED Talks On Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing significant changes as medicine advances and technology evolves. Highlights of these changes have been discussed consistently at TED Talks. Here are the Top 10 TED Talks On Healthcare.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps For Psychology Students And Professionals

Psychology professionals, students, and aficionados can now access a number of helpful apps based in their professions, studies, and interests all by their iPhone, Android, Smartphones, and other cellular devices. Here are some of the […]

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Funny: Girls Vs. Boys (14 Pics)

The battle of the sexes has been fought since the beginning of time. The truth is that each gender has its strengths and weaknesses. How each handles every day events from arguments to cleaning and […]

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How Not To Sleep With A Child: (Funny) Diagrams

Children are like bed bugs at times. They crawl into their parents’ beds and are nearly impossible to get out. The experienced mamas at Momania have a hilarious perspective with How Not To Sleep With […]

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The Antlers

Every once in a while music hunters and huntresses discover a great band in all of the chase. One of which is the Brooklyn based Indie group The Antlers. The group weaves mesmerizing tales of […]

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Afterlife Exists Says Top Brain Surgeon

If you’ve never had a near death experience, you’ve never lived. Kidding. You just haven’t ever experienced the divine light which many believe is “heaven.” Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander experienced such an event after falling […]

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10 Vintage Nursing Recruitment Posters From World War I

Nurses have been as vital to the health and well being of large populations since the profession originated well over one hundred years ago. Due to the demands of the job, rigorous marketing techniques were […]

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