Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Butch Vig Featured In Smart Studios Documentary, Watch Trailer

We all agree that Dave Grohl is a modern day music trailblazer. His abilities as part rock god and part musical hero have not only helped save and shape music but improved it tremendously. So, […]

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Bald Man Bongos

If you’ve ever longed to just whack a baldie on the noggin, this is for you. Check out Bald Man Bongos. It’s catchy as hell.

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Seuss

He gave us “The Lorax,” “Green Eggs & Ham,” “The Cat in the Hat,” and several other books we know by heart. But what you may not know is Dr. Seuss was terrified of small […]

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These Dogs Exist

Take a break and celebrate man’s (and woman’s) best friend: the canine! And have a laugh. It’s been a long day! Here’s These Dogs Exist.

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6 Reasons Your Plans To Move Abroad Might Not Work Out

Have you had it with the politics and nonsense in America (or whatever your home land is)? Congrats, you’re not alone! But you may be stuck here. Check out the following 6 Reasons Your Plans […]

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Hugh Dryden: The Man and His Legacy

If you don’t know who Hugh Dryden is, you need to find out NOW. He’s one of, if not the most, brilliant and legendary aerospace researchers and aerodynamicists in our galaxy. Read about his life […]

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Breaking The Rules: Doing Right Means Sometimes Ignoring The Law

What is right? What is wrong/ And who are we to decide? Sometimes doing wrong feels so right. And sometimes doing right feels so wrong. Check out one man’s take on the issue and what […]

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Ten of the World’s Most Mind-Blowing Landscapes

Winter makes me restless. Longing to travel from anywhere but here to somewhere beautiful is luckily as easy as a quick search on the ‘net. Check out Ten of the World’s Most Mind-Blowing Landscapes if […]

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Drugmaker Jiang Emerges As Billionaire With Flu Remedies

Upset stomach, cough, cold, body aches, chills, and other horrors are all part of flu. And one inventive mother and son team in China have banked billions thanks to their shares in relief. Read about […]

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How To Reupholster Furniture

Do-it-yourselfers- take heed! We now may be able to attack that old not so great looking sofa, chair, or what have you thanks to the following simple insructions. Here’s How To Reupholster Furniture. Good luck […]

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