50 Shades Of Put It Away: The Worst Book Sex Scenes Ever

Sam Parker at the Huffington Post has a unique and funny take on how authors portray the hotter and heavier moments of their characters. Sometimes it leaves the reader feeling the heat. And other times…see […]

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Facebook Psychology

The internet and social media plays a big role in our every day life for most of us. Some people spend hours a day on the internet, whether it be for work or fun. However, […]

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Cartoondom’s Biggest Bitches

Cartoons are great for making people laugh. That’s why they were invented, right? Like little rays of sunshine, comics and cartoons usually shine a little light on our day…until one of the less than pleasant […]

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Redheads May Be At Higher Risk Of Melanoma Even Without Sun

Gingers beware: a new study published in Nature shows that those with light skin, eyes, and red hair have an increased risk of developing the most deadly form of skin cancer. Researchers have linked melanoma […]

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The 100 Best Workout Songs

The gentlemen at Men’s Health have created the ultimate list to make you sweat. With a far range of tunes – spanning over 30 years of music – this list has something for everybody. From […]

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American Red Cross Historical Photo

10 Great Nurses of the American Civil War

Nurses have been responsible for educating and caring for the ill, the injured, and the recovering since roughly the Middle Ages. Many remarkable women (and men) have greatly contributed to society through their compassion and […]

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Likelihood IP Election

Obama vs. Romney on Intellectual Property [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered where the 2012 presidential candidates stand on the Intellectual Property industry? Find out by taking a look at this infographic brought to you by Likelihood of Confusion.

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25 Vintage Mustaches

You can tell a lot by a man’s facial hair. There’s just something about scruff. The Library of Congress agrees. In fact, they’ve collected some of the best pictures of men sporting mustachios for the […]

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How Do You Raise A Prodigy?

If you were blessed with a child far smarter than the others (and perhaps even yourself) chances are you feel a bit overwhelmed. Raising kids is a difficult job made even more difficult when your […]

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Who Were The Most Dangerous Scientists In History?

Scientists have worked (and continue to work) hard to discover the hows and whys of our every day lives. Much of the work they’ve done has been under the harsh scrutiny of many. History has […]

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