15 Giant Actors With Short Careers In Hollywood

Even if (literally) huge stars shine in some of the best films and programs, sometimes their stints as big actors don’t last as long as they should. Here are a few with 15 Giant Actors […]

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A Parent’s Unconditional Love

No love matches that that a parent has for a child. Offering protection, support, advocacy and a beautiful love for a child is often easier said than done especially in today’s society. Here’s a look […]

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About That Overpopulation Problem

The seven billionth and something person was born on earth during 2012. As that baby celebrates its first birthday, we all need to consider the feat which took 13 years for the world to accomplish. […]

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Asteroids: Close And Closer, But Not Too Close For Comfort

Skywatchers, scientists, and NASA experts kept a close eye on the asteroid Apophis as it journeyed past the Earth while most of us were sleeping during the early hours of January 10, 2013. Doomsdayers expect […]

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Bolts Of Blue Lightning Thrusting Upward And Other Weird Lightning Explained

Gale force winds and a sky the color of indigo is rather unusual for certain people to experience. But when the sky flashes blue lightning, it’s totally mind blowing. Mother Nature’s majesty never makes us […]

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15 Dwarf Actors With Giant Careers In Hollywood

The world’s little people help make the world a better place. Their roles as performers have entertained audiences for eons. Here’s a look at some of the best with 15 Dwarf Actors With Giant Careers […]

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The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012

Dogs rocked their customary awesomeness last year despite rising temperatures, collapsing economies, and the other issues humans had to deal with. Here’s the proof with Buzzfeed’s The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012.

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Wallraff RTL

10 Most Courageous Undercover Journalists

The only way to really dig deep and uncover the truth is sometimes to don a disguise and conduct research on the sly. The world’s journalists are great at behind the scenes infiltration. Here’s a […]

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Meme Watch: Grandma Finds The Internet, With Hilarious Results Of Course

What two things should people never pick on? Babies and old people. Apparently the lords of the ‘net forgot this rule with hilarious results. See for yourself with Meme Watch: Grandma Finds The Internet, With […]

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David Bowie Returns With His First New Music In Ten Years

“Rebel” Rocker David Bowie is back and he is just as good as he always was – if not better! The 66 year old has just released his first track, “Where Are We Now?” from […]

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