Man pointing gun directly at camera.

The Black and White of Stand Your Ground

If a lawyer said to you that it was ok to shoot an intruder as long as the body fell into your home, how would you react? And what laws govern such atrocities? How does […]

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Bad-Candy.Com: The Ultimate Bad Candy Website

Depending upon how stringent your gluten free Paleo diet or wellness dedicated life is, chances are you consider candy not fit for human consumption. And it seems your opinion isn’t the only one. Check out […]

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When Kids Need To Know Bad Things About A Parent – Part 2

“When in doubt, leave it out” is the mantra to the follow up of When Kids Need To Know Bad Things About A Parent – Part 1. No matter the situation, it’s your responsibility to […]

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22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other

America is filled to the brim with differing opinions. That’s part of what makes this country so great. It’s also one of the things which make understanding one another difficult – particularly in oral communications […]

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Barbicambarus SImmonsi: New Giant Crayfish Species Discovered, And It’s Really Big

Granted it was two years ago when scientists uncovered Barbicambarus simmonsi but this is still pretty cool info! Check out Barbicambarus Simmmonsi: New Giant Crayfish Species Discovered, And It’s Really Big.

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The Decriminalization of Marijuana

If you knew outdated drug laws ruled the legal use (or lack there of) of weed, what difference would it make? It turns out a lot. Check out the Decriminalization of Marijuana to learn more.

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How Can Scientists Act Ethically When They Are Studying The Victims Of A Human Tragedy, Such As The Romanian Orphans?

The issue of human rights and the sake of research is a huge debate. Since the true goal of any study is to gather useful data and often not benefit those being studied, what is […]

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There Are Giant Clouds Of Alcohol Floating In Space

Good news for booze hounds and those who believe in a place called “heaven”! Just ten thousand light years from earth is a massive cloud 1000 times larger than our solar system on earth and […]

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10 Surprisingly Well-Educated Rock Stars

It’s a common perception that most musician’s are not geniuses beyond their musical prowess. That thought is not all together wrong but it’s also not entirely right. See for yourself here with 10 Surprisingly Well-Educated […]

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When Kids Need To Know Bad Things About A Parent – Part 1

If you’re going through a acrimonious divorce and there are children involved, this link will enlighten you. Critical thinking has an antidotal affect on the often poisonous process of separating and protects kids from harm. […]

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