Thanksgiving Turkeys Can’t Have Sex Because Their Breasts Are Too Big

The meat industry is in a sad state as it has been for quite some time (no big surprise). The animals, including poultry, are often mistreated. And most can’t even get some action because of […]

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How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Hand turkeys are so kindergarten! Doodle yourself a better option by following the instructions for How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey. Gobble. Gobble.

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Did You Know That You Grow Another Complete Celery Stalk From The Bottom Piece That You Cut Off And Throw Away?

The next time you’re stuffing your bird for Thanksgiving, making soup, or slicing up veggies for salad, save the ends of your celery stalks. You can reuse them to make more! Did you know that […]

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Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving Turkeys

Before the turkey flew to your Thanksgiving table, they were domesticated by Aztecs of Mexico over 2,000 years ago. In the days since these feathered creatures became associated with the god Tezcatipoca, today’s turkeys have […]

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pink collar

Men in Pink Collar

Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers and Dental Hygienists are positions most often dominated by women.  With the gradual erosion of stereotypes, retiring baby boomers and the recession, more and more men are moving into pink collar jobs; […]

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francis bacon

10 Most Educated Darwin Award Winners

In 1993, a website was created to honor the most intelligent members of society who do the dumbest things possible. The results were hilarious and far reaching, spanning across the years and spawning even a […]

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The Benefits of Recovery

Working out is a very important part of staying healthy. However, many people do not allow their body enough time to recover after a workout, and this can pose problems. Recovery is very important and […]

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Our Craziest Thanksgiving Stories, To Help Get You Through The Weekend

Some of our most hilarious, wackiest moments happen when family, friends, and food mingle on holidays. The day we honor our thanks is often fraught with all kinds of mishaps. To help remind you we’ve […]

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5 Thanksgiving Apps That Do The Work For You…Almost

Before you fire up the oven, it may be a good idea to fire up your favorite piece of technology and checkout some great apps developed just to help on Turkey Day. Here are 5 […]

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10 Best Thanksgiving Quotes

Feeding your mind with powerful words before the turkey is stuffed and pigskin is tossed may be the best way to celebrate this Thanksgiving. Some truly exceptional people offered powerful words to express their thanks. […]

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