30 Great Blogs For Nurses

Aspiring nursing professionals and those with careers already established have access to a tremendous amount of information at the click of a mouse by checking out the following 30 Great Blogs For Nurses. Each site […]

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Top 10 Songs For Getting You In The Christmas Spirit

‘Tis that time of the year again! Time for Christmas shopping, carols, and (hopefully spiked) eggnog! To help get you in the mood, lend your ears to the following Top 10 Songs For Getting You […]

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15 Things You Should NEVER Say To His Mom

It’s usually safe to assume how a man treats his mother is a good indicator of how he’ll treat you, there are certain things you must never let slip or confess when engaging with the […]

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coolest cars

The Greatest Cars in Hollywood

Throughout Hollywood history there have been some pretty cool cars. This infographic presented by highlights some of the greatest cars in Hollywood history, as well as providing cool specs and features. Check it out […]

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You Can’t Say That On The Internet

Algorithms make the World Wide Web go ’round yet the limitations of numerical programs in the murkiness of human culture, brings conflict when trying to teach a computer the concepts behind “fair use.” The digital […]

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10 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think

Despite humans believing they are are the smartest creatures on earth, a number of highly intelligent species roam this planet. From social learning to language comprehension, self recognition to altruism, many animals possess sometimes surprising […]

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10 Great iPad and iPhone Apps For Psychologists

Mobile technology has transformed the lives of virtually everyone on earth. The fields of healthcare and mental health are no exception. These professionals now have access to the most current information available by today’s lead […]

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4 Signs That A Man Is Ready For Marriage – And 4 That He’s Not

The ages old childhood chant “First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes mommy pushing a baby carriage” isn’t so true these days. With single parenthood on the rise and marriage statistics dropping like flies, […]

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Sandy’s Warning

People live for today and through nearly everything. Those still living in New Jersey and New York have proven that as they still deal with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Many experts believe Sandy is […]

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16 Detoxing Cleanse Foods

We are what we eat. And chances are with the holiday season upon us, you’ve had your fair share of sweets, treats, and other not so good for your foods. The junk we consume lingers […]

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