The Trouble With Bright Girls

Smart and talented women face a number of obstacles while pursuing their goals. The biggest, according to some psychology professionals, is themselves. While smart boys believe that anything is possible when they apply themselves, girls […]

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Study: Obesity Increases Driver’s Risk Of Being In Car Accident

There are many jokes about women behind the wheel but a recent study shows that weight, not gender, can greatly affect a person’s ability to stay safe behind the wheel. Here’s more with Study: Obesity […]

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Top 100 Best Acoustic Songs

Throughout history, some of the most powerful songs were stripped down and produced without the distraction of electric noise. Acoustic music is a great way for musicians to express their style in their most simple […]

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The 10 Smartest People in the World

IQ is probably way overrated. And smartness comes in many different varieties (emotional, cultural, creative, book, logical, analytical, mathematical, etc.). But even so, raw intelligence is impressive on many levels and here are 10 of […]

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The 10 Greatest FBI Agents In History

We’ve seen lots of movies about secret agents. But we’re less familiar with the real, mysterious men and women who spend their days protecting the fabric of our society. Here’s an article that profiles the […]

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Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor)

Just as females have “The Rules,” men have them too. Here’s a true and funny way to learn how to play fairly with Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor).

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Why Teens Suck at Driving

Let’s face it, teens suck at driving. Besides their young age, and inexperience with driving there are multiple reasons why you worry when a teen gets behind the wheel. Distractions are a main concern, especially […]

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The Most Convincing Loch Ness Monster Photograph Ever?

George Edwards has dedicated over 26 years of his life and 60 hours each week at the Loch Ness to see if he could make his dream come true: to view and photograph the ever […]

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Five Guys Take Same Photo For 30 Years

John Wardlaw, John Dickson, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, and John Molony accidentally began a tradition while posing for a photo at California’s Copco Lake during 1982. Over the next three decades, this group of gentlemen […]

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What Planet Are You From?

It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. If you’re one who thinks along the lines of demum in stellas simul ardebimus (or that one day we’ll all burn together […]

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