Obama, Romney Deliver Closing Arguments

The 2012 Presidential Election is tomorrow, November 6, 2012. With the clock ticking, both candidates President Barack Obama and hopeful Mitt Romney have made the rounds winding down the last of their campaigning. Voters can […]

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Man Sold Wife To Finance Drinking

Medula Rajender, a man who had trouble paying his drinking debts in Chandurthi, Karinmanger, apparently attempted to settle the deal by hocking his wife of 20 years, Medula Ammayi on October 13, 2012. The couple […]

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Why Do They Put Umbrellas In Your Drink?

Cocktails often have all sorts of props, including swords, garnishes, and umbrellas, to liven up your favorite drink. There’s a reason for this as there’s a reason for everything. Ever wondered Why Do They Put […]

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10 Moms Who Went The Extra Mile

There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her child. She’s the woman who loves you most. The proof is in the following remarkable moments in history where a mother’s love was demonstrated by protecting her […]

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10 Famous People With Extreme Agoraphopia

The world’s most famous and brilliant minds often harbor a dark side full of behavioral disorders and mental illnesses. Some of the best, like Emily Dickinson, Howard Hughes, H.L. Gold, and even Kim Basinger lived […]

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10 Deadiest Air Disasters Caused By Miscommunication

Flying is one of the most safe ways to travel but when human errors occur, the results are catastrophic. Miscommunication is the number one cause of airplane crashes and all it takes is just one […]

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10 Rock Concerts Which Resulted In Bloodshed

Musicians are great at evoking debauchery. Especially when concertgoers are riled up and security isn’t as strong as the crowd. Once the addition of alcohol, drugs, and Rock-n-roll are tossed in the mix, look out. […]


The Presidential Battle In The Mobile App World

Election day is right around the corner (Nov. 6th) and the mobile app world is heating up. How so? 88% of registered voters own a cellphone of some kind. Over half of registered voters own […]

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50 Shades Of Put It Away: The Worst Book Sex Scenes Ever

Sam Parker at the Huffington Post has a unique and funny take on how authors portray the hotter and heavier moments of their characters. Sometimes it leaves the reader feeling the heat. And other times…see […]

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Facebook Psychology

The internet and social media plays a big role in our every day life for most of us. Some people spend hours a day on the internet, whether it be for work or fun. However, […]

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