Polydactyl Cats: The Charm Of Big Feet

Polydactylism is a genetic mutation which literally means “many fingered” which most often affects felines in England and eastern North America. As a dominant gene, extra toes are passed from generation to generation and rarely […]

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10 Terrifying Planets You Don’t Want To Visit

If you think life on Earth sometimes sucks, be happy that things could always be worse. Take a look at other places in the universe that are far, far worse than here with 10 Terrifying […]

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This Looks Shopped Of The Day: Modern Renaissance Portraits

Photoshop makes for really funny, highly interesting images. Sometimes we speculate “Is that real?” and other times we just know. Check out the Cheezburger’s This Looks Shopped Of The Day: Modern Renaissance Portraits. Laugh…it’s Friday!

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The Are You Happy Quiz

Oprah Winfrey has made a fortune off of emotions. And given her empire of wealth and influence, she’s one powerful woman. Let her people who formulated The Are You Happy Quiz help you decide how […]

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Pets In Your Bed

We all are likely familiar with that old idiom “Sleep with dogs, get fleas” but is there any truth in it? And could you catch something worse? Before you cuddle up with Fido or Sheeba […]

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lunch box

30 Ideas For School Lunches

If your lunchbox packing creativity is running low, you’re going to love this link. Check out Good Housekeeping’s delicious kid tested and mother approved suggestions with 30 Ideas For School Lunches.

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7 Characteristics Associated With Long Life (And How To Cultivate Them)

If you could live “forever” (about one hundred years or so) would you want to? Primal fitness guru Mark Sisson has developed a list of commonalities between centenarians’ lifestyles and habits. Find out more with […]

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Top 10 Must See TED Talks On The Criminal Justice System

From the psychology of evil to talks with death row inmates, and even the inherent injustice in the supposedly just system which rules the courts and prisons, when great minds speak on the subject, we […]

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Top 10 Most Inspirational Leaders Of Today

What the world needs now is people we all can look up to. Though there is no shortage of that type of person, sometimes they are hard to find. Check out the best of politicians, […]

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10 Inspiring Graduation Speech Quotes

It’s that time of the year again when gowns are donned and caps are thrown ’round the world in honor of graduation ceremonies. Take a chance to soak up the last of your educational wisdom […]

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