Father Performs “Let It Be” To Raise Funds For His Baby’s Cancer Bills

This link includes an incredible performance of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” by Mike Masse in honor of his son Noah, his one year old battling brain cancer. Here’s more with Father Performs “Let It […]

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Dead Celebs: Only The Good Die Young

Some of the most beloved celebrities have died because of an overdose. It’s terrible sad, but seems to be such a trend among them. Check out this infographic presented by Living Sober to learn about […]

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5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity

Here are five of the more realistic AND scary ways that humanity could enter into a state of extinction. Here’s hoping we find a way to colonize space and have a robust future, rather than […]

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Do Luxury Cars Attract The Opposite Sex?

As men approach mid-life, they often swap their minivans for convertibles (and sometimes retire their wives for a pair of women half their ages.) A study completed by researchers from Texas and Minnesota found a […]

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Embracing The Worst

Bad sh*t happens to good people. It’s a fact of life. The good news is challenges of all kinds make us stretch. And form character. And grow. Here’s more with Embracing The Worst.

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12 Animals That Want To Apologize To You

Apologies diminish in value the more that they are said. Generally it’s better to prevent having to say them by carefully weighing your actions and words. If you goof, however, sending someone this link is […]

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manacial laugh

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

Laughter is as essential to life as oxygen. Some laughs are good. Some are contagious. And some are absolutely diabolical. Here’s the proof with 100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs.

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Physician Calls For End To ‘War On Pubic Hair’

I’ve never understood the whole pubic hair shaving thing, and personally find it a major turn off. So I’m glad to see that a female doctor is offering good reasons to stop the epidemic practice:) […]

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Hilarious Sports Pics!

The 2012 Olympics were INCREDIBLE! And also incredibly funny at times. Here’s some photos of some of the more humorous moments over the years with Hilarious Sports Pics!

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The Gluten Free Edge

Wheat and other grains which contain gluten affect the overall performance of every body. Living without gluten is a great way to improve health with surprising benefits. Here’s more with The Gluten Free Edge.

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