Things To Do While Waiting For A Baby To Be Born

Waiting is one of the more challenging aspects of life…especially when a baby is involved. Especially when it’s not your baby. As idle hands are the devil’s worship, here’s Things To Do While Waiting For […]

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Top 10 TED Talks On Psychology

Human psychology operates on the general needs and desires for simple things in life: good work, lasting happiness, an honest living, understanding, inspiration, and love. Since no minds are as great as the ones which […]

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Top 10 TED Talks on Education

Education is one of those things like politics: everybody complains about it, but everyone knows it ultimately makes life better. Despite it’s limitations, education is what makes the world go around (engineers wouldn’t be able […]

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Energy, Fossil Fuels and Politics in 2012

Energy is probably the single biggest issue in global and national politics because of the way it powers our basic ways of life. Finding reliable, clean, sustainable sources of energy is becoming increasingly difficult, and […]

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10 Worst Sports Riots of All Time

Human beings are emotional creatures. And many of us truly get passionate about sports. And sometimes that passion emerges as rage. Rage of anger. Or rage of joy. Either way, the intense rage of sport […]

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How Capitalism Can Save Art

Thought provoking and insightful as usual, Camille Paglia, one of my intellectual heroes, addresses certain failed aspects of modern art culture and its detachment from craftsmanship and skill. She also highlights some of the promising […]

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latin friends

250 Great Latin Phrases To Impress Your Friends

From Ovid to Horace, Cicero to Petrarch, Terence to Quintilianus, and a few more in between, philosophical minds devoted their best powers to craft some of the wisest, funniest, and sometimes ridiculous thoughts for the […]

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Responsible Use of Polybags

Environmental consciousness is very important. We should do all we can to help protect the earth and make sure that we do not contribute to the further pollution of the planet. There is a conflict […]


50 Cent Tweets Four Step Stop Masturbating Plan

The “Candy Shop” rapper who was romantically entangled in a salacious tryst with comedienne Chelsea Handler has taken a stand against good old fashioned “self time.” It seems 50 Cent has something against self pleasure […]

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Unconventional Wisdom: My Dad’s Unofficial Guide To Life

If your father is the type whose perspective on life is not-your-typical-outlook, pull up a seat, peruse the following, and leave your comments. As the daughter of a man who once stated “Sh*t, the grass […]

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