What’s Better: 5 Hour Energy Or Coffee?

It’s the afternoon and that all nighter that you pulled is seriously kicking your ass. Rather than run the risk of crashing, most people reach for a caffeinated boost to pull them through. But What’s […]

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Remembering James Gandolfini: Famous Fans Mourn The Actor Online

James Gandolfini’s tragic death due to cardiac arrest has shaken up the hearts of family, friends, fans, and colleagues. Read tributes created in his honor here with Remembering James Gandolfini: Famous Fans Mourn The Actor […]

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25,000 Dead Bees Found In Oregon Parking Lot, Thousands Were ‘Raining Out Of Trees,’ Conservationist Says [Photos]

One of the worst ever mass bumble bee deaths has happened in Oregon due to what experts predict was improper pesticide use. As one of the largest seed producers in the U.S., this incident could […]

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Filter – ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ Review

The 90s group which blessed the earth with “Hey Man, Nice Shot” is back. And they’re letting their darkside show. Check out their latest album here with Filter – ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ Review.

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Christian Domestic Discipline

A couple of studies have shown that a little “punishment” bordering that depicted in the 50 Shades series never hurt anyone too terribly. And chances are great that as kids we all received a well […]

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Celebrating 80 Years Of LEGO

The manufacturers of Lego bricks have been keeping children busy building for years upon years. To honor them (and essentially children everywhere) take a peek at the following link Celebrating 80 Years Of LEGO.

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sugar daddies

Are Sugar Daddies Just A Myth?

All of us may have entertained the Dickens’-esque generous benefactor at one point or another but not all of us actually seek them out to marry them. Which is good since the chances of finding […]

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James Gandolfini Dead

American actor James Gandolfini passed away unexpectedly in Italy today due to a heart attack. The fifty one year old rose to fame playing the notorious Tony Soprano on the hit HBO series The Sopranos. […]

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Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves’ Space Cake Odyssey

When one smokes weed, they get high. When they eat it, it’s a different story. Check out Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves’ Space Cake Odyssey.

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Born Bad To The Bone

Here’s a startling but true fact: up to thirty percent of adult behavior is set at the time of conception. Which means that evil could perhaps be born, not made. Read more about others’ struggles […]

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