two income trap

The Two Income Trap

Who doesn’t miss the good ol’ days when everything was so simple? Many people think of this time as the 1950s, and when compared today, it seems pretty great. Today families are strained with bills […]

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Question Everything

After an individual reaches a certain point in their existence, they start to wonder about all kinds of things. And though it’s a semi-dangerous past time, sometimes it’s good to Question Everything.

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The Truth About Cat People And Dog People

A survey found that over 62% of homes within the U.S. have a cat or a dog residing in them. It also found pet owners have very distinct personality traits based upon the type of […]

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Preparing For The Wedding

It’s Friday. Hooray to that. Now lets celebrate with a cute, reality based joke regarding an older couple as they get ready to tie the knot and complete their wedding registry. Here’s Preparing For The […]

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Found: World’s Oldest Message In A Bottle

Scientist/Captain C. Hunter Brown stashed a note in a bottle as part of an experiment and cast it, and over a thousand others, to sea over ninety eight years ago. That bottle washed ashore and […]

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14 Surprising Facts About Marriage, Affairs, And Divorce

There are things about marriages you may not want to know yet couples don’t have the ability to understand until they get there. This list pretty much covers most of it. Here’s 14 Surprising Facts […]

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Translate Her Sex Sounds

Women are difficult to interpret, especially between the sheets. The quiet (and not so quiet) sounds women often make during intimate exchanges are far ranging and may have multiple meanings. To decode the mystery, and […]

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The Archive Of Misheard Lyrics

Music. It soothes the soul, gets listeners dancing, and alleviates the weight of life. Some songs do that much better than others, especially when the lyrics are not quite discernible. Here’s more with The Archive […]

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Can People With Personality Disorders Have Healthy Relationships

Humans are imperfect. Many have issues (whether they are physical, behavioral, or mental) and since our relationships with our selves directly impact our relationships with others, the impact of certain psychological issues is far ranging. […]

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Graphic Design is Good for Business

Graphic design isn’t just easy on the eyes, it can be good for business too. This infographic presented by Invision illustrates why graphic design is good for business as well as some insight into graphic […]

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