Mutations, DNA Damage Seen In Fukushima Forests: Greenpeace

The five year impact of the 2011 Fukishima nuclear disaster is nothing but magnificently horrifying. Take a look at the damage here with Mutations, DNA Damage Seen In Fukushima Forests: Greenpeace.

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Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

Ah, time! It’s a wonderful thing that slips by too soon. Especially when actors like Leonardo DiCaprio are involved…wink wink! Here’s Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie in one clip to celebrate one of our favorite Oscar […]

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15 Of History’s Greatest Mad Scientists

It seems the best of the world’s creators, writers, geniuses, actors, inventors, and artists are absolutely out of their minds to the more “normal” types. Here’s my high five to the weirdest and craziest ones […]

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My First Time In Arches National Park, Hiked In The Moonlight To The Delicate Arch And Took This Photo

When wanderlust runs wild, sometimes it’s best to savor others’ most amazing moments. Here’s one of those: My First Time In Arches National Park, Hiked In The Moonlight To The Delicate Arch And Took This […]

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Why Every Man Should See A Therapist

Men tend to shirk the shrink’s couch – much to the detriment of their families, friends, and most especially, themselves. Here’s Why Every Man Should See A Therapist. The rewards make the risks soooo worth […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Toy Story 4

Attention world! We have some GREAT NEWS!! Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Slink, Hamm, Rex, Bullseye, Bo, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, and the rest of the gang ARE COMING BACK!!!! Hold on to your hats, cowboys […]

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Still Thinking About Your Ex? An Open Letter To Adele

There’s no one like (Adele) Laurie Blue Adkins to reach into your heart, mind, and soul and pull out that old lover you still might pine for in small or large ways. Apparently other folks […]

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5 True Stories Behind Iconic Pictures of Badass Women

Historically, the only way a woman could make a dent in the world was to defiantly get some attention. The same holds true today. Coffee cheers to the ladies who didn’t listen! Enjoy these 5 […]

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Yes, I’m A Witch Too

Iiiittttttt’sssss Music Monday! And to celebrate this week, we’re going with someone I feel rather torn up about: Yoko Ono. She has a new remastered album out. And folks seem to be loving it. Hear […]

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President Trump: Here’s How It Happens

If you never in your widest dreams imagined a toupee wearing, big mouthed, real estate tycoon could rise to lead one of the greatest nations in the world, you might be in for a huge […]

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