Stephen Hawking Wants To Join The Trademark Club

Renown physicist, author, cosmologist, and ALS warrior Stephen Hawking is embarking on a new venture: patenting his name into a trademark. The reasons behind this move are seemingly protective of the Hawking legacy. Read about […]

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New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The Procedure

Forget Iran and all of those nuclear talks: it’s the end of the world as we know it. Here’s the f***ing proof with New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The […]

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Swimming Lions

Did you know that the Kings and Queens of the wild don’t mind taking a dip to cool off? Now you do. Watch Swimming Lions. It’ll lighten your day.

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The Narcissistic Parent

As the product of narcissistic parents, it only makes sense that I went on to marry and have children with not one but two narcissists as an adult, right? AGH! Time to untangle with some […]

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How Facebook Makes Money In A Country Where It’s Banned

The extent and reach of the world’s largest social network has even reached into the heart of one of the most censored countries and made some money. See How Facebook Makes Money In A Country […]

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NASA’S Plan For An Off-World Colony: A Floating City Above Venus

If you thought living in space was something only astronauts and science fiction movie actors can pull off, think again. It’s a real possibility according to NASA’s Plan For An Off-World Colony: A Floating City […]

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Remains Discovered Near Kenai May Be Linked To Missing Alaska Family

In May 2014, a mother, her two children, and her boyfriend vanished from their home. Almost one year later, their friends and family are facing their worst nightmare. Read how the Remains Disovered Near Kenai […]

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23 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Mad Men,’ According To The Cast And Creator

As with all good things, even the hit, well loved AMC show ‘Mad Men’ is coming to an end. See what you didn’t know about the show with the 23 Things You Probably Didn’t Know […]

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Baby boy with vacuum cleaner

Secrets To Cleaning With Kids

Some wise folks once equated cleaning house with a houseful of little ones to brushing your teeth with a mouth full of Oreos. It seems there are more effective ways to getting your place clean […]

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There’s A Canopy Walkway In Cape Town That Lets You Walk Above The Trees

Long walks and wanderlust make me crave touring the world to see what it has to offer. Since I can’t right now, I might as well throw this on my bucket list: There’s A Canopy […]

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