What Is Important To You In Life?

As a spiritual being trapped in human flesh, it’s pretty important to decide early in life the things you value most. Though it changes over time, it’s best to really honestly answer this one: What […]

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50 Free or Cheap Things To Do With Kids

It’s still summer for some of us, so if you’re hearing a chorus of “I’m boreds” maybe it’s time to look into a little fun. Check out 50 Free or Cheap Things To Do With […]

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11 Facts About Dreams That Just Might Blow Your Mind

What happens to you when you shut out the world and settle in sleep? Do you dream a lot? Do you not dream at all? If you find dreams fascinating, read these 11 Facts About […]

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How Do I Go About Helping Someone Organize When They Recognize The Need To?

Watching a highly disorganized family member struggle to meet responsibilities and deadlines is burdensome, even for the observer. Not being able to resist the urge to help, I found this gem: How Do I Go […]

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Why Do We Wake Up Stiff In The Morning? Scientists Have Discovered The Answer

If you go to bed with aches and pains and wake with more of the same, chances are it’s your body telling you you’re alive according to the latest research. But Why Do We Wake […]

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Why Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other

It seems the women of Tanzania just got a leg up on the gateholders of commitment. They’ve taken to other women for reasons of their own (wink, wink)! Read it and weep guys…here’s Why Straight […]

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13 Ordinary Things Women Wear That Are Actually Super Hot

Women have much different ideas than men as to what is sexy. In fact, I’ll put on my yoga pants, adjust my glasses and prove it… or maybe just reach for the wise guys at […]

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George Bush Dies And Goes To Hell

What do Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George Bush have in common beyond being past presidents? This HILARIOUSLY HILARIOUSLY FUNNY joke. Read George Bush Dies And Goes To Hell.

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Top 10 Funniest T-Shirts For Men

If your facorite guy is having a short sleeved shirt shortage, you’ll need to get him these Top 10 Funniest T-Shirts For Men. Hahaahahahahahahaa!

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15 Online Dating Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

Since we live in the digital age, it only makes sense that we forage the digital jungle for mates. Unless you are freaked out by these 15 Online Dating Horror Stories That Will Make You […]

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