Heart Nose:)

To counter the awfulness of Monday Morning, I deliver to you this adorable pup with Heart Nose:). OHMYGOODNESS!!!! OHMYGOODNESS!!!

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Meet Sir And Rumi! Beyonce Introduces Her Newborn Twins – And Confirms Their Names

Beyonce bounced through a twin pregnancy at a speed faster than most humans and just dropped the babies’ first photo. Check it out here with Meet Sir and Rumi! Beyonce Introduces Her Newborn Twins – […]

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Hey Wait A Minute

Time for a dose of cuteness. Enjoy these pups enjoying some treats with Hey Wait A Minute.

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A World Without Net Neutrality

The battle for net neutrality is still raging on. And if the good guys lose, the internet as we know it will never be the same. Sign up to save it after reading A World […]

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How Working More Than 55 Hours A Week Raises Your Risk of Developing Serious Heart Problems By 40%

Work can apparently kill you. Especially if you work more than 40 hours a week. Check out How Working More Than 55 Hours A Week Raises Your Risk Of Developing Serious Heart Problems By 40%.

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Did You Swipe Right On A Criminal? New Technology Aims To Verify Dating Profiles

The majority of singletons today turn to online dating to meet mates. But some may never know that those mates were or could potentially be cell mates in prision. Learn more with Did You Swipe […]

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What We Know – And Don’t Know – About Hate Crimes In America

If you watch the news, you know there’s usually a minimum of one report of a hate crime per week broadcast across America. But what does that really mean for the people who live here? […]

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Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?

Inquiring minds want to know Can Coffee Help You Live Longer? Notice the glaring typo in the headline for this link and pardon my correction…maybe coffee can help one spell better too!

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Why Is 13 Unlucky?

It’s been Friday the 13th on a Thursday around here. I mean, today has been a LIVING HELL. And I blame the energy of the #13. Check out Why Is 13 Unlucky? for more.

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Finding Extraterrestial Life May Rely On Identifying Traces Rather Than Aliens

I often gaze at the (mostly cloudy) night sky and wonder if there is more to the universe than we all know.a..nd then Nasa shoots it down faster than a Korean missile. Check out Finding […]

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