The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

Being poor is common. Staying poor is likely. Retraining your brain and spending habits to end the poor mindset is tough. But, as always, Cracked has a greatly satirical, largely humorous how to break the […]

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7 Things You Had No Idea The World Is Running Out Of

What do oil, chocolate, bacon, and my favorite beverages have in common? These and other items are among the list of fast dwindling earth resources humanity can’t live without. Please universe don’t let us run […]

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40 Things I Can Do At 40 That I Couldn’t Do When I Was 20

Ladies, this one is for you (but men will relate so guys, you could read this too…just keep your mind open!) There’s a lot of wisdom packed into our years. Read about it here with […]

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What Is Something I Don’t Want To Know?

The wonders of Reddit include some of the most far ranging attitudes, dark humor, and crazy smarts available on the ‘net. So when these things meld to the question What Is Something I Don’t Want […]

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Where People Are Moving To

Ever want to get away from where you are, pack up, and start over somewhere else? You’re not alone. See where everyone else is going with Where People Are Moving To.

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The Coldest Places On Earth

That polar vortex thing is currently wreaking havoc (and causing whiny folks to complain about the weather) while arctic animals are scrambling as far south as Florida. Maybe we all should shut up and be […]

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There Are More Stars Than Grains Of Sand

If you believe as David Bowie (and several others) believe, we’re all made of stars. And it seems that There Are More Stars Than Grains Of Sand in the universe. How freaking cool is that???

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The Toxins That Affected Your Great-Grandparents Could Be In Your Genes

Research conducted by Michael Skinner has concluded that the chemicals our great-grandparents were exposed to are affecting our now. Read how one biologist is shocking scientists and common folk with The Toxins That Affected Your […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Christianity

Thank GOD for beer!?! Does God exist? Does beer exist? Do I exist?!? Life’s big questions are better answered by the brilliance of Texas A&M students. See why their pretty sound argument in the Top […]

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The Effect of School Loans

If you’re a college grad, you know just how pricey paying back your tuition and educational expenses can be. And hopefully your good humored self can appreciate this funny pic of The Effect of School […]

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