The End of the Chinese Miracle

The big big economic boom in China seems to be on the down swing. But this, like everything, might come back around if given enough time. Read about it here with The End of the […]

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11 Memorable Presidential Words

The 2016 presidential race is on but it seems the candidates aren’t saying much worth repeating, let alone commit to memory. So I’m reaching back to present these 11 Memorable Presidential Words.

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Bernie Sanders For President

I generally stay out of two conversations absolutely guaranteed to get people no where: religion and politics. This time I can’t keep mum. The great Presidential race is underway. And the clock is just running […]

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Emerald Bay

It’s another dreary day in the North. Temperatures aren’t as sweet as they could be and sunshine is scarce. It would be so nice to be on a plane to Emerald Bay…even if leaving the […]

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A Man Who’d Just Died Is Sent To A Local Mortuary

Happy Tuesday! Time for a laugh break! Read this Reddit: A Man Who’d Just Died Is SEnt To A Local Mortuary. Laughter is the second best medicine.

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SXSW’s Music & Film Interactive

It’s Music Monday again (already!?!?!)…brace yourself for highlights of this year’s South by Southwest festival well underway and well, it makes me sad to say I didn’t make it there again. But I can watch […]

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Top 10 Things Only Fanatics of Van Gogh Will Know

Acclaimed artist Vincent Van Gogh is well known but far from understood. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Things Only Fanatics of Van Gogh Will Know. He was more than a painter who chopped […]

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How One Of My Closest Friends Taught Me How Me How To Die

If you have ever lost a family member or dear friend, you know the pain and sadness of that last goodbye. But what you may not know is the inherent joy in realizing the spirit […]

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Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kids’ Bodies

Ever remember what life was like before your cell phone became an integral part of your day? Are you aware of the impact that an iPhone or Android has on your kids? Read Here’s What […]

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True Love

Urban Dictionary is full of all kinds of hilarious, disgusting, and sometimes surprisingly accurate definitions of names, words, and phrases. One of which is their definition of True Love. Read it and weep…or laugh. Or […]

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