The Coming Climate Onslaught

The environmental agenda is now on the forefront of President Barack Obama’s plans for the year. This is great news even if it is thirty years too late. Read more here with The Coming Climate […]

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Concert For Valor: Watch Performances By Rihanna, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen

On November 11, 2014, music ascended the National Mall in Washington D.C. to celebrate and honor veterans. See the show here with Concert For Valor: Watch Performances By Rihanna, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen (and others!).

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Eminem Threatens To Punch Lana Del Rey In The Face, Azealia Banks Defends Her

Rapper Eminem is back…and he’s at it again! In the deployment of his creative license, he started a celebrity brawl (again.) Dear God, when will the world understand Marshall’s the MC of Pop Culture Satire??! […]

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Witches Are Real And Here’s What They Look Like

I have been accused of being a witch a time or two million. And one person once noted that my family may be a long line of them too. Perhaps that person is right. Perhaps […]

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History Of Veteran’s Day

Salute those who have and do serve by offering your thanks and looking back through the years at the History of Veteran’s Day.

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6 Truths About Being A Second Wife

The only thing worse than getting divorced the first time may be getting divorced a second time. So extend some understanding to the woman who stands by your former man or the woman brave enough […]

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NIH Chimps at Chimp Haven

Former Lab Chimps Bask In Their Hard-Won Retirement

Imagine living your life inside of a cage with a scientist doing all kinds of crazy sh*t to you. Then consider how you’d feel when that experience ends. Read about it here with Former Lab […]

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How Do Dogs Talk With Their Tails

Dogs are man’s best friend and have a lot in common with us except unlike their humans, dogs can convey how they feel with a shake of their hips. Read How Do Dogs Talk With […]

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How Legalizing Pot Could Save America

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: if weed were legalized and closely regulated, the US could once again resume it’s position as a global leader with a strong, thriving economy. But what’s the […]

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21 People Who Were Forced To Improvise And Totally Killed It

Spontaneity is essential in getting through some of life’s best and worst experiences. See how some did just that and managed to laugh in the face of the not so good stuff with 21 People […]

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