Your Brain Actually Doesn’t Suck At Passwords

Surprise! As you fumble for your Facebook, credit card, email, and other online logins, one thing is certain. Your memory might be foggy at times but Your Brain Actually Doesn’t Suck At Passwords.

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The Effects of Porn

Life gets a little heavy at times and we all need an escape. Some people turn to food. Others to porn. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is not up to us. […]

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15 Fast Summer Recipes

Longer days and warmer nights make for great adventure during summer months. But it also makes for a tough time squeezing in good food. Rather than hit a drive thru out of convenience, hit this […]

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Unbound: China’s Last ‘Lotus Feet’ – In Pictures

Chinese, like the rest of the world, have a standard of beauty and status of wealth that women often resort to painstaking lengths to maintain. The practice of foot binding thankfully is a waning custom […]

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Taylor Swift Tops The 2015 Maxim Hot 100

Maxim publishes a list of the world’s most banging babes every year. And each year the women get hotter. This year’s hottest yet is Taylor Swift. See the steamy pics and read the awesome interview […]

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10 Fun Family Night Ideas

Are you running out of ideas for family fun? Are you bored with board games? Is there nothing but junk on TV? Well, take a peek at this list of 10 Fun Family Night Ideas […]

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Unbiased Divorce Advice For Women

Is your relationship taking a nosedive straight down the spiral? Even if it’s not, have you noticed any changes in your partner’s habits, behavior, or even (lack of) communication? Chances are if you’re married, you’re […]

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You Won’t Believe That These 18 Awesome Things Were Actually Invented By Mistake

Guess what! If you, like myself, were an “oopsie” baby, you aren’t the only “Surprise!” creation on the planet! This list of great accidents is just as wonderful as you (and me) are! See You […]

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Canadian Apocalypse

There’s a wave of people busily and steadily preparing for the worse just north of the US. They spend much of their present preparing for nearly every possible future doomsday scenario. Read about it here […]

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Hey, What Are You Afraid Of?

When a spider sits down beside you, do you freak out? Does the buzz of a bumblebee send you into a tizzy? What about snakes or large predatory beasts like bears? Does the sight of […]

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