Wise Guys: How Much Younger Than Him Can A Man Date?

Do age designations mean anything to anyone in a world where it seems all bets are off? When cougars and cradle robbers abound and judgment reigns, how young is too young? Read about it with […]

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22 Celebrities Who Practice Open Relationships

Open relationships are somewhat of a taboo and totally revealing of a the true nature of human kind. Even though all couples end (or end up hate screwing their spouse’s/partner’s friends within an open relationship), […]

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Was The Man I Love Only With Me For My Money?

When a relationship ends, we often look back and think about all that happened. Ultimately, we wonder two things: what pulled us together and what tore us apart? Read one woman’s end game relationship story […]

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10 Smart Science Gifts For Kids

It’s that time of year again! Time for Holiday Shopping! If you’ve got a little person or four on your shopping list, check out the following 10 Smart Science Gifts For Kids. Help ‘em have […]

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Why Beer Does Not Spill

Does your drink slip all over the settee or does it stay where it belongs? Chances are, if you’re having a bubbly brew, it will stay. Check out Why Beer Does Not Spill.

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The Evolutionary Reason Why We Love Sitting By A Crackling Fire

There’s few things as wonderful as warming our bodies by fires. This activity not only reaches into our ancestral DNA but appeals to the present. Here’s why with The Evolutionary Reason Why We Love Sitting […]

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The Elementary School Bachelor

Some kids are born knowing they want the full show: huge wedding, white dress, white picket fence. And others, like myself, were born knowing they want the complete opposite. Have a Happy Wednesday chuckle with […]

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41 Amazing Food Tricks You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

Anything that fills you up and tastes good is probably good by you right? Check out ways to make the best of both with 41 Amazing Food Tricks You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know.

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Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists?

If you know anyone with the dark and selfish personality traits that embody the narcissist, you’re not alone. And if you spend any time around them, chances are you wonder often if they are remotely […]

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Peanut Allergy Patch Quest Has DBV of France Evading Suitors

A team of scientists and medical researchers may have created Viaskin – a protective patch to protect allergic kids from the dangers of peanuts. Read more here with Peanut Allergy Patch Quest Has DBV of […]

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