Ben Stiller Goes Public With Being Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer at 48

Actor Ben Stiller revealed a recent health issue. Here’s Ben Stiller Goes Public With Being Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer at 48.

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Mattel's Hot Wheels are seen on display

11 Collectible Facts About Hot Wheels

An old friend from long ago had one of the biggest Hot Wheels collections I’d ever seen. And probably will never see anything like it again. This one is for him. Here’s 11 Collectible Facts […]

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Three Nobel Prize Winners Who Went Bonkers

Being a genius and being absolutely mad often go hand in hand. Here’s some historical proof with Three Nobel Prize Winners Who Went Bonkers.

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Monotony Quotes

The monotony of running, working, and trying to squeeze some living into life gets to us all after a while. The trick lies in how you handle it all. So savor the positive with these […]

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Projections Differ, But Social Security Is In Deep Trouble

Many financial insiders and analysts believe that the U.S. Social Security system is deeply compromised. Here’s Projections Differ, But Social Security Is In Deep Trouble.

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20 Foods That Give You The Most Nutrient Bang For Your Buck

With worldwide economies in crisis, it’s a safe bet to retain as much money as you can and preserve your health whatever the cost. That includes your trips to the grocery market. Here are 20 […]

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Is This Bill Clinton’s Love Child? Prostitute’s Son Says Ex-President Is His Father And Claims Hillary “Banished” Him

Some wild news is rocking the Clinton campaign: apparently former President Bill Clinton fathered a mix-raced son, Danney Williams. The child was born in 1985 to a drug afflicted prostitute living five blocks from the […]

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Bon Iver’s Latest Is A Soulful Mix Of Wood And Microchips

Crooner Bon Iver and his guitar have a certain kind of magic that is rare these days. And he has a whole entire album full of new tunes. Have a happy Music Monday with this […]

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My Wife And I Went On A Honeymoon To Australia

If you long to go down under where there are plenty of beaches, warm weather, sunshine, and kangaroos, this joke may not be for you. But it’s surely as funny as can be! Here’s My […]

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13 More Punny Halloween Costumes

October brings falling leaves and all kinds of things…including candy filled treats and tricky costumes. See the best of ‘em here with 13 More Punny Halloween Costumes.

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