Life In A Jar: The Irena Sendler Project

Noble Prize pickers chose Al Gore over Irena Sendler a couple of years back but man, you need to hear her remarkable story. She’s worthy of sainthood for her courage and bravery. Check out Life […]

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How To Protect Your Business In A Divorce

So you’re “happily ever after” has ended into a caustic, bitter court battle. Or maybe you’re thinking it will despite how happy you may be. Or maybe you just want to save your a$$ets. Here’s […]

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The Most Insane Truck Ever Built and the 4-Year-Old Who Commands It

There’s nothing a parent won’t do for their child/children. And one inventive dad went beyond the ordinary, invested four years, and spent millions to build something just for his daughter. Here is The Most Insane […]

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First Watch: Natalie Merchant, ‘Giving Up Everything’

Attention world: next month, on May 6, Natalie Merchant will release her first album in 13 years. And NPR has the first single and video. Lend your First Watch: Natalie Merchant, ‘Giving Up Everything.’

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NASA Rover Photographs Strange Light On Mars

Good news for people who suspect live exists in the outer realms of space: there was light “detected” on Mars. Read about it here with NASA Rover Photographs Strange Light On Mars. I’d dare wager […]

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15 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used To

Words, like people have come far over the years. See how they have evolved to have very different meanings than what they meant when they originated with 15 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used […]

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How To Get Foodies to Pay Top Dollar for Fast Food

The health conscious and those with special dietary needs have trouble when eating on the run. After all, the convenient fast food fare at pit stops and rest areas is loaded with all kinds of […]

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Jokes About Kids

Nobody does comedy like Comedy Central. And few do Jokes About Kids as well as the groups of talented individuals heck bent on making us laugh! Smile. It’s TUESDAY!

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The Top 10 Complaints From Unhappy Husbands

Marriage. Love. Relationships. Is anybody happy? See the list of The Top 10 Complaints From Unhappy Husbands to perhaps help your marriage endure.

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5 Recent Underreported Environmental Disasters

It seems abusing the earth – the one thing sustaining life – is more the norm than protecting it. Here’s the proof with the following 5 Recent Underreported Environmental Disasters.

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