Our Ancestors Were Baby Sitters

Evolutionary biologists just completed an interesting study with conclusions which support the “it takes a village” theory in child rearing. It seems our ancient ancestors all took care of the young – even when there […]

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WikiLeaks Launches Campaign To Offer $100,000 “Bounty” For Leaked Drafts of Secret TPP Chapters

Julian Assange and crew are still in action and ready to blow the lid off of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Except they’re missing some pertinent information. See how far they’ll go with WikiLeaks Launches campaign […]

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2015 Summer Movie Preview: The 15 Must-See Films

Summer is fast approaching so it’s best to have a go to line up of great rainy day flicks. From remakes to superheroes, new Minions and nearly everything else, here’s your 2015 Summer Movie Preview: […]

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Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father’s Day

Honor your dad, grandpa, or guy who’s like a dad this year by picking up a great gift for him. Probably anything (and everything) on this list will do. Here’s the Best Father’s Day Gear […]

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A Hidden Danger In The New Versions of Birth Control Pills

Contraceptive pills may have revolutionized the nature of sex but it sure as hell hasn’t done much for women’s health. Read A Hidden Danger In The New Versions of Birth Control Pills to learn more.

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13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make

What happens when you pair man’s best friend with one of man’s best inventions? Comedy. Check out this great list of the 13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make.

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California’s Water Paradox: Why Enough Will Never Be Enough

What shakes above ground and is completely void of the second most vital element required to sustain human life? That’s right, California! See why here with California’s Water Paradox: Why Enough Will Never Be Enough.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Commencement speeches are notorious for droning endlessly and offering ingratiating gratitude. Fortunately Reddit’s here with reality when it comes to graduating and giving thanks. Laugh here with Credit Where Credit Is Due.

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Giant Sawfish Have Virgin Births, Rewrite Biology Textbooks

Virgin births are not only stuff of Biblical proportions anymore. It seems that scientists have discovered a fish in Florida that can reproduce on its own. Read more here with Giant Sawfish Have Virgin Births, […]

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25 Movie Scene Locations In Real Life

Imagine traveling the world. Then imagine traveling the world in search of your favorite scenes from your favorite movies. You can do all that without leaving the comfort of your Wifi with this one! Here […]

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