The Eleventh Hour

Send a strong thought and big prayer to the Sauer family as they deal with one of the worst losses imaginable. Read a remarkable story of the power of love here with The Eleventh Hour.

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What The Most Secure Email In The Universe Would Look Like

Thank GOOOOD!!!!!! A group of geniuses have found an antidote to all of NSA’s intrusiveness. Read about it here with What The Most Secure Email In The Universe Would Look Like.

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10 Monumental Malignantly Narcissistic Sociopaths

If you’ve spent any time around a sociopath, you know full well just how f**king crazy they are. The depths of their soullessness are unfathomable as you can see here with the following 10 Monumental […]

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The Most Glamorous Audrey Hepburn Quotes

Acclaimed actress Audrey Hepburn stole the screen with her roles in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, and several other films. But her amazing wit and wisdom stole hearts. Check out and enjoy The Most Glamorous […]

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8 Famous Ideas That Came From Dreams (Literally)

Amazing things can happen while we sleep. Our minds move the mental clutter, our bodies recharge, and sometimes a great idea or work of art is born. See some of the best here with 8 […]

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25 Skills Every Man Should Know

A guy was made to build things and destroy things and do all kinds of great stuff. The wonders of men are admirably fascinating. Some know more than others though. See how you compare with […]

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How Famines Make Future Generations Fat

It’s hard to believe that times of food scarcity can cause a person’s system to produce chubby offspring. But it’s true. ehre’s How Famines Make Future Generations Fat.

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How To Pretend To Be Someone’s Friend

Facebook has a new limbo zone! And it seems to be the only place where one has no choice but to accept. It’s called acquaintances. Here’s How To Pretend To Be Someone’s Friend On Facebook.

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Does True Love Exist?

Debate.org is the number one place to start a fight…on the Internet…about weighty things. Like true love. Read the narrow divide between both sides with Does True Love Exist?

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Mother’s Day Quotes & Poems

Words have power so this Mother’s Day, choose well. And perhaps borrow any of the following truly great Mother’s Day Quotes & Poems.

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