New Research Confirms 9 Ways To Help Beat Dementia

As we age everything about our bodies breaks down. And sometimes that process takes our minds with it. Learn how to prevent or treat that brain break down with New Research Confirms 9 Ways To […]

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5 Adorable Behaviors That Mean Your Dog Hates You

Most nights my children and I unwind beneath the blaring noise and eye burning glow of our television. (I mean, at the end of the day, I barely have enough strength to climb the stairs […]

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Parenting Is Not A “Job,” And Marriage Is Not “Work”

Read the roundabout jibberish written about modern day wrangling of family, work, and life here with Parenting Is Not A “Job,” And Marriage Is Not “Work.”

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Stocks Fall

The US stock market has seen unprecendented growth since the Trump took the stage…I mean throne…I mean office… And now it seems the nation and investors are scrambling to pull out like folks having unprotected […]

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Barcelona: 13 Killed As Van Rams Crowds In Las Ramblas

Pardon my negative mood today but I am so sick of bad news that I could cry. Or yell. Or find the assholes and give them a good talking to. Needless, following the Charlottesville mess […]

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What The Health: A Wolf’s Eye Review

I forced my children to settle in an watch the foodocumentary “What The Health” the other night. And though the film had a few solid nutritional and environmental points, much of it was fruity veganism. […]

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Everything You Want To Know About North Korea Nukes (But Were Afraid To Ask)

As my faithful followers know, when it comes to my life and world news, I do more than tune it out: I build my bubble and mind my business. Except when things like potential nuclear […]

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Do Men Really Get Over Break Ups Faster Than Women?

The end of a relationship, no matter how serious or light the romance was, can be different for men than it is for women according to the latest scoop from Binghamton University researchers. In fact, […]

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Take A Look At The Greatest And Greenest Yards in America

As the primary in house landscaper, I truly appreciate and admire a well tended yard (and garden…speaking of which, I need to go weed…) If you’re like me, Take A Look At The Greatest And […]

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The Truth About Our Society

Socialism, communism, capitalism, Marxism… -isms rule the universe it seems. And sometimes people aptly point that out. Read The Truth About Our Society and the comments for entertainment…

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