How To Adjust When Your Child Is Moving Out For The First Time

When the inevitable happens, it’s often hard to pick up and move on. Espcially when your children fly the nest. Here’s some help with How To Adjust When Your Child Is Moving Out For The […]

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Why You Should Give Away 50% of Your Stuff

As I approach the inevitable 40, I have found that life is more about experience than stuff. And, man, have I accquired stuff. Here’s Why You ShoulD Give Away 50% of Your Stuff.

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This Cloud Looks Like A Feather

Nature’s majesty is fabulous. Especially when it changes the ordinary to the extraordinary. See for yourself here with This Cloud Looks Like A Feather.

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Sports Arena

Football is back! And it is time to celebrate with a laugh! Check out Sports Arena. Hee hee hee hee….

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Get Up, Stand Up!

That Bob Marley was on to something with one of his songs! It seems those of us with sedentary jobs need to Get Up, Stand Up! for improved health. Check it out!

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Yoga For Back Pain

I tend to be prone to monopolizing on sunshine after the summer we had. So with yesterday’s full blast and blue skies, I attacked the lawn and in the process darn near broke my back. […]

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How To Cope With The Ex Who Wants To Punish You

Anyone who knows me (or reads my work) knows far too well the horrors of my first marriage. And it seems that man is still out to get me. If you find yourself in a […]

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Flipping Houses 101

Have you ever wanted to play the real estate game?? Here’s a beginner’s guide with Flipping Houses 101.

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The Funniest Superhero Memes

Who doesn’t love superheroes? As someone who does, when the mysterious forces of the universe collide with the powers of humanity, the result is some of The Funniest Superhero Memes. Enjoy!

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Magic Mushrooms May One Day Treat Depression: Study Investigating Active Substance In The Illegal Drug Is Due To Launch Early Next Year

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the origins of our modern medicine but lore has it Ancient Greeks had a potent herb that acted as a contraceptive that was completely extinct almost upon […]

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