Adorable Old Couple Is The Real-Life “Notebook”

If you’ve seen or read Nicolas Sparks’ “The Notebook,” chances are you know full well both rip at the floodgates of your eyes and heart (provided you have one.) The fact of the matter is, […]

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Leaders From Humble Beginnings

What do Ben Franklin, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, and Rosa Parks all have in common? They are some of America’s favorite leaders, and not only that, but they all came from very humble beginnings. Check […]

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Space Supply Management

Supply chain management is used in almost every form of business, even when it comes to space travel. Check out this infographic to learn more about the different aspects of space supply chain management.

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How To Close On A House & Not Freak Out

Home buying can be a harrowing experience. From nightmare money pits to bidding wars, the stress involved in the process of getting a house can be unreal. Here’s a few tips to help you through […]

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The Top 25 Best Drake Songs Of All Time

Twenty six year old Canadian Aubrey Drake Graham has taken the world by storm since smashing into popularity with his 2009 debut album. In the years since, he’s rocked fans with, as George Steiner best […]

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Wicker & Stitch

If you’re anything like me, you avoid decorating like it’s the plague. But every once in a while I stumble upon certain themes and elements that catch my eye. One of which is great stuff […]

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8 Genetically Modified Foods I Wish Existed

Imagine being able to bite into a juicy watermelon the same way that you bite into an crisp apple. Then read the following College Humor list of 8 Genetically Modified Foods I Wish Existed.

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Physical Activity Boosts Brain Power

Creighton University and Lincoln Public Schools conducted a study of children and found a link between body mass index, overall health, aerobic fitness, and academic performance. The conclusion: aerobic fitness impacts academic performance more than […]

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21 Funny Friday Pictures

Itttttt’ssssss FFFFRRRRRIIIIDDDDAAAYYYY!!!! Before you celebrate the kick off to the weekend, peruse the following 21 Funny Friday Pictures. Have a laugh! Have a cocktail! And above all else, have a GREAT weekend!!

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A Photographer’s Stunning Pictures Of His Girlfriend Leading Him Around The World

The only thing better than shooting great pictures traversing the earth’s most beautiful places is holding the hand of the person you love while doing it. Soak in the sights of a man who did […]

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