pit bulls

Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance

Pit Bulls are notoriously known for being dangerous, but is this really true? Check out this infographic to learn more about Pit Bulls and how they aren’t as dangerous as you might think.

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Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

As the parent of a special needs child, some days are sooo much better than others. Especially those days when another parent goes on endlessly about how great their “normal” child is. Here’s some humor […]

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The Best Of The Adirondacks

Plan your Adirondack mountain summer getaway early by adding any of The Best of the Adirondacks places to your trip itinerary. From The Mountaineer to Whiteface, The Sagamore to any of the 30,000 miles of […]

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What Do Men Really Want?

Men (and women) aren’t snowflakes and their preferences for what they like in a woman varies significantly. Especially from an evolutionary standpoint. Here’s a few answers to the ultimate question: What Do Men Really Want?

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There’s A Big Problem With Knowing Who’s Viewed Your Facebook Profile

If you are among the billions of people who use the world’s largest digital social network, chances are great you wonder who is checking your information out. And why. Though we don’t have all of […]

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2013 Festival Of Colors

The astounding wonder the Utah Kirishnas Holi celebration in Spanish Fork, Utah, paired with Devin Supertramp’s filmography has resulted in a magical video set to welcome spring. Here’s a look at what remote control helicopters […]

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15 Spectacular Hidden Beaches

Beach lovers who seek escape to a remote paradise far away from others will love taking a look at the following 15 Spectacular Hidden Beaches. From secluded white sands and crystal blue water plus the […]

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Luring Young Web Warriors Is A Priority. It’s Also A Game.

Imagine some of the world’s youngest and sharpest minds uniting their somewhat dangerous powers for password cracking, exposing system vulnerabilities, and accessing web site administrators’ accounts plus gaining social interaction with like minded peers. Then […]

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How To Spot A Sociopath – 10 Red Flags That Could Save You From Being Swept Under The Influence of a Charismatic Nut Job

Ever notice how some can cast an irresistible spell on others and they seem to be forever entraced? The good news for you is you don’t have to fall for the spell. The bad news […]

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26 Places Shibu Inus Don’t Belong

One of the six spitz Japanese breeds of dogs is also one of the most spirited and agile dogs on the planet. Plus they’re cute. And funny. Here’s 26 Places Shibu Inus Don’t Belong.

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