Walker Declares May 4 Heterotaxy Day

We had great news out of Wisconsin from last week! It seems Governor Scott Walker took some time to make a change in one of the most rare and worst congenital heart defects known to […]

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Netflix Cuts Out Over 6 Days Of Commercials From Your Life Per Year, Compared To Cable TV

Do you have cable? The bad news is not only are you paying too much for entertainment, but you’re losing almost a week of your life. Read the proof here with Netflix Cuts Out Over […]

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How To Find Out Everything Google Knows About You

Ever notice how Facebook and Google seem to be just like that Sting song “Every Breath You Take”? Well they both are keeping tabs on their users. And Google seems to have nailed the market […]

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Why Millennial Parents Have It The Hardest

Do you think parenting has ever been easier than it is now? It turns out others agree that it seems that life in the US has only gotten harder for those of us who have […]

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Is Working At A Computer In The Dark Bad For Your Eyes?

What do you know about eye strain? What does everyone else know about eye strain? Read the facts here to FINALLY determine Is Working At A Computer In The Dark Bad For Your Eyes?

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Decades of Studies Show What Happens To Marriages After Having Kids

In “Holy Sh*t it’s not just me!” news, Forbes published a recent study suggesting that married with children folks are equally miserable but least likely to divorce! Whew. Read how Decades of Studies Show What […]

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Best Family Vacations In The USA

With summer break fast approaching, it is time to think about things to do to keep your kids busy and maximize memory making for your family. Why not take a break, pack it up, and […]

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What Is “Natural” Food? A Riddle Wrapped In Notions Of Good And Evil

Eating in modern times is as difficult as finding a website or conversation without the word “Facebook” entering in. Both are fraught with the pervasive evil some of us are trying to keep out of […]

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Here’s How To Listen To Radiohead’s New Album

It’s Music Monday and we’re so happy to tell you that Thom Yorke and crew are back that we are jumping for joy! The long, long, L-O-N-G awaited ninth album is a masterpiece so here’s […]

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Ten Ways To Honor Mom On Mother’s Day

It’s (almost) Mother’s Day. Why not give that lady who gave you life a bit of your time, attention, and love with any of these great Ten Ways To Honor Mom On Mother’s Day. Have […]

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