Does Rob Ford Smoke Crack?

Toronto mayor, business man, and politician Robert Ford is facing allegations of drug use. Take a look at the argument behind the ultimate question: Does Rob Ford Smoke Crack?

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healthcaregov Is Fundamentally Flawed

Was the big reveal of the Affordable Care Act via as big of a flop as many think it was (and still is)? You be the judge after you lay your eyes on this: […]

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“The Origins Of Sex”: When Sex Became Modern

Living in a sex saturated society makes it difficult to believe that sex as we know it hasn’t always been this way. And though scientists are uncertain of the precise beginnings of fornication, coitus, and […]

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Relaxation And Sleep

Insomnia? Nightmares? Stress? Pain? Apnea? These and several other factors may keep you up at night. Find out what you need to know about Relaxation and Sleep here! Good night and sweet dreams!

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Inside China: Nuclear Submarines Capable of Widespread Attack On U.S.

Chinese nuclear warheads have the ability to wreak massive devastation to the west coast (and beyond) of the U.S. Here’s some 30 photos proving it with Inside China: Nucleaer Submarines Capable of Widespread Attack On […]

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Tricks or Treats? Unfortunate Vintage Candy Wrappers

Collectors Weekly has a collection of the worst terrible confections ever found in Halloween loot. Check them out here with Tricks or Treats? Unfortunate Vintage Candy Wrappers.

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Happy Halloween

It’s the most celebrated night of the year (well…one of)! That’s right Halloween IS HERE!!! Happy Halloween all you witches, goblins, zombies, ghosts, tricksters, and treaters!

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Like It Or Not, This Is The Future Of American Journalism

Journalism in the 21st century is much, much different than the roots from which it evolved. For better or worse, that’s just the way it is. What the future holds is mostly uncertain but we […]

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NASA Space Telescopes To Peer Deeper Into Universe Than Ever Before

If you’re a science geek like me, you’re going to love the latest news out of NASA: for the first time they’ve improved their abilities and developed the ways they see far, far, far into […]

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10 Surprisingly Inspirational Quotes From Evil People

If one looks back throughout history, one can see a number of bad, bad men and women who have done terrible things. Despite their awfulness, some shocked the world with their words of wisdom. Read […]

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