12 Highest Waterfalls In The World

People have climbed through jungles and forests to check them out or cool off in waterfalls for ages. Jimi Hendrix even wrote a song about them. Some are small, and some are very, very big. […]

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Real-Life Homes From Film And TV

There are a bunch of structures and properties scattered throughout the globe that were constructed because of the owners’ favorite film or flick. Check them out here with Real-Life Homes From Film and TV.

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The Best Rainy-Day Activities For Kids

“We’re bored” and “There’s nothing to do!” can be a thing of a past thanks to the ingenious minds at Redbook. The next time your family is trapped indoors because of inclement weather, check out […]

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‘Kindle Worlds’ Lets Authors Publish Fan Fiction – At Dubious Cost

Yesterday Amazon revealed semi-good, highly debatable news for fan writers! The reveal of Kindle Worlds, Amazon’s digital publishing platform, now allows fanfics to utilize official licenses to write about their favorite Warner Brothers/Alloy Entertainment shows. […]

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Why The Internet Sucks You In Like A Black Hole

Ever notice the difference between an Internet minute and a real life minute? Thanks to the wheels of creation, the Internet and our minds are wired in a way that is complimentary but difficult to […]

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Tattoo Body Map: What Your Bad Decision Says About You

Ever wonder why people ink their necks, faces, wrists, upper or lower backs, ankles, boobs, the back of their hand, backsides, arms, etc? If you have, you probably wonder how much the location of a […]

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The Human Body Is A Well Calibrated Machine

The wonders of the inner and outer workings of humans are fantastic. The things that make us tick are truly like clockwork. Check out more here with The Human Body Is A Well Calibrated Machine.

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The Dishonest Tradition Of Fudging The Facts On A Resume

Alright so we’ve all applied for a job (or ten given the economy these days) and chances are great that some of us may have “altered information” about ourselves to (hopefully) land the position we […]

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Google Glass

Driving with Google Glass

Google Glass will definitely be the next big thing in mobile technology, but will it distract people from important things like driving? Check out this infographic to learn about how Google Glass will affect drivers.

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Sandwich Monsters

Imagining opening your lunch and finding your sandwich looks like a salamander, lizard, or other little beast. Feast your eyes on the following Sandwich Monsters and appreciate the culinary creativity of some great souls!

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