Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kids’ Bodies

Ever remember what life was like before your cell phone became an integral part of your day? Are you aware of the impact that an iPhone or Android has on your kids? Read Here’s What […]

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True Love

Urban Dictionary is full of all kinds of hilarious, disgusting, and sometimes surprisingly accurate definitions of names, words, and phrases. One of which is their definition of True Love. Read it and weep…or laugh. Or […]

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31 Things To Do When You Have No Money

If you are out of a job or just living with the side effects of a sluggish economy, chances are you’re as broke as me. The good news is you’re as not stuck as you […]

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15 Chic Family-Friendly Living Rooms To Inspire You

Whether you have furry kids or human kids, chances are your living room is due for an upgrade. Before you do that, be sure to select some of the great ideas on this list with […]

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You Will Never Find Work-Life Balance

As a work from home mom, it’s extremely difficult to find the perfect blend between my duties as a parent and my responsibilities as an employee. Seems (thankfully) I’m not the only one… here’s why […]

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Feeling Small: Fingers Can Detect Nano-Scale Wrinkles on Seemingly Smooth Surface

If you’re one of those who can’t stand so much as a residual speck of sand on your hand, you’re not alone. A recent study suggests lots of us feel this way. Read how Feeling […]

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The Behind The Scenes Secrets of Airplane Pilots

If you’re like me and have an extreme fear of flying, you may not want to read what the master in command does once he settles into the cockpit. Or maybe you do. It’s your […]

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The iMom

It seems we humans are lazy by nature and shirk even the best of responsibilities to others and even machines. What would happen if mothers were swapped with robots? See the catastrophic results here with […]

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Jennifer Aniston Dishes On Married Life With Justin Theroux: ‘We Felt Married For So Long’

The now 47 year old, twice married, former Friends and film star Jennifer Aniston has a lot of wisdom to impart. And she did just that with a recent People interview. Read about Jen’s experiences […]

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There Are Cities In Russia That No One Is Allowed To Go

It seems there are entire towns and cities scattered throughout the former Soviet Union that “don’t exist” except for the people who live there. How neat would it be to live in a place that […]

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