Reading Lists: Best Books For Tween Boys

Reading has always been my thing and fortunately, my children were also born with the same appetites for reading. Except they devour books faster than I can buy them. So I’m turning it out to […]

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Nirvana, 1991

Who doesn’t love a little Kurt Cobain and crew? Here’s a Friday flashback with Nirvana, 1991.

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Australian Man Trapped Underwater Does Yoga To Save Himself

We all know how powerful yoga is if we participate but did you know it could potentially save your life? Check out this tale of how an Australian Man Trapped Underwater Does Yoga To Save […]

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Sex and Its Divine Nature

Apparently Plato and I have a lot of thoughts in common. Even when it comes to carnal delights. Feed your mind with Sex and Its Divine Nature.

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shitty person

Letting Go of Shitty Relationships

I’m all about minimalizing everything these days – from the clutter within my home to the clutter within my heart. And accepting things as they are has been both liberating and terrifying. Especially when it […]

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The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down

I’m not a part of the women’s movement overtaking the world. I expect nothing just because I’m a broad. In fact, I’m just a mom who battles the home-life war every moment since she had […]

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‘I Know They Are Going To Die.’ This Foster Father Takes In Only Terminally Ill Children

I jokingly refer to myself as the “Animal Death Angel” because more than a handful of creatures have crawled to my property, porch or window sills to pass. It’s heartbreaking but being the person I […]

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The Stories Behind The Most Famous Slogans

Brands often have a hook that reels buyers into their product but often the buyers don’t know the backstories of the hooks. Check out The Stories Behind The Most Famous Slogans.

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Was Matthew McConaughey’s ‘McConaissance’ Merely A Self-Fulfilling Media Narrative?

In “I don’t care I love him anyway” news, Matthew McConaughey has caught eyes and hearts for many, many years but some claim otherwise. Check out Was Matthew McConaughey’s ‘McConaissance’ Merely A Self-Fulfilling Media Narrative?

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23 Delicious Soups You Can Make In A Slow Cooker

My crockpot and I have a love-hate relationship. I love that it produces yummy things but hate that most of the recipes I find are rather gross. Except for these 23 Delicious Soups You Can […]

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