Pros And Cons Of Home Ownership

I’m nearly 40 and never owned a house (yet). For reasons that make rational sense, I’ve always held back on purchasing a home but lately I’ve been considering it. Here are the Pros and Cons […]

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The Long Happy Life

Enlightened ones know that true happiness and good health come from within. So when the geniuses at Psychology Today created The Long Happy Life, I tuned in my attention. Namaste!

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Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up For Sale

The Internet is destroying the world! And it’s wake of destruction has swallowed Jann Wenner’s 50 year old publication. Check out Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up For Sale.

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The Big Kid Gift Guide

Birthdays for older children are harder than ever to get gifts for. Their ever changing moods and interests are hard to keep up with unless you’ve got a secret weapon like this list of The […]

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It’s Still Summer. Put Away Your Damn Pumpkins.

People today seem to just rush through live and not savor the little things, especially the change in seasons. So this streak of warm weather we’re experiencing in the North is refreshing in spite of […]

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In Amish Country, The Future Is Calling

It seems the Amish have hopped slighly aboard the technology train with the introduction of cell phones and such. Who would have thought that In Amish Country, The Future Is Calling?

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Viking Expert Raises Doubts Over Research Claiming Famous Warrior Was Actually A Woman

Who doesn’t love Vikings? Their stories, their feats, their warlike behavior? And we all know that the ‘net loves to glorify women. So when a recent story emerged combining the two, we were all eyes. […]

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Child Welfare System Increasingly Relying On Relatives To Raise Children Exposed To Trauma

Having been through a few child welfare issues over the years regarding my first husband, I’ve seen the failings of our child protective services. And it’s only getting worse. See more here with Child Welfare […]

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2 Solutions For Worn Out Bathtubs

If you’re like me, you’re rather handy around the house but not so great at making major repairs. So when it comes to old bathrooms, I reached for these 2 Solutions For Worn Out Bathtubs.

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17 People Share Their Most Brutally Cringeworthy Hook-Up Story

Hey, we all know that booze often fuels some ridiculous stories. But when you wake up the next day, chances are you might have a regret or twenty. Listen to 17 People Share Their Most […]

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