Bizarre Cluster Of Stars Helps Scientists Study The Ancient Galaxy

Learning about the Milky Way is as ever changing as everything in life. And now we have more information than before. Take a look at the sky and this Bizarre Cluster Of Stars Helps Scientists […]

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16 Ways To Prep For School Separation Anxiety

It’s cruel that summer has drawn to an end. And if you’re the parent of young children, you know that school drop offs won’t be easy. So here’s 16 Ways To Prep For School Separation […]

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Do Women Ever Go Their Own Way?

It seems life for humanity is as doomed as a second marriage (pun intended). So many men elect to check out of society as a whole and do their own thing in a MGTOW movement. […]

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Scientists Discover Sixth Taste

It seems people have a taste for the sweet, salty, sour, bitter and another sensory delight: Starchy. Here’s Scientists Discover Sixth Taste.

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Fill The Tank

Who doesn’t love a kid in a cozy coupe? The person who told the kid to Fill The Tank. Ha!

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Men In Suits

What do you think about a sharp dressed man? Do you like the suit and tie look? Or do you mistrust it? Seems one Englander has a very accurate take on Men In Suits. Read […]

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14 Ways To Make More Money At A Yard Sale – And Have Fun Too

The jury is out on whether or not a yard or garage sale is worth the time and energy it takes. But if you’re like me, you’re still having one. Make it better with these […]

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Woman Changes Old Instagram Captions After Finding Out Boyfriend Cheated On Her

The pain of letting a painful relationship go is pretty fierce. But sometimes we can turn that pain into a work of (painfully witty and regretfully hilarious) art. Check out Woman Changes Old Instagram Captions […]

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15 Kinds Of Verbal Abuse

Snarky sarcasm is one thing. And being an emotionally unstable, soul corrosive pile of hurtful criticism is something else. Read the 15 Kinds Of Verbal Abuse to better understand how to defend yourself.

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5 Signs You Completely Bore Her In Bed

It’s “Get Your Freak On” Friday (for some of us anyway) so it’s time to be thinking about your bedroom powers (or lack thereof). Here’s a point to ponder with 5 Signs You Completely Bore […]

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