20 People Who Should NOT Be Taking A Selfie Right Now

Youngsters are quite adept at capturing their vanity in all kinds of situations by snapping pics of themselves. Unfortunately, their timing is often off. See the worst of it here with 20 People Who Should […]

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International Men’s Day

Three cheers for people with a penis! Today’s their day to celebrate their birth given rights! Honor them by treating them right and checking out International Men’s Day!

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18 Non Toy Gifts For Children

With only a little more than one week until Black Friday and only 35 shopping days until Christmas, it’s time to get thinking about what you’re putting under your tree. Especially for you kids. Get […]

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Christmas Countdown

There are only 36 days until Christmas 2014! Watch the clock here with Christmas Countdown!

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The Ten Million Dollar Diet

If you live in the U.S., it’s time to face the truth: we’re fat. And sedentary. And not doing much to curb our unhealthiness. Read about the National Weight Control Registry and what you can […]

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Big Data, Underground Railroad

They say the universe keeps sending us the same lesson until we master it and the issue of privacy and data collection is now exception. Read more here with Big Date, Underground Railroad.

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Houdini’s Secrets Revealed

Illusionist, magician, stunt performer, and escape artist Harry Houdini has wowed the masses since he first began his career in the early 1900s. And we all want to know: How did he do that?? Now […]

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4 Signs Of Aging No One Warns You About

It happens as I suppose getting hit by a bus happens: instantly and irreversibly. That’s right: the clock struck and you’re now OLD. In case you missed it, so much is wasted on youth that […]

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Having An Affair? There Are Six Different Kinds

Fooling around and falling in love? Guess what?! You’re not alone. In fact, you likely fall into a category. Here’s Having An Affair? There Are Six Different Kinds. It’s kind of frightening to think that […]

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Unattractive Men Look Better To Women On The Pill

Here’s good news for those who have great personalities but are lacking physically: Unattractive Men Look Better To Women On The Pill. At least per the latest study, that is! And we’re pretty sure the […]

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