Driving Somewhere? There’s A Gov’t Record Of That

It seems the justice department has a new way to monitor citizens in the U.S.: by tracking their cars. Per the Mesquite Police Department in Texas’s Lieutenant Bill Hedgpeth, “There’s no expectation of privacy.” Read […]

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Contrary to popular belief, bad skin isn’t caused dirt or chocolate. And it’s just a part of life for people dealing with the most prevalent skin condition affecting people of all ages. Learn more about […]

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the god

20 Actors Who Turned Down Big Roles

Did you know that Jack Nicholson, rather than Al Pacino, could have been The Godfather or that Tom Cruise could have been Ren in Footloose? Learn more about which Hollywood big timers passed on huge […]

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Latest Parenting Method: CTFD

David Vienna, writer and father, has a great article on one of the most inspirational parenting techniques ever. It’s available over at Huffington post and you can read about it here with Latest Parenting Method: […]

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Ten Bad Ideas That Seemed Good At The Time

Car manufacturers were the kings of invention and the rogues of bad ideas. I mean, who wouldn’t want an “in car mini bar”?!? Take a peek at some of the worst with Ten Bad Ideas […]

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Carried Like A Baby

Funny man Mark Malkoff has taken his career as a comedian, author, and filmmaker to a new peak just by strapping on to 7 ft tall actor Grizz Chapman and hanging out in New York […]

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Forgotten 90s Boy Bands: Where Are They Now?

If you were a fan of hot (but mostly obscure) heart throbs who smoldered and shook their stuff to the delight of adolescent girls ’round the world, this one is for you. Ever wonder what […]

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Temar Boggs, Pennsylvania Teen, Saved Jocelyn Rojas, Abducted 5-Year-Old Girl

It’s not every day that a fifteen year old is presented with the chance to become a hero in the eyes of a little girl and an entire nation but that’s just what Temar Boggs […]

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How To Buy A Home For As Little As $15,000

Spending less on your house than you did on your car may seem a bit ludicrous to many but it is possible if you qualify through the HUD program. Check out How To Buy A […]

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have you thought it through

Cheating On Your Girlfriend: To Tell Or Not To Tell

Relationships aren’t a test you can fake your way through to passing. And even if you don’t say it, you know she knows when you cheat. Plus you know damned well it’s 90% likely someone […]

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