WTF Were They Thinking?

Ever look at someone while standing in the checkout line or clicking around on the interwebz and wonder: “What were you thinking?” Other people do that too. Here’s 45 examples with WTF Were They Thinking?

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Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of Mediocrity

The tech industry has buzzed for months about the certain unveil of the Facebook phone but is the anticipation more glorious than the device? Here’s what Wired thinks with Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of […]

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Our Funny Friday Blog Post

Take a second to unwind by checking out the 100 Million Ideas site. They offer a laugh with Our Funny Friday Blog Post and also offer help to people living in poverty. Support the great […]

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100 Best Debut Albums Of All Time

A band’s first album often makes or breaks them. Some are good. Some are bad. And some are just fabulous. Check out the 100 Best Debut Albums Of All Time.

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Drug Policy Reform Is Breaking Through At The International Level

International changes on how governments and organizations handle drug offenses are slowly but surely sweeping across the globe. From The United Nation’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs to progressive, forward thinking governments slowly changing their policies […]

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Snow Hangover

The Secret World Of ‘Garbagemen’

Usually after you haul your trash to the curb or dump, your mind doesn’t consider where the things you throw away end up. But the sanitation workers of the world do. Here’s more about The […]

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super scholar

Intelligence: The First Quality Employers Look For

Intelligence is one of the first qualities employers look for, among others. Check out this infographic to learn about what attributes employers look for the most.

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The Unexpected Return of the Asiatic Wild Ass

In the Mongolian desert, Arabian Peninsula, and remote stretches of Russia lives the untamed, hooved, horse/donkey-like Onager or Asiatic Wild Ass. Once considered nearly extinct, the great comeback of the animal’s population has surprised even […]

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Beer – the frothy, cold beverage of ball games, pubs, picnics, concerts, and other events – is one of the best loved alcoholic beverages on the planet. As much as we love it, there are […]

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shes the boss

She’s the Boss: Women in Business

Women seem to be taking over the business world! Check out this infographic to learn how women are making strides in business.

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