The Top 100 Songs Ever

No musician is perfect. But some are close. When your mind ponders: what are the best songs in the history of recorded music? You’ve got to find out, right? Here’s a nearly-perfect-except-lacking-Leonard-Cohen-and-a-couple-others-list with The Top […]

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4 Things People Mistakenly Think Are Automatically Hilarious

Randomness, negativity, violence, throwing quirky phrases together, and traipsing memory lane are all things that comedians and many people do to make others inadvertently laugh. Check out more here with Cracked’s 4 Things People Mistakenly […]

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Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Baby Boy Ace Knute Johnson With Fiance Eric Johnson

The wild wonders of celebrity baby naming and birthing never cease to stun most of us “normal” folks. Fashionista, reality starlet, and singer Jessica Simpson delivered a baby boy on Sunday, June 30, 2013 via […]

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The Top 10 Vehicles For Moms Who Hate Minivans

If the thought of slipping behind the wheel of a Dodge Grand Caravan or Honda Odyssey makes you revolt, you’re not alone. And Edmunds has a great list of alternatives. Here it is with The […]

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George Takei: A Defeat For DOMA – And The End Of ‘Ick’

In a historical moment for the LGBT communities within the US, the Supreme Court shot down the Defense of Marriage Act when it recently rendered DOMA unconstitutional. This is a huge step forward for America […]

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33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh

School is out for kids in North America so it’s “no more teachers, no more books…” Rather than letting kids go for the summer without getting in a last laugh, some teachers applied their knowledge […]

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The Mystery Of Anna Bassett And Etta Place

The American Old West was full of barons, ranchers, and farmers trying to make their way in the wilderness but it was also full of hustlers, rogues, and scoundrels (think Butch Cassidy and Wild Bill […]

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The 50 Best Men’s Health Sex Tips Ever

Men’s Health is a great resource for everything important to men – women, SEX, food, SEX, fitness, SEX! Since it’s generally (always) on the forefront of every guy’s brain, here’s The 50 Best Men’s Health […]

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Everything You Know About Addiction Treatment Is Wrong

If you’ve supported yourself, a friend, or a loved one through the rehab process, you know full well how difficult – but worthwhile – the process is. You also may have seen how ineffective present […]

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First The Woman Takes The Drink, Then The Drink Takes A Drink, Then The Man Takes A Woman

The issue of (and definition of) rape might make your blood boil a bit – especially in light of the Steubenville Case – but it’s beyond time for everyone to peel off the layers of […]

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