Alpha Women, Beta Men

How do you feel about money? And how do you feel about money in a relationship? It’s a hot topic, surefire argument starter. Especially in the case of Alpha Women, Beta Men.

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Rock Bottom Stories

If you’ve ever hit or witnessed a loved one hitting the very bottom of their entire existence, you know far too well just how terrible the experience can be. Here’s a way to little comfort […]

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Repairing Water Damaged Wood

Whether it’s a leaky sink or a rotting picnic table, chances are some of your surroundings could use a little spring sprucing up. Here’s how with Repairing Water Damaged Wood.

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Outcomes of Multistage Palliation Of Infants With Functional Single Ventricle and Heterotaxy Syndrome

Finally a new study on heterotaxy. The problem is the information and prognosis don’t seem to change. Read more here with Outcomesof Multistage Palliation of Infants With Functional Single Ventricle and Heterotaxy Syndrome.

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Putin On A Bear Action Figure

Happy Tuesday! It’s time to laugh (beats the hell out of tears, right?) I want this for Christmas! It’s the Putin On A Bear Action Figure. I’ll put it right next to my Obama bobblehead.

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The Appropriate Weight of Grief

Hurt hurts, you know? Mourning after a loss is a lengthy, painful process you never really get over. Even when it’s a pet. Read and relate to The Appropriate Weight of Grief.

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Thankful Tree

If you’re a parent you know very well how hard it is to instill a sense of gratitude in your youngsters. Why not capture both their love to create while teaching this valuable life lesson […]

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4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real Near Death Experiences

If you have ever wondered what lies beyond this life, this article is one that will send shivers up your spine and make you really freak out. Here’s 4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real […]

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Storm Chaser Captures Mother Nature At Her Scariest In “Tornado Alley”

Adventurous, fearless types who follow storms are rather foolish and also rather brave. See what happens during raging weather with Storm Chaser Captures Mother Nature At Her Scariest In “Tornado Alley.”

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13 Natural Remedies For Depression

If you or someone you care for are battling more than the blues, this link is for you. Rather than reach for a prescription, perhaps reach for one of these 13 Natural Remedies For Depression.

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