The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

From religion to animal protection, there seems to be a charity for every cause. And behind most of these charities are highly paid CEOs. Check out this infographic to see some of the highest paid […]

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23 Things About #23

Last Sunday, Michael Jordan turned the big 5-0. Check out this infographic to learn 23 interesting facts about one of the world’s best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, #23.

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The Singing Presidents

It’s Presidents Day 2013! To celebrate the day off from school, work, and (hopefully) other responsibilities, here’s The Singing Presidents of Mount Rushmore. Sing a song and carpe Diem!

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29 Totally Badass Grandmas

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are times you still need your grandma. Beyond the traditional cookie and pie making gray haired and plump sort, some grandmas are way more influential, funny, and […]

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EPSON DSC picture

Goats Yelling Like Humans

The bleat of a goat is kind of funny in itself but when these four legged creatures impersonate humans the result is beyond hilarious. Here’s two full minutes of such with Goats Yelling Like Humans. […]

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The Future of Money

The global economy is constantly changing. Many countries have experienced economic crashes, some even having to abandon their currency. With inflation continuing to rise, what lies ahead for money? In this infographic, explores the […]

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The Powers And Perils Of Intuition

Many experts believe that the innate sense individuals heed or neglect is one of the more supreme forces which guide us though research may suggest otherwise. Like a punch through the universe, your intuition strikes […]

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The 10 Funniest Superheroes – Video

Comic book lovers, geeks, and others can not resist the fantastic tales of heroic other dimension beings. From super strength to mighty missions, Superheroes are the bomb. Here’s a cute look at The 10 Funniest […]

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10 Tips For Planning A Move

The folks at TLC know all about families and the importance of having a home. When you’ve got your eye on a new place, there are many, many things to consider. Before you pack up, […]

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Moment Meteorite Exploded In The Sky Above Russian Town As Doctors Treat 950 People Injured When Sonic Boom Shattered Windows

The sky is falling over Russia! A rare occurrence of a meteorite crashing near Chebarkul and Chelyabinsk Russia injured hundreds, damaged property, and left the entire world wondering if the asteroid DA14 will cause similar […]

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