18 Most Sanctimonious Mommy Memes On The Internet

It’s time for big words on a big issue: motherhood. More specifically, single motherhood. Check out this collection of the 18 Most Sanctimonious Mommy Memes On The Internet. You’ll either laugh until you cry or […]

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UK Votes To Leave EU and Cameron Quits

If you’ve kept your eye on the UK there are HUGE changes going on affecting its ties to the European Union. See what’s happening with the UK Votes To Leave EU and Cameron Quits.

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Why Did An Amish Family Sell Their 14 Year Old Daughter?

In “I just don’t have the words” news. the astonishing story of the Amish family who traded their teenaged daughter in exchange for money is making major headlines this week. Read more here with Why […]

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Everything You Need To Know About How Light Affects Your Sleep

I love light but not when I’m trying to catch my beauty sleep. I’m the type that can’t even look at a smartphone in bed else I don’t get the rest I need. I ponder […]

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Funny Pic Dump

It’s been a long day. Laugh. I dare you. Enjoy this link with Funny Pic Dump.

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Stinging Insects: Giant Hornets

Living in the country has its advantages but according to nature’s rule it has disadvantages too. Like when you discover you’ve got a colony of giant hornets living in your house. Read about these monsters […]

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Is Every Civillization Destined To Collapse?

Looking back at history is often a great way to see the future (or so they say). This makes us wonder: Is Every Civilization Destined To Collapse?

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10 Natural Headache Remedies For Fast Relief

Whether you’ve got the mother of all migraines or just a little tender head, chances are you would like to feel better as soon as you can. Try these 10 Natural Headache Remedies For Fast […]

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Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam In The Senate

Bernie Sanders doesn’t get enough press as Hilary and The Donald sling arrows. So send Bernie some love by reading how Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam in Senate.

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Found The Handgun

It’s been a stressful week but we’re halfway there. Take a second to laugh with Found The Handgun.

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