7 Great Occupations For Horribly Stupid People

Have you ever wondered what it is which makes the really no so bright folks of the universe keep their jobs? Cracked has an answer for you. Here are 7 Great Occupations For Horribly Stupid […]

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There Can Be Only One – Funny Sibling Rivalry (35 Pictures)

Brothers, sisters, and brothers and sisters all fight for their parents’ attention/s. Some way more than others. And lucky parents get some silly pics of those moments. See the best of ‘em here with There […]

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Music As Medicine, Songs As Solace

Music is a like a time machine for the soul. And it can cure just about anything which ails us. Read more here with Music As Medicine, Songs As Solace.

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12 Things MEN Do That Are SUPER ANNOYING!!!

Men. We can’t live with ‘em, we can’t live without ‘em. The best and worst of ‘em drive us nuts with their antics and behavior. See just how here with 12 Things MEN Do That […]

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Beck’s Morning Phase Marks Another Sea Change

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past month (or maybe you’re just a little behind in the times) veteran musical maestro Beck is back. And he’s just as good as he ever was […]

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How to Deal With Mean Parents

You know that saying the apple never falls from the tree? It’s pretty darn true…unless there are rotten apples involved. Same goes for people. Mean kids often come from their not so kind parents. Read […]

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March 13 Birthdays

Ever wonder who shares your birthday with you? Who was born just before the dreadful Ides of March settle in? Find out here with March 13 Birthdays.

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Greatest Bands From The 80s

The jury may be out on which group from thirty (!) years ago is the best of the bunch. Buuuttt… this list of the Greatest Bands From The 80s is a good start. All that […]

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Caffeine-Induced Psychosis

Have you noticed significant personality changes in yourself or others after imbibing far too much coffee and other caffeine containing products? I have. And guess what? It’s known as Caffeine-Induced Psychosis.

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Panorama View of Paris

If I was from Paris, I would speak French. And drink wine with every meal. And still smoke. But I’m not. So I’ll just soak up a little musique francaise and enjoy the following eye […]

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