Trump and Clinton: Wisconsin Underdogs

Tonight is one of the more definitive nights in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Place your bets and hold your hats. Peruse Trump and Clinton: Wisconsin Underdogs.

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8 Signs You Are With An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Jayson Gaddis knows a thing or two about guys. Not only is he one, but he’s also the Boulder, Colorado man behind The Good Men Project. So when it comes to advice, his word is […]

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Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar

It’s hard to find a notable, history changing female in modern times (provided you search beneath the shiny veneers). The same’s not true of ancient times. Read Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar.

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This Is What Happened When My Mom Ran My Tinder For A Month

If you’re a Tinder type, chances are you’d never surrender the reins to someone like your mom. But this guy did. And it’s funny as hell. Laugh with him and read This Is What Happened […]

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16 Random Acts of Genius That Deserve Recognition

Every once in a while humanity sparks hope into the hearts of cynics like me. This is one of those times. Check out the 16 Random Acts of Genius That Deserve Recognition. Coffee cheers to […]

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This Week’s New Tracks

It’s Music Monday! Time to feed your ears (or your soul if you love music.) Here’s the Guardian’s take on new tunes with This Week’s New Tracks. Love ‘em or leave ‘em. It’s your choice.

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What You Should Know About The Panama Papers

It seems there’s a new information leak every week in this world. This time it’s not Panamagate. It’s something more. Or less. Depending on what you hold important. Regardless, here’s What You Should Know About […]

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Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, The Last Plains Indian War Chief, Dies At 102

The world lost one of it’s greatest WWII veteran’s and remarkable piece of the US’s Native American history. Read about it with Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, The Last Plains Indian War Chief, Dies At 102.

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How Kin Selection Works

It seems every living thing’s only purpose on earth is to reproduce but what if you can’t? Guess what. Your life isn’t as meaningless as you think and the same is NOT true for other […]

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Legoland Plans Changes To Accommodate Autistic Guests

Great news for folks whose sensory processes are a bit different than others! The world’s most fabulous building block has a theme park ready for construction dedicated for the specialness in all of us. Here’s […]

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